Tesla in india ?

Tesla in india ?

I'm an a car enthusiastic and i love green tech ! i came across Tesla series s today and im in total love with it ! how can i get hands on one? whom should i contact so that i can get one for a test drive ? i know that even in the USA there is a huge wait list but i hope they will reserve some pieces for demo's and test drives ! i don't know if tesla see's india as a viable market, let us face it we pay 300% more on BMW, Lamborghini or Mercedes etc than what the US buyers pay for them. I'm desperately waiting to see tesla in India !

and can anyone tell me whom should i contact to get a tesla to Hyderabad,India ?

herkimer | 10 avril 2013

Call the number on this website, or send them an email. They will get back to you right away! I think it is just a matter of time and Tesla will be everywhere. Perhaps you could help to establish Tesla in India. Noble calling!

rloehler | 10 avril 2013

Have you thought about the Mahindra E20? It's a very intriguing electric car for the Indian market.

RedShift | 10 avril 2013

India is ripe for small electrics. They need to marry this to solar installs and they will have something.
Electricity is very unreliable in India, so solar makes sense.

Airpro | 10 avril 2013

The last I checked there are no immediate plans for India..... Well, I have to mention that this info did not come from anyone in a position of power, so I would not rely on it completely.

SamO | 10 avril 2013

There are no current plans (public) for sales, charging or marketing in India, but nothing to stop you from ordering one and having it shipped to India.

raviteja srigiriraju | 10 avril 2013

thanks for the inputs i emailed them with my concern. i was just thinking about franchising tesla in india :P as far as i see mahindra e20 doesnt tickle my senses ! i hope tesla can put up some solar powered charging stations at various places atleast in metropolitan cities . i can help in identified those areas in particular.

@redshift you are partly right about the unreliability of electricity in india . but the scenario is changing rapidly as i said tesla can establish solar charging stations

herkimer | 10 avril 2013

check sister company Solar City for solar installations. Don't think they are in India now but there is someone doing a similar installation plan (or should be). Good model for building out solar capacity for individuals communities and businesses without upfront cost and immediate energy savings which increase over time.

Brian H | 10 avril 2013

Tesla doesn't franchise, or deal with dealers. It opens employee-staffed stores only.

You might keep track of the introduction in Europe, now beginning. Shorter shipping distance!

RedShift | 10 avril 2013


I am originally from India. (Been in the US since decades) I know how terrible electric supply is, except in Metros. ( even there, without the battery backed up power supply units, it's intolerable by western standards )

Tesla Model S is not likely to do extremely well in India, IMHO. Why?

1. These get very very expensive, if you add the import duty. So, why would someone opt for this v/s BMW or a Benz? Indians are a notoriously brand conscious lot.

2. Without the said solar installations, and superchargers, it's impractical in daily use in India.

3. If something major breaks down, the turn around time might be very long indeed.

I am not trying to discourage you, the points 2 and 3 above can be addressed, albeit with difficulty. 1 however is the toughest obstacle. If you get some celebrities in Bollywood to be erly adopters, it might help raise the car's profile. Ultimately, it's simple: how many will move, in order to recoup the costs of setting up the stores?

raviteja srigiriraju | 10 avril 2013

@brian as you know that apple also does the same else in the world except in india, in india apple franchises with a bunch of companies

@redshift i dont hope this to sell at the rate of thousands per month or so. i know new brands needs time to get in to the brand conscious market. but there's a start for everything ! :)and as i said before i partly agree with you (im a optimist :P )

raviteja srigiriraju | 10 avril 2013

i completely agree with you about the price , i hope government will exempt electric cars from import duties

Mike C | 10 avril 2013

There's a guy ckopoda over on who imported one to Latvia. Just takes money and determination.

DouglasR | 10 avril 2013

Here's someone who's planning to own an S or X in Rwanda:

Brian H | 10 avril 2013

It will be IMO a frosty Friday in Hades before TM opens a franchise in India or anywhere else.

teslaver | 11 avril 2013

I am sure it will open one soon.., if not importing may be the only option that even I will start exploring... cant believe I gave up the opportunity to own one and moved to India to be with family. I was so close to owning it...:(

sunnysailor | 11 avril 2013

Where there is the will there is a way.....The Tesla S is one amazing car. It may take some time and money but if you really want one I am sure you can get one to India.

Go for it!

TestlaLover | 2 mai 2013

Hello Raviteja, I hope that you will receive this well.
I have a great interest in Testla just as you. I'm from Hyd,India too (kinda a felt that you are my brother of another mother lol).
I willing to plan for a franchise to start this car company here in India, Please let me join hand with you. Ans as Redshift was saying we really need to get some celebrities in Bollywood to endorse this product. thanks -Manohar (email :

Tesluthian | 3 mai 2013

Good luck Ravi getting a Tesla, wish you well in your endeavor . Hope you and TestlaLover can get an exception for India co-ownership of franchises to get sales started over there. Why not inquire about a Solar City dealership as well ?

