Tesla Model S EV Safety Training

Tesla Model S EV Safety Training

Check out this video made for first responders with Tesla. Why am I posting it? It has interesting information about the Tesla Model S and the battery. Please like and subscribe as I'll find or create more Tesla Model S videos for owners and newcomers.

*A Tesla Model S or two were harmed in the making of this video.

GDH | 21 octobre 2013

Did you make that video or just copy it from Tesla?

robert | 21 octobre 2013

Now there's a video, where the people speak clearly and the message isn't hidden behind a lot of beat "music" noise.
Tesla, take notice!!!!! Ideal.


Jolinar | 22 octobre 2013

This is Tesla-made video... it is just a copy :( YouTube is full of copies of famous videos

But, yea, great video!

Jolinar | 22 octobre 2013

there are only two videos in his channel, both tearing Model S apart :)

chrispga | 22 octobre 2013

It was made by professional rescue trainers Brock Archer and Ron Moore with the help of the Fremont Fire Department. Tesla provided access to the facility and a few cars. I learned a lot about the Model S from the video and I thought I should share it with the general public even though it's made for First Responders.

GDH | 22 octobre 2013

It is a good video, I like the fact that there is no annoying music in the background.

Brian H | 22 octobre 2013

From 28 minutes on, a ripping good video!