So, where are the videos from the lucky 6 owners?

So, where are the videos from the lucky 6 owners?

As I am sure everyone here has done, I have seen every video that has been posted about the X and they are all just about the same. They were shot by the press or online car review outfits, driving back and forth on the same back road. These are all mere 2 min clips.

I was expecting that at least one of the fortunate first owners would have posted detailed videos by now.

Mark35 | 2 octobre 2015

Just to clarify...
The first 6 were Founders Edition MX, not Signature Edition. These went to the founders of Tesla.

I don't know that any Signature owners have received theirs yet.

EVino | 2 octobre 2015

Steve Jurvetson has several Twitter clips of his road trip. Here's one with a short video showing rain beading across the Panoramic Windshield:

Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015

That's pretty nice!

Ankit Mishra | 3 octobre 2015

Where are these several clips? I only watched the cool rain effect one. Couldn't find anymore on his twitter.

logicalthinker | 3 octobre 2015

yeah I've been scouring the interwebz, just the press vids & that one with beading rain, so far... lolz

jordanrichard | 4 octobre 2015

Since I started this thread, I have now seen one with many short clips of Elon's X, but I surely thought by now one of the Founders owners would have posted videos, knowing full well everyone is on the edge of their seats/chairs waiting to see real world video. I am not saying they are obligated to do so, but......

jordanrichard | 4 octobre 2015

Put some rainex on there and it will certainly look like a starfield.