selling your model s or reservation for profit

selling your model s or reservation for profit

I have been looking around ebay at cars for fun. I put in Tesla- and low and behold- some model s auctions popped up! Some are selling the car on delivery, some are selling the reservation, and 1 is selling it used. From what I can tell, all are making a profit. Thoughts?

bfudge | 12 octobre 2012

Good for them. Capitalism is alive and well. Personally the profit they are making isn't enough to get me to sell my car.

JoeFee | 12 octobre 2012

@bfudge | OCTOBER 12, 2012


I would not sell my Performance Sig for less than 50K+ over cost !

CraigT | 12 octobre 2012

I checked complted listing and didn't see any sales for a profit. Listed a car and selling it are two different things!

petero | 12 octobre 2012

If TM had franchised, independent dealers, the dealers would mark up the cars by at least $25K. This almost always happens with star cars where demand exceeds supply. Some Ford dealers charged $100K over invoice for the Ford GT! MB dealers regularly sold their early Gullwings for + $25K.

When my 60kWh "S" (under P4,000) arrives in Jan/Feb. (hopefully sooner) and someone offered me $25K over MSRP I would say thank you, get at the back of the line and order a P85 - in a heart beat. I might even get the child seats too and my babies are 23 years old.

I love Tesla and I love Adam Smith!

Jennifer Schaefer | 13 octobre 2012

I just thought it interesting. Personally, I would rather someone sell their reservation than canceling. It is a win/ win. Sorry I didn't see the other related threads.
I REALY want a model S, but there is no way I could put 5,000 on hold for that long.

Volker.Berlin | 13 octobre 2012

Jennifer, no need to apologize. I just thought I'd mention those threads in case you would like to read more about the topic.

Brian H | 13 octobre 2012

Think of it as a no-interest savings account. Even if you cancel later, it's money you haven't wasted on anything else in the meantime!

petero | 13 octobre 2012

Brian H. What is the difference between no interest savings account (TM) and next to nothing that the banks are offering? Dinner for one at McDonalds + or -.

Jennifer Schaefer. I would rather see reservation holders cancel than sell their reservations. Especially if they are "Ps" with a lower number than mine.

Brian H | 13 octobre 2012

The res holders might prefer the profit. Selfish, of course. >;p

Jennifer Schaefer | 13 octobre 2012

Okay- to be honest I wouldn't be comfortable having that amount locked up for that length of timeand not have access in case of emergencies- especially while having to pay notes on another car. I am only a member of the middle class, but still want one! I guess I will just have to be patient.
I have read a few articles in the news that discussed stock prices going down because reservation holders were canceling. For the health of the company, and a small time stock holder like me, I guess selling the res instead of cancellation would be better. I see both sides.

mrspaghetti | 13 octobre 2012

My brother and I once camped out for an event and discovered that some of the people camping with us were actually paid "waiters". That is, they did the grunt work of waiting in line while the actual event attendees showed up in the morning clean and fresh. It was a win-win since the waiters got paid and the buyers didn't have to sleep on the sidewalk in a sleeping bag. Also, in theory no one else in the line got screwed because they got in according to the order they lined up, regardless of who filled the spots ahead of them.

The only issue I had was that some of the waiters were replaced by multiple people. For a venue with limited seating, that obviously screws some people at the back of the line.

But that's not an issue with this kind of "virtual line", so I have no problem with people selling/trading spots or whatever.

Brian H | 14 octobre 2012

depends if all those people pooled to hire the waiter, and were at that point in the line anyway. In that case, no change.

mrspaghetti | 14 octobre 2012

No, as far as I'm concerned those camping further back in line are getting screwed regardless of payment arrangements whenever one person ahead of them is replaced by multiples. Each person would need to pay their own warm body to camp for them, otherwise they are just cutting the line, and should probably get their asses kicked.

Volker.Berlin | 14 octobre 2012

I have read a few articles in the news that discussed stock prices going down because reservation holders were canceling. (Jennifer)

Make sure you don't miss out on Elon's blog post in response to these articles:

Brian H | 14 octobre 2012

I meant if those people were all present and at that stretch of the lineup, not later "pilers-on".

Which does suggest an interesting tactic, tho'. Go up near the front of the line, find a waiter, and pay him to get an extra ticket for you! >:)

BABA1688 | 13 novembre 2012

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