Suntek vs XPEL vs ...? Paint protection film

Suntek vs XPEL vs ...? Paint protection film

I'm getting my car wrapped next Thursday (full front end, full hood, full doors, rear fenders, rear bumper).

The company offers both Suntek and XPEL ultimate film, but have recommended Suntek because of the better (in their opinion) healing properties. I know at least one person on the forum has used XPEL. Anyone else got experience of either product (or any others) and can offer an opinion?


DouglasR | 17 janvier 2013

I put the XPEL on my Model S, but there hasn't really been enough time to know how it will perform. What is the warranty on the Suntek?

BYT | 17 janvier 2013

What are you all paying to wrap your entire Model S and both options are free from the effects of yellowing? I have a pearl white one!!

kublai | 17 janvier 2013

Suntek has a 5 yr warranty. I am going with the XPEL due to its 10yr warranty. I didn't see a rear bumper kit offered by XPEL. Is your guy doing it custom?

nickjhowe | 17 janvier 2013

Custom for the doors. Can't remember exactly but there may be a kit for the back.. Still awaiting a final price but it is going to be over $2k. Mine is Pearl White too. I used DouglasR's post from the main PPF thread to get the price down a little.

So... Five year warranty with better healing, or 10 yr warranty? I think the place I'm using charges the same for both films.

eltonf | 17 janvier 2013

I just got my entire hood and front fenders done today. The shop only had Suntek so that's what I went with.

I also have pearl white. I think that's by far the best looking color for the Model S!

DouglasR | 17 janvier 2013

I'd have to find the invoice, but as I recall, it was about $1800 for the main job, and then a special to add bumpers and door edges. I'll check if anyone wants me to, but I don't think the doors got done other than the edges. Plus tax.

kublai | 17 janvier 2013

My installer says self-healing is about the same. Xpel however is little harder to work with. I believe he also said Xpel is slightly thicker film. My guy only uses kits so no custom wrap. Pricing is the same for either film. I was hoping xpel would release a kit for the doors and rear soon.

mlaiken | 17 janvier 2013

Why are so many people getting their car wrapped after market? Why not just get the protective film offered by Tesla? I got a clear bra on my current car and added protection for door edges and back of side mirrors but I just had the dealer do it. After having it for 4 years I don't think I would want much more of the car wrapped. There seems to be a bunch of marks from wear and tear that won't come out of the film without replacing the film which is costly. Just wondering why so many are looking into after market solutions and not just using tesla offering?

BYT | 17 janvier 2013

WOW, I need your installers, my quotes were around $5 to $6k to do it!!

DouglasR | 17 janvier 2013

I have pearl white, and several posters said that the white color shows the line on the hood too much. I wanted a full hood wrap. Also, the white will show any yellowing, and the XPEL is warranted against yellowing.

jed-99aggie | 17 janvier 2013

Another thought or opinion to add, from a Xpel Ultimate recipient; what is the orange peel like on the Suntek. I understand that Xpel is ahead in the smoothness of their products surface. On a white car it may not be as big of an issue, but something to check into.

Additionally, my installer shared that his install experience with Xpel has been very positive and reliable, as long as you take your time and do it carefully. It has also saved his customer's from body work when something fell on the film (hood) and did not leave a dent. Something that may be a benefit from the film's thickness, if that is in fact true compared to Suntek.

ir | 17 janvier 2013

@nickjhowe, @eltonf, @DouglasR, @kublai, @BYT, @jed-99aggie: Can you share more details on which installer you used? Where they are? Did they do a good job?

Just got off the phone with Premier Protection Films in Fremont (1 exit North of TM Factory). A total wrap is approx. $8000 (including tax, package & cash discounts), est. 6 business days. They gave me a very detailed breakdown for a la carte parts. I can post that if anybody cares. I forgot to ask what kind wrap they are using, I'll follow-up with that.

BTW... did any of you have to wait for the paint to cure or did you go straight to the installer?

ir | 17 janvier 2013


I suspect that we are / were not satisfied by the default Tesla paint protection coverage.

For me, looking at the wrapped Model S in the showrooms & service centers, dust, dirt, wax tends to gather on the seams, creating an outline around the partial wraps. If I'm getting a wrap, I want the entire part (hood, door, etc...) wrapped so the seams are not visible.

