SuperCharger Reality... Has anyone actually experienced 300 miles of range per hour charging?

SuperCharger Reality... Has anyone actually experienced 300 miles of range per hour charging?

We are starting to see our SuperChargers in Florida which has me curious about their actual utility.

Can owners that (routinely) use the SC network comment on actual charge rates? Does the state of charge when you arrive affect the charge rate much? Have you seen any changes associated with "modified taper" charging?

I ask because "150 miles in 30 minutes" would seem to indicate a 300 miles of range per hour of charging and yet the best screen shots I have seen are just over 200. (could be linked to screen shots showing rated instead of ideal)


There was a post on TMC using Ideal miles. If possible, please post your experiences in Rated miles. If not, please note the miles as being Ideal.
I removed the "Hype" in the title as Tesla is using Ideal miles when they say 150/30.

shs | 27 juillet 2013

I have experienced 300 rated mile charging rate, once at Folsom at night when we were the only ones there. High 200, e.g. 268 is not uncommon if one is not sharing. However you can also end up with 60, making it very hard to predict the time to charge. We are taking three other people to a memorial today, don't want to be late and need to charge at Gilroy. How much time will I need to charge?

hsadler | 27 juillet 2013

Gilroy Garlic Festival this weekend.

ajkim26 | 27 juillet 2013

I go to Hawthorne during weekday off hours and
get that speed of charge

pablodds | 27 juillet 2013

I charged in Port St Lucie. Started at 280 miles/hr. as battery gets fuller rate goes down. I pulled up with 90 miles and had 240 miles (standard charge mode) in 30 minutes.

lolachampcar | 27 juillet 2013

awesome pablodds

DrJayRussell | 27 juillet 2013

Here is a great video of someone taking a road trip in California and several real world charges. Bottom line is the rate is close 260 and does slow down as it "fills" which is why they always emphasize the half hour range... which is incredibly impressive.

NKYTA | 27 juillet 2013

In ten visits to SCs in CA, the fastest I've seen was it starting at 285mph. Rated range was down in the 20's.

David70 | 27 juillet 2013

But whatever you see as the charge rate, don't expect it to remain at that level for a full hour. Unless perhaps, other cars leave their charging stations. Even with the newer 120kW stations, there will still be some tapering off as the car approaches "full".

Newampster | 28 juillet 2013

260 mph initial charge rate in Milford, CT South last week.

oildeathspiral | 28 juillet 2013

The taper will taper...

"The charge rate at each station will also improve, going from the current 90 kilowatts to 120. The problem with the current 90-kw chargers is they start rapidly but then the charge rate tapers off, Musk said. The charge rate on the new 120-kw charger doesn't taper off until much later in the charge. The new units will allow three hours of driving from a 20-minute charge."

“Expect the average stop time to drop in half,” Musk said

skulleyb | 28 juillet 2013

Was getting 292 with a p85 at the Hawthorne supercharger last week.
Pulled my 60 in the am and only got 230. I think the 60 will not charge as fast as the 85 at any time.
not sure why.

Brian H | 28 juillet 2013

It's a % of total, so if the total is lower, so is the change.

Captain_Zap | 28 juillet 2013

283 miles/hr in Centralia, WA. What a thrill!
And these are not the new Super-Duper SuperChargers that are yet to come!

shs | 28 juillet 2013

The problem for me is not the maximum charge rate as anything in the 240 to 300 MPH charging rate is plenty to charge the car during a lunch or dinner stop. On the other hand, in you are second on a charging pair, you might just get 60 or 70 MPH. It makes it very hard to plan. Yesterday we were taking 3 others to a memorial service in SF and stopped by Gilroy a bit before noon to get the charge we needed to get to SF and back to Gilroy. All 4 stalls were full, but when I explained my situation, one generous owner said, I can pull out now; I have enough. Wonderful, but when I plugged in I was only getting 60 amps and at that rate, we would have been late to the service. A second very generous owner on his way to LA, unplugged his car so that we could get the higher charge rate, plugged back in and took the 60 amp rate for himself. We made it on time thanks to all that helped – very much appreciated. When we returned about 6 PM for a charge to get us home, there were two open stalls. The first gave us 60 amps, but the second, over 200 amps even though we were apparently sharing with a car, that it seems was probably fully charged. A minute later the last stall was taken. Made it home no problem and our 3 passengers were thrilled with the experience. However without the generosity of others, it might have been a very different experience.

Obviously, if the charge time for 150 miles can be reduced significantly, one would not have to plan on eating lunch or dinner during a charge, but for now, I would really appreciate more predictability on how much time one should allow for charging.

lolachampcar | 28 juillet 2013

are all these milage quotes Rated or Ideal?

shs | 28 juillet 2013

Rated in my case. Not much use for ideal.

pablodds | 28 juillet 2013

Rated in my case too.