Suntek vs XPEL vs ...? Paint protection film

Suntek vs XPEL vs ...? Paint protection film

I'm getting my car wrapped next Thursday (full front end, full hood, full doors, rear fenders, rear bumper).

The company offers both Suntek and XPEL ultimate film, but have recommended Suntek because of the better (in their opinion) healing properties. I know at least one person on the forum has used XPEL. Anyone else got experience of either product (or any others) and can offer an opinion?


rbgliny | 13 juillet 2015

Just had my 85d done with Suntek. Full frunk, front end, side mirrors, full front fenders, partial back, rocker panels from the front fenders to the rears just above the plastic trim that goes along the sides, wheel wells and a few more pieces around the loading area by the hatch. . $2500. Looks really good, extremely hard to see the edges where they might show. Also had optic coat pro plus applied as well on another visit. Long Island, NY area. Midnight metallic grey. Now all I need is some touch paint to apply to a very small previous road debris hit.

artmat | 21 juillet 2015

@rbgliny- where on LI?

JME | 21 juillet 2015

I had my 70D treated with Suntek (full front + impact areas + rear trunk sill/bumper area) then Modesta for the whole car, including the wheels. Looks absolutely fantastic and is very easy to maintain. Had it done by SpeedFreaks in Northern Virginia.

rbgliny | 22 juillet 2015

Artmat: xclusive auto works. Massapequa NY

nickjhowe | 23 juillet 2015

I should have posted an update to this thread a couple of months back. Two years after I got the Suntek installed on my pearl white car it started yellowing very noticeably. I had it replaced under warranty by the installer who recommended switching to 3M. We'll see how that holds up.

I spoke to the XPEL guys (not Suntek) at TMC Connect and they said that the only time they see yellowing on their film (very rare) it is usually caused by a reaction to wax. But I haven't been waxing the car. Go figure.

ashworthb | 3 septembre 2015

Can anyone recommend a company located in the Bay Area that provides this service and has experience with their work. Sounds like Suntek or Xpel are the two favored products. I'm picking up my S 90 D next Wednesday (Midnight Silver Metallic) and thinking about getting it wrapped.

Fotondoc | 18 octobre 2015

Has anyone wrapped their tesla in Connecticut? Please share details. Thanks!

rogerhall59 | 18 octobre 2015

I had my S90D Midnight Silver Metallic done in XPel by ODC Detailing in Walnut Creek, CA. Joe is legendary as the best there is in doing this application. He has done hundreds of Teslas. The results are fantastic and it was cost effective.

I had them do my low mileage 2003 S55 AMG that was always garaged. The XPel that had been applied when I bought that car had turned brittle and was impossible to remove. I called both XPel and 3M. Neither was able to offer any solution other than to remove the XPel when it was 10 years old. Getting it off was a nightmare, requiring removing it in little chips the size of your little fingernail that were bonded to the paint. If you have XPel on an older car I would give serious thought to replacing it while you still can.