Also, looking at the door handles of the wrapped showroom models, they're terribly scratched by people's rings scratching the inside (facing you) when they open the door. Since this is on a wrapped showroom model, it means the standard Tesla wrap doesn't cover that part. :(

For such a wide car, I'm also worried about adjacent parking lot cars hitting the doors (and getting keyed by jealous drivers). Again, the standard Tesla wrap protects the adjacent cars from your door hitting them, not the other way around. So I'd ideally want the doors wrapped as well.

drp | 17 janvier 2013

This is all very interesting to me. I never considered it because the showroom wrap looks pretty crappy. Reading your posts is shining new light in wrapping however.

nickjhowe | 17 janvier 2013

My reason for going after market was the lines on the factory PPF. I did NOT want the line across the middle of the hood, and the patches on the rear wheel arches look like they've just been randomly stuck on.

My installer says it will take two people a full day to do what I'm planning. They want to keep the car overnight to let eveything dry. I'll have the final quote tomorrow or Monday.

I've got so many scrapes on the doors of my Range Rover from parking lots I figured I'd try full door coverage,

I also agree that the edges of the wrap gather dirt, hence the full coverage (except the roof)

I'm planning to use Auto Supershield here in Boca Raton. I phoned another XPEL dealer in the area and he said he couldn't do what I wanted as it needed to be done in doors. The only place he would recommend for a job like this in the area was this company in Boca.

petero | 17 janvier 2013

I am going with full Kevlar- bullet and rocket proofing . Nothing is too good for my Model S, and it will only cost about $250K! People get a grip. Just because you can spend infinite $$$s on your beloved ‘S’ doesn’t mean you should.

Sorry to inform you, as wonderful as the ‘S’ is…it is only a car. If you feel the need to spend more money than you already have … take your wife out to dinner. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her and do not mention: Tesla, Model S, battery, active air, pano roof, obeche, lacewood, carbon fiber, Napa leather, BEV, EV, kWh, or Elon Musk. Your wonderful mate has probably heard way too much of this over the last 3+ years and deserves a break.

Just kidding…knock yourself out. On white you will barely see the tape lines or the small scratches and pitting.

DouglasR | 18 janvier 2013


I went to Auto Armor NW in Lynnwood. They got excellent reviews in Yelp. They talked me out of the full body wrap, saying it is overkill. I do think I maybe should have done the doors because of parking dings, but petero is right: I've already put too much into this car. Particularly since mostly I take the bus.

Anthony H | 18 janvier 2013

@petero, nice! LOL... and I agree.

I've had "frontal" film protection applied to my last four vehicles, and LOVE it. (Bumper, half-hood, frontal mirrors, and all around key-entry areas.) Some vehicles had patterns available, and some were done by hand on-site.

I love the idea. (Can I use this stuff to protect my wife and have her look just a good 5 years from now?)

My opinion; use Tesla's factory-installed option or do your own -- but definitely do something!

Cattledog | 18 janvier 2013

Just wondering - how much would it cost to repaint the Models S with a good paint job? Or perhaps repaint the hood (assuming a color match). Never painted a car with good paint so I don't really know.

Brian H | 18 janvier 2013

you better hope neither your wife or any of her friends ever comes here! <8-p Could get messy.

BYT | 19 janvier 2013

@ir, my source was a friend of a friend also in Fremont who get's a lot of business from the local exotic car dealerships to wrap their cars so I know he can do a fantastic custom job. At the cost of $5k however, I am looking into another more affordable San Francisco Bay Area source!!

petero | 21 janvier 2013

Ready for my next inappropriate post?

I am thinking of having some fun with my MS. Why not make a statement AND protect your MS. Below is a site for Loring and they did a wild wrap for a customer’s sand rail. I like it but I would amend the dollar bills to be burning, as in “ Got Money to Burn…Drive an ICE!” across the front and hood.

Of course you could wrap your entire car in a wild color like Day Glow Yellow, Green, Orange or go for the Beiber look in Chrome! When you get bored go Pink and say you sell a lot of Mary Kaye at night, or wrap the entire car in Carbon Fiber. I still love the money to burn graphics – very hot.

petero | 21 janvier 2013

sorry the loring site was cut short. sandrail-wrap.html

Thumper | 22 janvier 2013

To keep wife looking great does not require a hardware fix. Just like a Tesla, I get a software update every night and my wife looks just as good after 35+ years.

DouglasR | 22 janvier 2013


I'm not sure your software is something you want to brag about.

jandkw | 22 janvier 2013

My MS will be here in February and also plan to do the full wrap with XPEL (full front end, full hood, full doors, rear fenders, rear bumper, lights). I like their warranty and self healing. I have a solid roof. I never did film protection before and wonder if I should wrap the roof top? Any suggestions?

hsadler | 22 janvier 2013

'Particularly since mostly I take the bus.'