Also have you thought about the wi-fi over there for the 17" Tesla screen ? Ditto for Google maps, does it work over there, or does it need adjustments? Good issues to discuss with Tesla management.

jk2014 | 4 mai 2013

Isn't there a rather large solar initiative going on in India right now? Could be ripping up for a Tesla market if true...

chinkarthik | 11 novembre 2013

Hi Ravi,

I'm an EV enthusiast from India too.I would also like the same.(Tesla opening in India)

As much as i want it to happen IMHO the reality is not so much on the bright side for a lot of reasons.

-> Tesla does only direct selling. In India everything is dealership based. There will be heavy opposition from the dealers all over. (With no public support whatsoever)

-> Public mindset towards EVs (although changing not really on the bright side except for a few Enthusiasts)

-> Huge price tag(Sadly the biggest Hindrance for us)
Majority can't buy. People capable of it hardly care about EVs and Environment friendly techs.

-> Grid reliability is not so good in a lot of areas.(that can be tackled though, but people won't see it that way unless it really happens)

-> Govt clearance and all the other political hoopla (The great Indian Politics).

Hopefully we can expect it to happen another 5-10 years when Battery tech improves and prices drop. But not anytime soon.

With the lack of subsidies and import duty and tax exemptions on EVs from the govt. Its gonna even delay it further.

Hope for the best.
Cheers :)

thranx | 11 novembre 2013

Looks pretty good like this:


Brian H | 11 novembre 2013

मॉडल एस

arora4divij | 4 avril 2014

All I'm gonna say is expect the unexpected in life. You never what will happen next in life. But what I can say for sure is that tesla is going to come to india. Even if it doesn't come, I'm still going to buy one no matter what. Keep it up Tesla!

LEvans | 4 avril 2014

SO I am just curious... What is there to prevent someone from driving over to India in a Model S from China? :)

LEvans | 4 avril 2014

PS: Can you drive in India with Chinese tags if you are visiting India from China?

amitb00 | 4 avril 2014

@WEB_SRFR : I don't think you are allowed to drive from China to India or vice versa. Travel b/w two countries are restricted to air travel. There is mighty Himalayas b/w them. There are some passes which were used for trade in ancient time with folks on animal and carts. I don't believe they are ready for modern day automobiles.
Also these countries are not really friendly countries so they don't want lot of land travel b/w them.

P85marin | 4 avril 2014

There is no way the model S in its current configuration could be drivable on typical Indian roads and traffic. It sits far too low and is a massive vehicle by Indian standards. I just got back from Hyderabad and there has been considerable improvement in Indian roadways but not enough to handle this vehicle. I think Ratan Tata wasted a golden opportunity to bring a practical and likable electric vehicle line to India. The Nano could have been so much more. Potential to leverage solar to power India's cars and scooters is enormous.

TestlaLover | 17 avril 2014

@Amith00 : what you referred to is absalutely correct! Geographical condition and political conditions are real hinder. And also, let not for get the charge limitation.

I guess WEB_SERF said that out of passion to drive one Tesla S... not as a practical method.

By the way I have a smell of good news for you all.

Please go thorough it and share your comments.

Thank you all for joining this thread.

TestlaLover (Manohar)

thranx | 19 avril 2014

As long as elephants and cattle have the right-of-way, it doesn't matter what you drive.

Get out in the country on secondary roads and you're out of luck until Tesla makes an MRAP.

TFMethane | 20 avril 2014

My experience in India is limited, but relatively recent (Jan 2013), Delhi, Jaipur, rural Gujarat (multiple cities) and Mumbai.

It is clear to me that India has made huge strides in delivering reliable electric power, and also in converting current electric devices (bulbs, etc.) to low-power versions to unload the grid. A resident would know better than I, but it looks like the electricity is reliable. However, I'm not sure if the voltage and current standards would be easily adapted for the Tesla model S. If there are any existing EV charging stations in India, or if there are any industrial electrical applications that use one of the Universal Mobile Chargers various adapters, then you have crossed one hurdle. Check out the Tesla UMC adapters in the TM store:

If you plan to drive it in Mumbai, forget it. In Delhi, maybe. On the newer highways, no problem. The reason why the traffic in India would be such a problem is that the car is all aluminum. Existing body shops don't know how to work with aluminum or to paint it properly, due to it's surface oxide properties.

In much of India, you're guaranteed to get dents, and you won't reliably be able to get them fixed.

Brian H | 21 avril 2014

due to its surface ...

Visions of a MS-elephant collision. Messy.

emelnayeem | 10 mai 2014

Hi, I am a EPC contractor Here in India doing Solar projects. very much Impressed with Elon Musk's vision. Being a Tesla Enthusiastic would like to give my bit to bring up Tesla here in India. I have tried to contact Solar City once so that we can have initial talks and start up here in India, they havent responded uptill now.
What about from Tesla can I give my support to build up Tesla Solar Charging stations here in India if they are planning to come to India please do contact me.

Hope for the Best.

420weblazeit | 16 août 2014

If anyone is interested in purchasing a Tesla in India or ANYWHERE else in the world where it isn't sold officially, add me on Skype: MuzzaHukka

ravindrao5 | 1 janvier 2015

I have offered a deal of manufacturing unit in Gujarat, in. to tesla motors, if they want to enter the Indian market.

thedikshant | 20 février 2015

@ravindrao5: i am trying to build an electric car india if you are interested please mail me @