Special spot in glove compartment -- for J1772 adapter?

Special spot in glove compartment -- for J1772 adapter?

I was super-annoyed this week with the lack of storage in the Model S for one very specific item: the J1772 adapter. I wanted it somewhere in the front seat, so that I could easily grab it. And of course, due to all the minimalism in the cabin, there was no place to put it but the glove box... where it rolled around every time I took a sharp corner.

Except that at some point it stopped rolling around. It turns out that in the left rear corner of the glove compartment, there's a tiny space that seems perfectly suited for holding the J1772 adapter. It's not exactly "precisely" contoured to the adapter, but it seems like a very good fit, and the adapter certainly fits in there tight enough to stay put. I can't think of what else this little void would be for.

timdorr | 25 octobre 2012

Why not pop it in the cubby holes on either side of the rear trunk space?

michaelwm | 25 octobre 2012

Then I have to pop the liftgate and go searching for it every time I park at a charger at work. Which just seemed very inconvenient.

ReeceWeb | 14 novembre 2012

Now that I've been living with my Mode S for a few weeks, I agree that this is one of the few daily activities that should have been better thought out by Tesla. I see the spot in the glove box that you mention, but I keep other stuff in there and I don't want to rummage around for it every day. I finally settled on keeping the adapter in the cup holder wells - since I don't (yet) take beverages into my Mode S, this has worked out reasonably well.

I know that the Tesla connecter is superior, but the J1772 is the industry standard and unless Tesla completely dominates the electric car market J1772 will continue to be the standard.

It would have been ideal to have both a Tesla connector and a J1772 connector under the charging port door. I"m sure there would need to be some extra wiring to deal with both connectors energized at the same time, but having both available without an adapter would be great.

Alternatively, they could have set the Tesla connector deeper into the car so you could leave the J1772 adapter in place most of the time. Some finger wells or an ejector button would allow you to remove the adapter when it isn't needed.

Mark Z | 15 novembre 2012

I am pleased with the adapter as it only adds 2 1/4 inches to the length of the J1772 charge handle. Since Model S locks onto the adapter or charge handle, there is no possibility of loss.

The cup holder is where it ended up in my car during longer trips. However, it's used at home with an existing 30 amp ChargePoint charge station and normally left attached when disconnected.

The High Power Wall Connector will be installed separately when it arrives. Maybe the "Opportunity Console" will have an extra cup holder for the adapter.

ReeceWeb | 15 novembre 2012

I agree that the J1772 adapter itself is a fine piece of engineering; it is compact and sturdy. It would just be more convenient if the adapter weren't needed at all.

I'll also be watching the Opportunity Console closely as a potential solution.

William13 | 15 novembre 2012

Why are you bothering to plug in at work at all? Is this to get "free" energy? Is it to justify the plug and car parking there? I don't think that the average person will use a J1772 on a routine basis. The well in the back of the car seems very appropriate to me. The deep area in the glove box is also very appropriate.

This seems to not even qualify as a nit IMHO. YM obviously Vs.

ReeceWeb | 15 novembre 2012

@William13: I respectfully disagree

Why he chooses to plug in at work is immaterial; it isn't unreasonable to charge via J1772 regularly.

If you use it daily (as I do) then you want it somewhere very convenient. Thirty extra seconds spent dealing with the adapter adds up over time, and starts to erode the advantage of never having to go to a gas station. If you seldom use the J1772, then this is obviously a non-issue.

My first week I kept it in the rear well, but then I realized it was the only reason I was opening the trunk twice a day. The glovebox is a reasonable compromise, and I tried that for a while too, but I find it inconvenient because I keep other stuff in there and I was wasting time digging for it. The cup holders are very convenient for this, but they also happen to be the only place to put a cup.

It is nothing more than a nit, but I think it is legitimately a nit since it effects us J1772 users on a daily basis. Having dedicated and convenient storage for this adapter would be an improvement. Having it built-in to the car would be ideal.

William13 | 15 novembre 2012

I didn't mean to be dismissive of his reason for using the J1772. I am mostly curious.
The car as with all physical objects cannot be all things to all people. The center console will, we hope, give more versatility/options.

Brian H | 15 novembre 2012

Hopefully, the Opportunity Console, or the soflauthor CCI, will resolve this. At least by unloading the glove box!

SendToPete | 8 janvier 2016

I found a simple solution. If you put the adapter in the glove box vertically, it fits in 'like a glove', (sorry but the pun fits) and doesn't move. I just put it in the left side and its easy to reach, etc. Hope it helps....

AddysDaddy | 8 janvier 2016

I put mine in the back left of the trunk right by the charging port. I ordered a Grid-It from Amazon along with some belt clips from Amazon. Glued them together with some Gorilla Glue and hooked that up against the back corner panel where the trunk lifts up. Then, I slide a flashlight and the J1772 connecter in.

Anytime I need it, it's a foot away in the trunk. Never rolls around.

Also has space for holding other stuff, but I don't have anything else I want to store there at the moment.