How much to wrap the bus?

DouglasR | 22 janvier 2013


I found it cheaper to wrap myself.

petero | 22 janvier 2013

Jandkw. IMO. The main reason owners add ‘paint armor’ to their cars is to protect the beautiful paint from small chips from gravel kicked up from cars/trucks in front of you, especially on highways and freeways. The pitting and scratching is most visible on dark colors and like scratches, usually appear white in color.

The most important areas to protect are: the front bumper, nose, hood, and side mirrors. To me, wrapping the rest of the car is a needless expense with marginal benefits. Further, you may be protecting the paint but the gloss and finish ‘may’ not be as rich as the nicely waxed and polished premium paint.

I really see no need to protect the back bumper, side panels, roof and doors. Don’t be misled by a good salesman. Sure your MS will be protected by a thin (strong) film, but it is not Kevlar. It will not be much help against another car banging into your bumper or rear quarter panel or a hard door ding. Obviously there are exceptions. The main thing is, “Is it worth it to you?”

jandkw | 22 janvier 2013

petero, well said. Thanks

npiwovar | 22 janvier 2013

please post about your experience with the Xpel installation at Autoshield.I live not too far away and was thinking of wrapping my car also.I will be taking delivery of Model S in the next 3 or 4 days.Thanks.

jfeldman72 | 23 janvier 2013

Went with the .008mm 3m wrap on my black model S FULL protection ran 2,600. looks amazing

drp | 23 janvier 2013

My guy said all custom front to back 2 full days and "perfectly done" XPEL FOR $2000.

nickjhowe | 23 janvier 2013

The car is going in tomorrow to be wrapped. Once they measure up I'll know the full price including the custom work. Will post as soon as I know.

protectivefilm | 24 janvier 2013

I agree with most of the posts wrap your entire car unless you are going to track it is usually overkill. It's best to protect the areas that are the most likely to get damaged:

Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirrors, Door Edges, Rear Bumper Top and Rocker Panels

We've done 12 of the new Tesla S Models and this is what 90% of them have done...some have done more, some have done less.

As for really becomes the old Ford vs Chevy debate...depends on who your talking to and what film they currently are using or are getting the best price on and also the ability of them to install easier or harder films.

I've been doing clear bra's for 12 years now and have 2 locations (AZ and SoCal) and have done over 25,000 clear bra's and vehicle wraps with 13 installers between the 2 locations. And if there's one thing I've each their own. I was a die hard 3M only installer/owner and we slowly converted everything over to the Xpel Ultimate film (10 year warranty and self healing) not because of price (higher than everything else), not because it was easier to install (actually takes 20% longer to install), but because it looks the best, is super easy for the customer to maintain, has self healing qualities, and if there is an issue Xpel pays us the installer to remove the film and replace - so there is no reason for us to ever argue with a customer if the film is under warranty. I've been using the Xpel patterning software for 12 years and they've done everything I could ever ask for. I've used SunTek, 3M, VentureShield, Llumar, SolarGard, name it, and every manufacturer knocks on my door because of the volume of film we use...and at the end of the day I go right back to Xpel Ultimate.

If you want to check us out online, please peruse the forums, google us, ask around, email me for references and I think you'll find that I don't up-sell people on things they don't need and have very satisfied customers (Tesla Referrals upon request)

At the end of the day, just make sure whoever you use, and whatever film they use that they know what they are doing!! Make sure that they have adequate business insurance, workers comp, liability and so on, you don't want to be stuck holding the bag if they damage your electronics, paint or fall on your garage floor!

Hope I didn't bore you with my reply...

~ Ryan

Ryan Tounsley
Protective Film Solutions

California Office
3609 W MacArthur Blvd., Suites 805-808, Santa Ana, CA 92704
949-599-5964 (office)
602-327-0055 (cell)
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nickjhowe | 24 janvier 2013

My install has started. I went with the SunTek. The guy I'm using has done 15,000 cars and usually does Ferraris, Lambos, etc. etc. (see pic below). He's the biggest film buyer in Florida, and he prefers the SunTek so I went with his advice.

(he also did this gold Lamborghini Aventador for a promotion)

BYT | 24 janvier 2013

For those who have done full coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area for less then $3k, can you share your installers information please and experaince?

nickjhowe | 24 janvier 2013

So my total was $2890 (inc tax).

From pattern: full front (bumper, nose cone [above and below the T], lights, air dam), front fenders, full hood, mirrors, impact areas in front of and behind rear wheels. Custom: full doors (front and rear), plus a stip on top of the rear bumper below the tail gate to save from dropped items.

