Software new feature request

Software new feature request

Tesla should have a site where new features can be requested. On a single site, it would be fairly easy to categorize them and rank order the requests for eventual development.

My current request regards unlock behavior: when the door handles are extended, the windows should open about ⅓-inch, as is now done when you pull on the door handle to open. I find myself opening the rear door so quickly that the window hasn't had time to roll down to permit opening without the window sticking.

The windows could then automatically go back to full up when the brake pedal is depressed.

Thanks, Tesla, for giving me these little things to complain about. I sure don't have any big complaints with my P85. | 3 janvier 2014

I agree, and created a site for 'desired features' about a year ago. You can review, search, vote on, or create new desired features. Go to:

J.T. | 3 janvier 2014

@TeslaTap Perhaps you should start a thread entitled: "Post Your Software Suggestions Here" and we can bump it along with nick's and Rod and Barbara's.

It seems we have a lot of new readers almost every day.

Rod and Barbara | 10 janvier 2014

@ donlyle – In the Prioritized Software Enhancement List thread 151 owner-suggested software enhancements are listed in priority order based on owners’ votes for their favorite enhancements. You can find the thread here: | 10 janvier 2014

Actually this post prompted me to make the thread on how to suggest new features and why some are ignored:

I include links to the key sites and posts (including Rod & Barbara's excellent list) that may help get Tesla's attention on your desired feature.

@jtodtman, All the links in this thread are also in the post: