Software Updates

Software Updates

Wondering how often Tesla has been providing updates? I received my car about 3 weeks ago with the most recent update I believe v 4.4. Saw rumor about 4.5 just wondering if releases have been coming frequently. Any insight would be appreciated. | 13 mai 2013

At the start of 2013 we had 4.1 with updates about every 8 weeks or so on average, but not all that consistent. 4.4 came out about 2 weeks after 4.3 (although there's not much difference between the two).

So, it's hard to predict when the next release will occur. Since it is not distributed to everyone at the same time, it can take up to 4 more weeks to get it once it starts being deployed.

nickjhowe | 13 mai 2013

4.5 is already out - shipping with the 40KWh cars. Can't be long before they start pushing it to the rest of us.

Robert22 | 13 mai 2013

One feature of 4.5 will be a sharpening of the resolution on the Nav screen.

tommers | 13 mai 2013

I figured they went from 4.3 to 4.4 to assure people who had read 4.3 had a bug with door locking that the bug was fixed.