September reservation, January configuration, ??????? delivery?

September reservation, January configuration, ??????? delivery?

A friend of mine reserved their Model S in September (Reservation number approx. in the 12,000's), and just got their Time to Configure email...Any guesses when they'll get their car? 85 KwH, non-performance. Thanks :)

mlaiken | 11 janvier 2013

From what I've been reading on these forums if he is not getting the red and goes with air suspension he should get it by end of March if he finalizes soon.

jk2014 | 11 janvier 2013

Maybe 3-6 months...

plinz | 11 janvier 2013

Delivery speed has as much to do with what the factory is building vs how you configured your car. I had reservation 10,629, for a non-performance 85 kWh with active air. Got offer to configure in early Dec and was told to expect delivery in Feb-March time frame. I took delivery 29 Dec VIN 3044 (feel like I won the lottery). Turns out my configuration was a perfect match for production at that time

jchangyy | 11 janvier 2013

I reserved in Sept, reservation 12,893. finalized Monday, signed papers, now have delivery date estimate of Feb/March. 85kw, pano, active air, silver, 19in

kyleket | 11 janvier 2013

I finalized Dec 12 - non-performance 85kWh - air - RED!! - tech - sound - 19"

Res #7643 - made Mar 5, 2012. I originally received the CONFIGURE email in early October, but chose to defer a few months because delivery date coincided with my being overseas. So, I finalized in Dec, and was told to expect a late April/early May delivery. Really hope that's accurate, since I have about 6 weeks at home from Apr-June to enjoy my new toy. The associate I've dealt with said they might be able to actually store my S a couple weeks in case of early completion. Let's hope that won't be needed!

After a recent visit to the Houston Galleria store to get my Tesla fix, my sister likened it to a methadone clinic, until I can get the real stuff! Spot on!!

Kyle in Madison

TheAustin | 11 janvier 2013

Thanks everyone...And jchangyy, I'll keep my fingers crossed for them, and you ;)

TylerDurdenLives | 11 janvier 2013

I got my config email a few hours ago and spoke to a Tesla configuration specialist to firm up my understanding. He also said end of March if I got 60KWH or 85KWH and active suspension and avoided red.