Tesla notification to configure (Woo Hoo...)

Tesla notification to configure (Woo Hoo...)

Model X deliveries have started in North America. Built electric from the ground up, Model X is designed to be the safest car in its class. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view and distinctive Falcon wing doors for convenient second and third row access. Model X provides 250 miles of range, while achieving 0-60 in 3.4 seconds for superior passing ability.

We will invite the next group of reservation holders to configure in the next few weeks. We hope to invite all current reservation holders to configure their cars before the end of 2015.


NumberOne | 7 octobre 2015

This is most exciting, and I will make myself feel good and say they are following my advice!

carlk | 7 octobre 2015

I went to check my mailbox. Yes I got the letter too. Looks we will know the options and pricing in the next few weeks. Great news.

Lubdub | 7 octobre 2015

yup just got mine too
went into spam but I saved it

JBRatner | 7 octobre 2015

Just saw mine too! Very excited. The 'My Tesla' page changed too. It used to read "We will contact you when we are ready to build your Model X" and now reads, "You will be contacted in the order of your reservation."

SamO | 7 octobre 2015

Congratulations to all X reservation holders!

Ankit Mishra | 7 octobre 2015

Congrats !!! Woohoo.

carlk | 7 octobre 2015

Op would you change this thread to public so potential buyers and general public can see this too? Title maybe changed to configuration will star in few weeks?

Ankit Mishra | 7 octobre 2015

I think Tesla plans to deal with X backlog pretty soon. In Q4 we might see less S than expected and more X. I would guess 11500 S and 7000 X.

ian | 7 octobre 2015

I hope they surprise us with how many X's they can deliver this quarter. It won't take much for me as I'm expecting just the Signatures. ;-)

ian | 7 octobre 2015

Oh yeah, got that message too!

eric.zucker | 7 octobre 2015

Nothing yet. Must be stuck in slow traffic crossing the Atlantic.

carlk | 7 octobre 2015

The name of game now is we all get to configure by year's end and see who's got delivered first and when. I'd guess Tesla will first deliver high priority, meaning higer priced, models first just like what they did with the Model S in the begining.

The only important question now is whether Tesla will only let people to configure P90D/90D or that include lower priced models, 70D or whatever, as well, even if they will have to wait until that model is in production later. I think that's the better strategy not only it will let people to know what they can get but also good for PR purpose. No more the car is only for the super rich BS anymore.

NumberOne | 7 octobre 2015

It amazes me that people with reservation numbers 20k after mine got a message, and I got nothing...

carlk | 7 octobre 2015

Did you make any unflattering comments about Tesla? They are known to have canceled reservation of a big whiner. ;-)

Gert van Veen | 7 octobre 2015

No mail over here, but chance of 'My Tesla' page.

gerardP | 7 octobre 2015

It seems that European signature holders have been forgotten...

NumberOne | 7 octobre 2015

I think the European reservation holders will get their config invites early in 2016, starting with Sigs. That is just my opinion.

Paul Carter | 7 octobre 2015

No mails to Canadian's heard of yet either. I suspect as the newsletter starts out its talking about just North America, and by that I'm sure they mean USA only for 2015.

dmital001 | 7 octobre 2015

I am #240 - no email. I guess I am too low for the radar to detect :-)
May be they are sending it out to high numbers to keep the hopes up - its coming soon, hang in there, dont pull your money back!
Is it possible some people have cancelled reservations and so an email....

aesculus | 7 octobre 2015

For those not getting the email make sure you have checked to receive marketing info in your profile. This is the same setting that kept many from not getting the invite to the reveal event.

Brian Vicars | 7 octobre 2015

Nothing for me yet. Canadian sig #71

suresv | 7 octobre 2015


I think one more step to check the contact preference (phone or email) is required as well. I have always had the "Tesla Update" clicked on but when I checked today I saw neither of the contact preference was clicked on. I didn't receive the emails as well - hopefully I will get the emails from now on!

aesculus | 7 octobre 2015

@suresv: I bet your email shows up shortly. This happened to me once and within hours of discovering the problem the email everyone else got the day prior showed up in my mail too.

valfurness | 7 octobre 2015

I received the email, I was #10,681. I believe that # has been removed from everyone's page, I now just have the RN#. I would be great to know where we actually stand on the list. I'm in the US.

ir | 7 octobre 2015

See Tesla (if you're reading this) how much joy and relief you can bring with an e-mail and text change to your website!

carlk | 7 octobre 2015

I believe Tesla removed the reservation # so it can reproiritize the production/delivery schedule according to configuration people chose. The date you reserved still matter but is not going to be the only factor of when you will get the delivery. It looks every North America reservation holders will get to config by end of 2015. That's not equal to when you're going to get the car though.

vandacca | 7 octobre 2015

I really hate to be a downer and temper people's excitement, but previous knowledge indicated that only U.S. Signature reservations holders (~1,200) would be getting their Model-X before the end of 2015 and it was accepted that Tesla would be building 1000-2000 Model-X before end of year, not all going to customers.