My installer used SunTek PPF C; five year warranty. (He had a Ferrari 458 in there getting the same film)

He says "first impact on him" - if I damage the film he'll replace it for free.

blc1017 | 31 janvier 2013

Along with @BYT, I'm interested in knowing who in the SF Bay Area might have had full coverage done for less than $3k that they are happy with. Are you willing to share your information on your installer? Thanks,

Kauai | 11 mars 2013

Any updates on Bay Area full coverage pricing recommendations beyond Premier? Thanks

jhuang | 12 mars 2013

I am also interested in pricing for Bay Area. Can Anyone provide installer contact info?

moviemars | 18 avril 2013

I just did a full wrap on my P85 with SunTek. It came out awesome! If you need a good installer in Charlotte, NC, I highly recommend talking to Gordon at SunStoppers in Matthews, NC. He did an amazing job on my car!! Very reasonably priced too.

Babyrocket | 18 avril 2013

Moviemars, I'm in Charlotte and considering getting a wrap as well. Can you tell me how much SunStoppers charged? I see they do Xpel also, why did you go with SunTek? Thanks -

NomoDinos | 5 août 2013

Hey Nick, I'm planning on getting the Suntek installed as well. Have you had any issues with it, and are you still happy with the look?

Bamboo8 | 5 août 2013 said something about Kevlar? Yeah where can I get that? 250k sounds reasonable compared to the parking sensor retrofit or the increase in MS prices....

tammym | 2 juillet 2014

ir | 17 GENNAIO 2013

Just got my model S. Can you share more about your experience with getting the car wrapped. What material did they use and do you mind sending the cost break down when you have a chance. Thinking about doing it. Does paint have to cure first? if so how long before getting a wrap. thanks

ir | 2 juillet 2014

Material: ClearGuard X
Paint Curing Time: Not necessary
Coverage: Everything not glass or chrome!
Overall Cost: ~ $7,800 (make sure to ask for package & cash discounts)
Time: ~ 1 week

I suggest you call for an updated breakdown, since it's been over a year since my car was done.

Premiere is one highway exit North of Tesla's Fremont Factory and they regularly deal with high-end cars (Lambos, Porches, BMWs, etc...). The plan was to take side streets directly from the factory up. But my plans were dashed when I had fit & finish problems that Tesla needed extra time to fix.

At the time, the Model S was newly released, so if I was going to be a guinea pig, at least it was with an experienced team. After a year of Teslas, they are quite experienced now and quite busy! They meticulously remove badges, disassemble tail light fixtures, etc... so they can properly tuck in the seams. Everything is put back exactly as it was. Their garage is equipped with a lift so they can work at eye-level instead of contorting to work on tough to reach places.

About the only downside is that the office they work from doesn't allow water washing of the car, so they need to use detailing spray to clean the car. Make sure your car isn't covered in mud / dust before you bring it in.

The paint armour has already saved me from numerous incidences:
1) Major rock strike on rear quarter panel that knocked a chip off the armour
2) Parking "encounter" with my garage door that left a gigantic mark on the other rear quarter panel
3) A few serious ones on the hood that didn't penetrate but are too big for self-healing to handle
4) A few parking lot door dings from careless people

In all cases, the paint underneath was fine. Seems like the rear quarter panels take a lot of abuse!

Major damage requires the entire armour panel be peeled off and replaced. In all my cases, it was my ego that determined when to go in for repairs. I'm confident the paint armour integrity was fine.

Premier Protective Films International
(510) 406-1500
42630 Christy St.
Fremont, CA

NOTES: Pay attention to the contract, there was an old "no warranty for crappy Tesla paint quality" clause originally there for early Roadsters that they should amend before you sign.

laura | 13 juillet 2015

GT Auto Concepts in Redwood City has an excellent installer and their prices are competitive - seems like they've done a lot of Teslas too! 650.832.1035

PleasantonS | 13 juillet 2015

Talk to Vincent at Omega Werks in Pleasanton. He has done both of my Tesla's with Suntek PPF. My P85D was a full wrap of everything but the chrome and was $6,500. While I know some people only advocate the front of the car, it is really nice to keep a few micro fiber towels and a spray bottle of RO water in the garage and simply wipe off the car periodically and not worry about scratching the paint.

NomoDinos | 13 juillet 2015

PleasontonS - exactly, the films were made for OCD folk like us ;)

I just realized my last comment on here is from 2013 saying that I intended to get Suntek. I with with the stealth XPEL instead for the longer warranty (10 years), and because I really liked the matte look.

It's already saved me from a few deep paint scratches.