Tesla to be sold to GM or Apple?

Tesla to be sold to GM or Apple?

Have any of you heard about this possibility. In this french article ( the analyst is suggesting that there is a possibility for Tesla to be sold in 2014 and that both GM and Apple could be interested.

In my opinion this would be a disaster (especially if GM was to buy Tesla) but I am not sure of the validity of the post.

Has anyone else heard this rumour?

Brian H | 7 janvier 2014

Many times. Use to search for GM and Apple + 'purchase' or 'buy'.

l9lafra | 7 janvier 2014

Any truth to this or just wishful thinking?

I would feel pretty awful to own a GM I am sure that it would be the end of electric cars as GM have no real intentions in innovating on this venture...

Apple on the other hand could be an interesting prospect!

Anyway, there is not much we can do...

Haeze | 7 janvier 2014

Neither company is even looking to buy Tesla. All rumors related to Tesla buyouts have been concocted by mass media sources who are speculating based off no evidence. Also, with the valuation of TSLA the price to buy the company would be so high that it would not be financially wise for anyone to buy it.

david.baird | 7 janvier 2014

Would prefer Tesla to remain independent, but I think there could be a lot to be gained with an Apple collaboration./partnership.

l9lafra | 7 janvier 2014


I agree on both count!!

Car t man | 7 janvier 2014

I don't agree on either.

Apple and GM are mass market replacements for
true advancement..

One manages to cultivate a cult though...
Other than that, same difference..

blue adept | 7 janvier 2014

Tesla is not being bought by or sold to anyone, nor are there even any prospects for such an action in the future.

I really don't understand why all of this speculation is afoot, first with the Norwegians and now with the French, but there sure are a lot of people entertaining delusions, highly ill-advised, misinformed delusions.

If anything, I am curious about the motivations behind such speculation.

Iowa92x | 7 janvier 2014

There are few independent thinkers in the media and many lazy. So they parrot a Tesla buy rumor that was made up by a lonely analyst for attention. Tesla will eventually be aquired, but not anytime soon.

joer293 | 7 janvier 2014

GM hates electric cars, just look up what they did to their EV1. If GM repossessed my Tesla just to destroy it, you'd have angry watchdog groups all over the globe.

blue adept | 7 janvier 2014


I'm curious, whatever is it that makes you think that Tesla will "eventually be acquired"?

Tesla is a booming breakthrough company that has introduced a truly innovative standard of automotive transportation which has served to not only silence all EV detractors, but also exceed all expectations (save but the original conceptualists) and is even well on its' way to changing the World's view of alternative fuel technologies because Tesla didn't engage in something so unimaginative, brutish, and destructive as "drilling" its' way out of fuel source volatility, they are THINKING their way out.

You simply don't just pass off something well on its' way to being recognized as an iconic marque.

negarholger | 7 janvier 2014

@joer - no need to repossess your Tesla... the government(s) will repossess you by making EV driving so expensive that you can only afford a stinking noise maker. And the oil companies will make the price of gas so low that it destabilizes the world order - OPEC falls apart, turmoil in the world ( the sheiks have no money to buy a Mercedes ).

blue adept | 8 janvier 2014


"the government(s) will repossess you by making EV driving so expensive that you can only afford a stinking noise maker. And the oil companies will make the price of gas so low that it destabilizes the world order - OPEC falls apart, turmoil in the world ( the sheiks have no money to buy a Mercedes )..."

...And then everyone will turn back to Tesla, again, in a cycle of altruistic reciprocity.

Nantang | 9 janvier 2014

I'm thinking in a decade or two that Tesla will be the one doing the acquiring. Remember when IBM was the king of personal computers? Now their role in PCs is largely history books. The idea of their PC line being bought out by Lenovo while other "IBM clones" like Dell and Gateway (or, for now that it's 2014, ASUS and Samsung) dominate the PC market would have been inconceivable fifteen years ago. By comparison, GM's and Chrysler's eventual bankruptcies would have seemed pretty plausible in the late nineties as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda became the next "big three." Tesla's rise is the stuff our grandkids will read about in the history books (downloaded directly into their post-Singularity brains and read on the back of their cyber-eyes, mind you), so I can easily see Tesla evolving into a major auto manufacturer when electric cars are the norm rather than the exception.

AxHaydn | 11 janvier 2014

I actually have a GM car the Chevy Spark EV. I was hoping this would signal to them that we as consumers are tired of the gas pump. However they are far too in love with their Volt technology. The next Volt is rumored to have a 200mi range, however it will use gas.... what a horrible business move.

Haeze | 12 janvier 2014

If you already have a digital interface directly to the brain, there is no need to get the eyes involved to 'read' the info. You would just download it directly into your memory. ;)

PorfirioR | 12 janvier 2014

Here is some perspective.

One of the first popular EVs, the EV1 killed by GM in 2002. Watch the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" for more.

Saturn Corporation, a "different kind of car company" that discovered the fanatical and cult-like appeal of a car company that is customer-focused (rather than dealer-focused). Interesting fact, in 1994's "homecoming" celebration, 30,000 people went to Saturn's Tennessee factory to say "thanks for building my car". The second homecoming on 31 July 1999 attracted approximately 40,000 people. In an attempt to put Saturn back in the box, the homecoming events were killed by GM in 2004 in favor of dealership events ( Saturn was killed by GM in 2008.

GM's history shows that they are not willing to take the risks that are a normal part of zero-emission technology adoption in these early days. Furthermore, the traditional/antiquated dealership sales and distribution model is too infused within the GM organization to tolerate anything that disrupts sales and has the potential of creating internal competition with other GM brands or GM business units.