Soooo... What's the deal with Alice Cooper?

Soooo... What's the deal with Alice Cooper?

I love how the 17" touch screen shows the album artwork when listening to FM radio. About a month ago I started noticing a creepy image of Alice Cooper showing up while I was listening to random stations. I figured it was maybe a glitch from the radio station, and didn't think much about it. However, for about a week now he shows up on every FM station I listen to ... including NPR! Is this some joke from a Tesla programmer that accidentally got released into production (I'm on SW version 4.5)? I have not seen it mentioned on the forum, so now I'm wondering if I'm the only one affected (or should I say haunted) by this glitch?? I still love the car - just wondering if anyone knows what's up.

Captain_Zap | 7 octobre 2013

I tried to get tickets to Alice Cooper's show.
No good seats left. 8-{

mrspaghetti | 7 octobre 2013

Is exorcism included with the service plan?

AmpedRealtor | 7 octobre 2013

I believe this to be a precursor to your battery catching on fire... OMG!

David Trushin | 7 octobre 2013

I'm missing something here. Is there a non-creepy image of Alice Cooper?

Velo1 | 7 octobre 2013

You Model S has this song artist stuck in it's head.

Musker | 7 octobre 2013

I have the same scary image appearing. I thought was a Halloween gift

EESROCK | 7 octobre 2013

I checked my car just now. SW version is 4.5. When I went to different radio stations, the cover art of the song was updated correctly. Maybe a SW reset will do the trick. Hold down both of the scroll wheels on your steering wheel for several seconds until the 17" display goes black. It should boot up again. See if this solves your problem.

Thomas N. | 7 octobre 2013

This has, unbelievably, been posted about before. Do a volkerize search on Alice Cooper or Album Art either here or over at TMC. I recall reading about this.

Jamon | 7 octobre 2013

I checked volkerize before posting and came up with nothing. Haven't checked TMC.

I considered a software reset, but I'd kind of miss the guy if he went away now...

Jamon | 7 octobre 2013

@ David Trushin - this is what he looked like around the time Elon was born :)

jcadman22 | 7 octobre 2013

I haven't seen Mr. Cooper on my screen but I get Fountains of Wayne's "Traffic and Weather" art on the traffic & weather on the 8s station.

craig.tesla | 9 octobre 2013

My main display updates album art correctly most of the time, though sometimes displays the wrong thing, but my behind-the-wheel dash media display is stuck showing an image of Pink, no matter what plays. I've tried rebooting both panels, but still nothing but Pink.

Thomas N. | 9 octobre 2013

Better than an image of Justin Beiber. But just barely.

BYT | 9 octobre 2013

I get the Green Bay Packers album art by default on my Infotainment Screen when listening to the radio and this especially annoys me as a 49ers fan!!

Jamon | 22 novembre 2013

Okay, the Alice Cooper image felt appropriate through Halloween so I left him alone. Then in early November I reset my screen to start fresh with normal album artwork. It worked for a few days, but then he returned and haunted every FM station I listen to. Okay, I've grown accustomed to his image so I can handle it until the next software update. Sunday night I got software version 5.8, and figured this will surely solve it. Wrong! I can't shake this guy.

Is there really no one else on this forum being haunted by Alice Cooper??

Captain_Zap | 22 novembre 2013

I wanted to go see Alice Cooper last weekend but my plans fell apart. Are you serious that you Media is stuck with Alice to this day?

Did you try hitting the voice button and say "Play White Christmas" by Bing Crosby?

PBEndo | 22 novembre 2013

Did you try turning off creep?

Jamon | 22 novembre 2013

Yes, I've been stuck with him for a month and a half. Even with creep turned off! He hasn't infiltrated Slacker or TuneIn, or my iPhone. But he shows up very regularly on FM and AM. Especially when there isn't any other album artwork to display, but occasionally he'll stick on all FM channels for days at a time.

I'm sure ownership experience could help solve it, and it really doesn't bother me much (except when I'm showing the car off to nonbelievers). It's just very curious to me that it's not happening to others.

J.T. | 22 novembre 2013

@pbendo LOL | 22 novembre 2013

I've seen similar problems with other albums. For example, Gladator shows a picture of Hanz Zimer and perhaps his wife. I get the impression that if CDDB doesn't have the album art, they find a picture of the artist and stuff that in instead. I don't think Tesla has any control over what CDDB provides. There appears no way to notify CDDB of errors or problems.

At least for USB drives, it would be nice if Tesla looked for the album art first on the drive before going to CCDB. It would even save a bit of data bandwidth (and would work outside cell coverage areas).

PBEndo | 22 novembre 2013


Perhaps Mr. Cooper (or a fan) would be interested in purchasing your one-of-a-kind Tesla.

mclary | 22 novembre 2013

Mine has a Twisted Sister image

logicalthinker | 22 novembre 2013

@Jamon, actually, this is something you *should* bring up to ownership. It's not a major flaw, true, but it's a flaw nonetheless, and potentially a simple coding fix would make a lot of people happier.

dlewis | 22 novembre 2013

Haven't seen Alice on my screen, but then I don't use FM radio and haven't for years. I do get an odd one playing from USB when one album from Sixx AM plays the cover art is Marty Stuart every time.

(And I did recently see Alice Cooper in concert and have to say even at 65 he still has it)