Tesla Full Size Truck

Tesla Full Size Truck

The F150 is the best selling vehicle in america year after year. What vehicle would benefit most from loads of torque and high efficiency from an electric drivetrain? A truck of course. If anyone from Tesla is reading this, please build a truck. I would buy one in a heartbeat. Also, besides the fact that the higher ground clearance of a truck would minimize the highway debris problem, the beefier suspension might make it worthwhile to develop a double deck battery system whereby the truck could have a single 85kwh battery for short commutes to minimize weight and maximize efficiency and stop at a swap station to pick up and extra 85kwh battery for longer hauls and if a boat or trailer is being towed.

If a Tesla truck gets built, Ford and GMC will be put on notice for last time.

SickaMorStyle | 12 novembre 2013

Someone asked Elon this question at one of the talks, but I dont remember exactly what he said or whick talk that it was. The problem he talked abouthad something to do with the load capacity, empty bed Vs. fuyll-load. Trucks are designed around full-load.

Roamer@AZ USA | 12 novembre 2013
jonlivesay | 12 novembre 2013

Via motors reminds me Fisker truck, doomed to failure

jomorale | 12 novembre 2013

I will buy a Tesla Electric truck, too.

Pungoteague_Dave | 12 novembre 2013

It would be nice but economics say no way. ICE trucks are very cheap compared to what it would cost to make a full size EV version. I have two F-150's - the 2wd 2011 work truck with crank windows was $19k out the door. The other, a 2010 4wd Platinum, fully loaded, was $52k out the door. The Model S battery alone costs that much. Can't happen until battery costs are reduced by half.

Roamer@AZ USA | 12 novembre 2013

Tesla could make a truck for people that don't need a truck but like to drive them. If Tesla made a gentlemans pickup capable of hauling pansies and mulch from a Home Depot trip I would own it tomorrow. But I would still need a truck that can tow 10,000 lbs and battery power alone can't do that effectively.

A truck capable of doing what trucks are designed to do is not possible with with only batteries.

There is a huge difference between a mechanically engine driven hybrid and a battery powered vehicle with an efficient motor generator providing additional power for charging and electric propulsion not mechanical propulsion.

An efficient high power electric motor coupled with batteries and a motor driven generator operating at max load and optimal steady state RPM efficiency is the perfect solution for work trucks that have to have range and towing capacity.

I don't see a true work truck as being something that fits Tesla's products and designs.

johnanniegibson | 12 novembre 2013

Ill make a deposit right now if Elon announces a truck. I would like to see What tesla has in mind for a truck.
Elon if your reading, I'll buy a truck from you on top of the MS I enjoy so much already.

Koz | 12 novembre 2013

They would have to back off their no >200 mi range mantra. 120 real word range could work from a cost perspective.

Car t man | 12 novembre 2013

For hauling trucks for actual work, go with CNG. Cheap, reliable, clean and affordable. Tesla doesn't plan hybrids but a series CNG hybrid in this case would be a good option. Even a fisker would be good with a CNG generator.

No need to bash Fisker out of an ideology. Full EVs are great but with the
battery prices still where they are, for applications where full EV isn't
an option yet and won't be for some time (trucking, long range buses,..),
CNG is the next best thing. No soot, actually reducing CO2 emissions by factors if the source is right, etc.

Tesla will make a truck and it might actually be economically viable also
as a hard worker, due to SCs and especially via leasing, since monthly
costs might be lower than for a regular pickup (gas included) from the
get go... A 200 mile pickup for 40k? Could work..

David15 | 13 novembre 2013

Bring on the truck Elon! We have a fusion red Roadster and a pearl white Model S, both are incredible. I've been saving for the bright blue Tesla pickup to tow our 25' travel trailer and replace our Dodge Ram diesel since the day I paid for the Model S. I'm pretty sure Elon and his Tesla team can put together a compelling product that will fill my needs. As George B. says, "Tesla does the impossible". It really is true, they do. And it's looking like my TSLA stock a few years out may cover the cost of all three of them. I've dreamed two amazing dreams so far that have come true. The third one is on the way. Bring it on Tesla, I'm in, red white and blue!

EJH | 13 novembre 2013

My V-10 F-250 has less horsepower and torque than my Model S.
It weighs more, and fully loaded would weigh almost twice as much as the MS; but I see two 85Kw batteries, and essentially the same electric motor and gearbox drivetrain that is in the MS as being totally up to the job.
If an electric version of this truck was available, a selling price of $100,000.00 would be justified through the savings in energy cost.
There is tons of room under the vehicle to accommodate everything, and the new "Frunk" would be an amazing place for tools, etc.

Energy savings? Well, the cottage return trip is 300 Km, and the F-250 uses up $85.00 to $90.00 in gas, depending on how I drive. The Model S uses $4.00 to $5.00 for the same trip.

achilles992000 | 13 novembre 2013

electric planes, hyperloops, and trips to Mars. now pickup trucks.

i roll my eyes when Elon speaks. he has lot of work to do on Model S and the supercharger network.

jcaspar1 | 13 novembre 2013

This would be interesting. This is something Toyota has not had any success at. Only Chevy has been able to come up with a full size truck that runs partially on electricity (the Hybrid Silverado) and it has not been a big seller despite having huge HP and getting better mileage than a V6 Camery. I would love to have one if Tesla builds it.

thranx | 13 novembre 2013

I'm sure Elon would like to do at least a small truck, but it's a matter of time.

I think revolutionizing the auto industry with the E model takes priority.

PatT | 13 novembre 2013

He also said that it is hard to predict the short term changes to transportation but long term is easy -- all electric -- except rockets.

Brian H | 13 novembre 2013

The SC installer in WA said he'd love to have TM electric work trucks. It would cut his transportation costs so much he could bid on jobs in a much wider radius.

It has also been noted/wished that the truck battery could power on-site equipment without needing generators or grid hook-ups.

DTsea | 13 novembre 2013

@roamer i think you have it backward. model s at 400 hp, all torque available at 0 rpm, is a perfect truck power system except for cost.

RanjitC | 13 novembre 2013

+1 @DTsea
Even the low end torque of a diesel engine cant compare with an electric motor