something smells like a burning wire

something smells like a burning wire

I got my tesla 4 weeks ago - got 300 miles on it - all of a sudden we noticed a weird smell coming out of the car when driving. Something like a burning wire. The car handles and drives great - I'm wondering could there be anything wrong with it or it is just the AC.


wraithnot | 14 avril 2013

The heater often smells pretty bad the first several times you use it. But at least with my car, the smell went away after a few weeks.

Eyal | 17 avril 2013

Well. I have the Tesla S #17. I have been driving it since August of last year. Over the last couple of days I started getting the electric short kind of smell. Maybe it is something in the latest patch?


jbunn | 18 avril 2013

My heater smelled like a new hairdryer for a few days. It goes away. Be warned, that it you don't use if for a few months, dust will collect, and you start over. Such is the nature of high temp resistive heating. But it should go away very quickly. After the first week or so, never smelled it again.

Eyal | 18 avril 2013

The heater is not on. It smells like that even when the AC is off. I have been driving this car for almost a year with heater/AC all the time without a problem. This is something new.


RonaldA | 18 avril 2013

I would get it checked out, Sounds like you know when somethings up.

Eyal | 20 avril 2013

Ok, I found the source of the smell. I just got a new hutch back trunk cover (its a long story, it was not available when I first got my car almost a year a go). When in the sun it smells like wire fire. I am sure that the stench will go way in a few days.


Robert22 | 21 avril 2013

I put the cargo shelf out on my deck for a few days to air out. It's better but not completely gone. Probably not the best material to rebreathe. Keep the windows open until it subsides.

yoming | 23 avril 2013

I also had this burning smell a few days ago (around the time when I updated to firmware 4.4). But I haven't noticed it since. Not sure if it's firmware related

Bob W | 23 avril 2013

For many weeks I have noticed an "overheated electrical wire smell," like burning plastic, when I open the front trunk. I sniffed around and it seems to be strongest right at the two small oval holes at the front edge of the frunk, directly above the frunk's internal LED. The smell is not super strong, no smoke visible of course, but it is noticeable (to me). I don't smell this scent inside the cabin at all. It could just be a normal plastic smell, but I'm not sure.

The heater makes a completely different smell.

Can anyone else detect a subtle electrical or burning plastic smell in the front trunk area? It's almost always present, even after the car has been parked in a garage overnight.

@ibyonov: do you smell anything similar in the frunk area, or is it something else? Put your nose right above those two small holes? Anything?

sfgmand1 | 19 novembre 2015

I'm sorry, When you pay as much as we did for a car it shouldn't smell "PERIOD" Do you think Elon drives his Tesla with some big shots in it and says; "Oh don't mind the stink It'll go away. Love the car, Hate the stink

Mathew98 | 19 novembre 2015

Hmmm. @carlk and @renwo - Whatever happened to your troll alarm when a zombie thread from two years ago that is no longer relevant is resurrected?

AmpedRealtor | 20 novembre 2015

@ sfgmand1,

When you pay as much as we did for a car...

Sounds like the start of a joke if you ask me...

Rheumboy | 20 novembre 2015

May be the rear cup holder heating element issue. I think there's a recall for that.

harry pippic | 20 novembre 2015

@iboyanov. Maybe your wife is too hot ?