Tesla Motors Reports First Quarterly Profit

Tesla Motors Reports First Quarterly Profit

Shares jumped 10% in after hours trading. Way to go, Tesla!

JoeFee | 8 mai 2013

Home run …up over 15% after hours…..may open >65 tomorrow!!!! Great job TSLA!

kilimats | 8 mai 2013

BOOM HEADSHOT, the future is looking good ! | 8 mai 2013

up close to 20% after hours

Sudre_ | 8 mai 2013

I just half to laugh because I just read an article the other day from a not so smart person that was giving all these reasons why the stock was going to drop. Then at the declaration he stated he was short on Tesla.... fools and their money.

evanstumpges | 8 mai 2013

Over 21% now.

jk2014 | 8 mai 2013

will this push the squeeze tomorrow? | 8 mai 2013

Holy Cow! (being family friendly) | 8 mai 2013

Heading for 25% after hours

kilimats | 8 mai 2013



kilimats | 8 mai 2013

how likely is that rate going to be that high tomorrow morning ?

fluxemag | 8 mai 2013

This is awesome! Boom goes the dynamite!

nickjhowe | 8 mai 2013


stimeygee | 8 mai 2013

For those who know more than me - what does after hours trading now mean for the stock price tomorrow? I know there's no easy answer, but just generally. | 8 mai 2013

heading for 30%

nickjhowe | 8 mai 2013

Dipped, but now back up to $70

DouglasR | 8 mai 2013

Can someone explain why bold print at top of shareholder letter says over 30,000 global demand in 2013, whereas body of the letter says 21,000?

jk2014 | 8 mai 2013

means can't fill demand this year (or next) at current production rate. means they expect to be sold out through 2014 as of right now...

Brian H | 8 mai 2013

Sales are "production constrained", not "demand constrained". I.e., TM can sell all it can make.

lph | 8 mai 2013

The squeeze is now a bear hug.

lph | 8 mai 2013


noel.smyth | 8 mai 2013

Seems the world is learning about the car/company. Us owners have no doubt. so nice to be part of this!

Brian H | 8 mai 2013

Priceless -- YouTube of Elon dancing a jig.

jchangyy | 8 mai 2013

I'm so glad I bought it despite my wife's opposition. It was 27 when I bought it.

Amped | 8 mai 2013

Squeeze On!
Congrats TSLA!!!

I love the covert word of mouth undercurrent, but TM should consider a commercial.

models60 | 8 mai 2013

Sweet, sweet this is the revenge of electric car and I just hope some of those supposedly know all journalist who were so negative on the company get crushed in the short squeeze & under the weight of TSLA.

bradslee | 9 mai 2013

Elon's goal is to make TSLA a $44B company and I believe in him. This is truly a beginning of a great company that demonstrates to the world that they can deliver against all odds. Congratulations to Elon and his team!