Tesla Adds Samsung To Its Battery Supply Chain

Tesla Adds Samsung To Its Battery Supply Chain

"Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) is in the final stages of negotiations with Samsung. The two companies are running the final tests on Samsung’s batteries ahead of a final deal which will make Samsung Tesla’s second major battery supplier.

In one of the recent news interviews Elon said they were talking to Samsung. Looks like things are pretty advanced.

SamO | 29 août 2013

Great catch Nick. This is really good news. Elon has frequently talked about Panasonic as "one" of their suppliers but it's good that they will have multiple sources.

If they want to make Model E a reality, they are going to need multiple suppliers and multiple new battery factories online.

carlk | 29 août 2013

Second sourcing is definitely needed for such an important component. Glad to hear they are in the late stage of getting Samsung qualified.

Jolinar | 29 août 2013

Hate to say it, but John Peterson had good article about battery constraint...

EdieMilo | 29 août 2013

John Peterson's article was a 'glass half empty' take on every challenge Tesla has in front of them.
Where as Elon is a 'glass totally full' kind of thinker and capable of solving any problem.

Peterson took every quote that Elon made with the cNBC interview and twisted it, as to point out why Tesla will fail. It totally annoyed me! Listening to the interview, I felt Elon talked about future challenges as if they were speed bumps along the electrification highway, and presented possible solutions for them.

According to Peterson, those speed bumps are brick walls that are insurmountable stopping blocks.
I hope he loses his shorts!

Tiebreaker | 29 août 2013

Peterson only writes articles to salvage his investment in led-acid batteries. (see Axion)

SamO | 29 août 2013


JP used to say that lithium supply would prevent Tesla from ever making a mainstream car.

Same FUD that he throws out with battery suppliers.

Except that this time, he was disproven in less than a week with the addition of SIGNIFICANT battery supplier SAMSUNG.


AmpedRealtor | 29 août 2013

A year from now, Samsung will launch it's all new EV that looks suspiciously like a Model S and uses suspiciously similar battery technology... it happened to Apple, it might happen to Tesla. Elon, watch out for the Asian rip-off artist also known as Samsung!

carlk | 29 août 2013

@AmpedRealtor Chinese are bad for copy things but Koreans are even worse because they can make better copies. You just have to bite the bullet. There is no choice in this global economy that they are also your suppliers and customers.

JZ13 | 29 août 2013

It's one thing to rip off a phone, they can't rip off Tesla's IP battery advancements.

RedShift | 29 août 2013


They have ripped off jet engines and stealth fighter technology. Battery IP might not be that hard to reverse-engineer.

shop | 29 août 2013

Do you think Elon really gives a crap if someone else copies his car? It won't be perceived as reliable (even if it was), it won't have access to the Superchargers, it won't have a world class service program backing it up, it won't have the cool Tesla name, etc.

DJung | 29 août 2013

Well I heard on an interview with Elon on CNBC that the suppliers make just the individual batteries which are sent to Tesla in Fremont. At the Tesla manufacturing plant, they are assembled into a battery pack which is kept in secret so there wouldn't be a way for Samsung or any other battery manufacturer to copy the secret recipe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only worry that this new supplier would bring is if they can maintain the same quality of batteries from their primary supplier Panasonic. But I'm sure Tesla has extensively studied Samsung so it shouldn't be a problem.

JPPTM | 29 août 2013

SamoSam--at Teslive, Elon Musk noted that the amount of lithium in a Li-ion battery is very small. His quote is: 'It is the salt on the salad'. The supply of Li is not the constraint....

Brian H | 29 août 2013

Au contraire. Elon would cheer! He wants the world to go EV, and if that means knock-offs, fine! The market will decide whether the knock-offs are worth buying. If they're so good they displace Tesla, then he can say, "My job is done, here", and concentrate on SpaceX.

JZ13 | 29 août 2013

RedShift - They copied the migs because they made the migs for Russia and used them for the own purposes. They did not sell the migs. If they were able to figure out how to copy the Tesla battery pack, they would not get away with selling it. Look at all of the effort that goes into stopping them from selling copied movies and cd's. There is no way they would be able to get away with selling automobiles that cost thousands of times more than media sells for. Small ticket items, sure. Big ticket items, no way.