Stock price just broke $70

Stock price just broke $70

Looks like the street is finally turning their doubt into positive expectation on Tesla :)

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ian | 8 mai 2013

Hovering just under $70 in after hours.

Should be a good day tomorrow!

kilimats | 8 mai 2013

how likely is it going to stay that high though ?

ian | 8 mai 2013

Good question.

I would expect some sell off as that's a big jump.

I doubt we'll see it back down in the 50's, though I'm no expert (by any stretch of the imagination).

RZitrin1 | 11 mai 2013

And now, after the Consumer Reports review and pundits jumping on the bandwagon, and short sellers squeezed to the max, it ends the week at $76.76.


mrspaghetti | 11 mai 2013

Short sellers not close to being squeezed to the max yet. If that were the case, would have taken off like a SpaceX rocket.

Brian H | 15 mai 2013

Looks like another surge. It was up 1.30 a while ago, and just checked back and it's now powering through a gain of $3.50. About 1:45, hours to go yet.

christurbeville | 15 mai 2013

More squeeze please:) @Brian H no wonder you're in such jovial spirits! Wait that's jocular isn't it?

jonesxander | 15 mai 2013

Went back down in after market.

"Tesla motors files common stock, debt securities shelf"

looks like this is causing it. someone please fill in this noob investor.

jonesxander | 15 mai 2013

Ah. Got it.

Brian H | 15 mai 2013

And went back up to about $90 after hours. Started today about $83. Not tea bags!

Sudre_ | 15 mai 2013

yeah. That is amazing. Tesla announces a stock offering and the price goes up after hours. I guess we will see how thing shake out in the morning.