Shut down this forum?

Shut down this forum?

Well, over the last several years, I think every possible opinion, guess, speculation, wish list, forecast, price, option, battery size, range for the Model X has been discussed.
There is simply nothing left to talk about.
Why don't we just down the Model X forum until deliveries have started.

ian | 13 février 2015

What!?! And miss out on all the new pictures of the the beta test mules out there that are just starting to trickle in? Haha! ;-)

AA_4_Tesla | 13 février 2015

It may have been discussed, but some folks haven't been around that long. And they like to add their voice to the chorus.

David N | 14 février 2015

I apologize, you are correct.
Let the speculation and enthusiasm continue!

vperl | 14 février 2015

Reading the forum topics for some time, one wonders how some people that started any " TOPIC " just have to ask just stupid questions.

Guess it is what many do each day. Why ? Why ?

Waiting for why the grass is green, the sky is blue, and whose paying for this climate thingy. Whoops, also, why one posts about non Tesla Motors subjects and tries to link somehow there is a connection.

Good portion of these folks live in mommies basement, and plan never to move out.

Party on Garth.

Brian Vicars | 14 février 2015

I get a lot of enjoyment out a reading these forums. It passes the time as I wait and wait and wait for my Model X. Oh sure, some of the topics are a little silly but they make me feel as though I am not waiting alone and I have learned a great deal.
"Anticipate is greater than the realization" my mother used to say. In the case of the Model X, I think the realization will be way,way,way greater.

james | 14 février 2015

As a wise man may (or may not) once have said, "Everything that can be invented has been invented."


Red Sage ca us | 15 février 2015

Party ON, Wayne!

NumberOne | 15 février 2015

I look at the forums hoping for new pictures, or other news, but there is precious little I can actually learn here, and I have wasted more time here during the last year that on anything else ever. But I will be back... Tomorrow Pinky, tomorrow we will... :D

Brian Vicars | 15 février 2015

Hey! Here is something everyone in the North, who will require winter wheels and tires, can do to pass the time.
The latest pictures of the white model X has (4) Continental 265/40ZR21s.
If you don't want to pay the high price for Tesla's winter packages wheels and tires check out other sites now.

Red Sage ca us | 15 février 2015

One is a Genius, the other's INSANE!