Tesla, Help me, help you sell some Model Xs

Tesla, Help me, help you sell some Model Xs

My request would be for a printable sales brochure. That way when I am showing my Model X, I would have something to hand out to prospective buyers. Sure I can print off some fact sheets but I am looking for a more concise and complete brochure with great pictures showing Model X, colors, options, charging data, where to see and drive the cars, along with prices, and how to order, testimonials, history of Tesla, etc. I have now problem printing these off and carrying a supply with me. I am sure others would like to have the same. Make the new owners a valuable part of your sales force. Of course this would be valuable about Model S and perhaps I should have posted in general topic forum. Any thoughts or input on this idea?

eric.zucker | 25 octobre 2015

Save the planet, don't chop trees. This is the whole purpose of the Tesla Web site.
Printed brochures are a thing of the past, like ICE cars. Look forward!

Roamer@AZ USA | 25 octobre 2015

I have always been a little baffled that Tesla does not cache their web pages in the flat panel browser. Everytime I go to to explain the cars and super charger system I instead end up demonstrating how useless the web browser is. I quit trying to use the large in car screen to explain the cars. Instead I use my iPad. It is a little embarrassing that the beautiful flat panel can't even reliably load the manufacturers web page.

I am not a software guy but can't imagine it would be a big deal to at least cache the Tesla pages. Maybe put a Tesla information app written to work on the flat panel. After hundreds of test drives with friends and family being able to flip thru would be useful. Maybe even help a friend open an account and spec a car while sitting in the car.

Just my thoughts.

Red Sage ca us | 25 octobre 2015

Create a PDF, beam it to their phone. Sorted.

Tâm | 25 octobre 2015


Is this another chicken and egg situation?

General production series pricing is not revealed yet so how can you print a brochure with prices on it?

Many existing reservation holders want to see and drive the car themselves but the cars are no where to be seen in any store yet, so how can you print a brochure for non-reservation holders about seeing and driving it?

I assume this brochure must be in future, way in future after existing reservation holders are taken care of, right?

aesculus | 26 octobre 2015

@clublon: Get some giant QR code stickers for the sides of your car pointing to the Model X web pages. :-)

Roamer@AZ USA | 26 octobre 2015

Clublon actually has a very good point. During all of 2013 I was constantly asked about Tesla cars everywhere I drove my S. Now there are more cars around people stopping me in parking lots to ask questions has slowed down. I still get quizzed about the cars at remote Super Chargers on road trips.

It seems obvious that Tesla would have fast loading car info on the flat panel.

When the X goes into service you can count on being asked what it is every time those falcon wings fly.

Roamer@AZ USA | 26 octobre 2015

@aesculus, People that know what a QR sticker is and how to use it probably already know what a Tesla is. There are still many people who have no idea what a Tesla is and can't quite grasp the concept of ordering a car using a smart phone. Based on the questions I get asked I think many people are still clueless about electric cars or that they even actually exist.

EV drivers are still a minuscule part of the automotive world.

Red Sage ca us | 31 octobre 2015

Roamer: Minuscule perhaps, yet extremely important, nonetheless.

Roamer@AZ USA | 31 octobre 2015

@Red Sage, As usual I bow in the presence of your wisdom*. You are extremely correct.

*The comment posted above is offered in a way intended to be humorous. Sensitive readers seeking to be offended should be aware I have great respect for Red Sage and his extreme knowledge of all things auto, movie and Tesla.

Red Sage ca us | 5 novembre 2015

Roamer: On the other hand... There was a time when I thought the works of Honda and Chevrolet were important too... But that was before they started building cars that were even more boring than Toyotas. Strange that some can't wait for Tesla Motors to start building cars that are more boring than a Prius... Or worse, they want Tesla components under the hood of the Prius and Volt to make them 'better' somehow... Ugh.