The Tesla factory eposide in Captain planet

The Tesla factory eposide in Captain planet

At Tesla factory and noticed something very interesting about the Tesla Factory and about this old Captain Planet TV sires I remember watching on you tube. In the 1990's they had this TV show about this super hero named Captain Planet and the Planeteers who went out and helped fight eco villains who tried to trash the earth.

In one of their episodes called Smog Hog which freakish relates to the Tesla factory and the 3 Generation Tesla. The a research scientist named Jane Good air comes up with a ultra modern fuel effect car called the good air car which was a super clean fueled car was some type of clean electric car. What is wild about the episode is that the car coming off of the assembly line in the factory has falcon wing doors on it.

What happens in the episode is one of the eco villains Hoggish Greedly sees the factory as a threat and takes it over by having his thug vandalize the first photo type cars off of it to where they are lemons. What he also does is he takes over the factory and uses it to produce his gas guzzling line of road hog cars which quickly trash the place with pollution. But lucky the Planeteers and Captain Planet get the factory a back and the Good Air cars get back into production once it is returned to it's own.

What is ironic about this episode compared to the real life Tesla factory and it's line of cars is the main Villain Hoggish Greedy says the lines, "People don't want to buy a car based off of how good it is for the planet all they want is a car with options and tons of horse power." The irony of this comment is that the Tesla is a fully electric car that in some cases can be powered up by solar powered supercharging stations and it has tons of options and has a ton of horse power. It is also a car that looks more sport car like or at least looks like a regular car vs the bad stereotype of the planet friendly car.

The reason why I brought this up was I noticed how this planet planet episode oddly related to Tesla.

Here is a link to the episode on youtube.

Alex K | 27 juillet 2013

Thank you for summarizing this episode. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I couldn't watch it for more than a minute. When that show came out, even my kids could not watch it due to its condescending and obvious, in your face, political correctness.

Ocean Railroader | 31 juillet 2013

One of the biggest things with Captain Planet is that I did like some of the environmental ideas of the episodes. Also Captain Planet was a likable and funny super hero and the Planeteers did try to do the right thing. The episodes I never really cared for where the episodes that dealt with people's problems in that things in reality leading to homelessness and crime along with poverty are a lot more complex then they made it look like in the show in that there are no quick fixes to long term under lying problems.

As for how this relates to Tesla and the environmental movement up in till the Tesla Roadster and later on the model S came out electric cars had a bad stigma to them. That they where like a mark of the extremest environmental movement in that the stereotype of them was that they where small under powered and took a very long time to charge up. Examples of this bad electric car stereotype showed up in episodes of King of the Hill, The Simpsons and a few others. Such as in the Tesla Captain Planet episode Hoogish Greedly says consumers want a car with options and horse power. When you hear this it makes you wounder if the futuristic car in the Captain Planet episode will have horse power and options or will it be a small under powered tiny box on wheels like the extremest environmental movement would want pressure us into buying. But if the factory in the episode was the Tesla factory then those Good Air cars might be super efferent and clean along with having tons of futuristic options that might make a lot of gas hogs obsolete. Also though out the TV sires Hogish Greedly was known to go drilling for oil to make a hefty profit and something like a electric car with options along with not having the stigma of small underpowered tiny car that make people want to buy it. It also being solar powered would be a nightmare for him and a dream for Captain Planet.