If they start inviting general production holders to configure, that could mean (from most likely to least likely):
1.) Too many Sig holders have deferred/cancelled and they need more orders
2.) Tesla is collecting everyone's configuration (and holding on to it), in order to assess demand
3.) They somehow managed to ramp up much sooner than anyone anticipated.
4.) ???

I would love for it to be #3. FWIW, I'm Canadian #8 and have not received Email yet. Even if I do receive the Email, I wouldn't expect my vehicle this year. I want to see a healthy Tesla and hence I'm willing to wait for them to build out thousands of vehicles before they get to mine, because that would mean a high demand. Also, I'm long on TSLA.

TonyInNH | 7 octobre 2015

Seriously, why is everyone getting excited about this? The letter is nothing but yet another 'coming soon' message.

carlk | 7 octobre 2015

It's not just soon. It has a schedule albeit a loose one. Few weeks for certain people and everyone by end of year.

aesculus | 7 octobre 2015

@vandacca : 2.) Tesla is collecting everyone's configuration (and holding on to it), in order to assess demand

It is in Tesla's best interest to do this and I applaud them. In this manner they can not only plan production better but more importantly they can secure suppliers who may be on the fence or seek out additional suppliers if demand is greater than expected. It also allows them to perhaps change options/pricing if needed to secure as many sales as possible.

Brian Vicars | 7 octobre 2015

I have pencilled in, no.. I have indelible black markered, on my new 2016 calender my delivery date for my Sig.
Friday, December 23rd. 2016. I refuse to be disappointed again and besides, Santa has never let me down before. Now I can again begin enjoying life knowing that I have only 436 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes & 54 seconds to wait.

jdb | 7 octobre 2015

To paraphrase Churchill, Tesla Motors is a riddle wrapped in a mystery within an enigma. But they are making in my opinion best and most exciting cars in world. As sig MS owner and low MX production reservation holder I think this drama is great, what other car companies can produce this kind of attention and mystery. By the way, the pearl white MX with white interior really seems to grab my attention. And as a guy would ever figure on getting white car, but may change mind with this vehicle.

aljjr2 | 7 octobre 2015

I think it's just Tesla figuring how to "batch" similar configurations. All the US Signatures invited to configure. shows what the most popular configurations and combinations are. Batching configurations seems a means of putting like Model X's in the production, thus capitalizing on economies of scale. Tesla can somewhat maintain the order sequence, by inviting (lets say) groups of 1000 to configure -- then build like vehicles whether color, Performance vs. non-P, same seat colors, etc.

rdalcanto | 7 octobre 2015

My reservation was under 4,000 in the US, and no email/invite....

Red Sage ca us | 7 octobre 2015

"...all current reservation holders..."

That would be good.

If they can ramp up to 800 per week before the end of November 2015... And touch ~1,200 per week in December 2012 through January 2016... There will be a lot of very happy Model X owners by the time the Model ≡ is unveiled.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 octobre 2015

Tesla heard the initial feedback and is simply trying to gauge just how big of a debacle they've created with this joke of a minivan. When the pre-order list goes poof, they will have to go back to the drawing board and design something people will actually want.

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 octobre 2015

Still smoking funny weed, eh RS?

Gayatrikr | 9 octobre 2015

There are people who seek their 15 min glory by blasting tesla
Wackos in other facets of life too also perhaps think the same way

Ross1 | 9 octobre 2015

Maybe they solved the supplier problems.

Maybe the albino kangaroos have arrived for the Sig X white interiors.

You never know if you don't think outside the square.

Maybe they fixed it with duct tape. Whatever it was.

carlk | 9 octobre 2015

Elon said it's the most difficult car to make. He did not say it's an impossible car to make. When was the last time you see a difficult thing has stopped him?

NumberOne | 9 octobre 2015

I still did not get that famed e-mail. I will keep hitting refresh on 'my tesla' many, many, many, times per day.

Tom | 9 octobre 2015

I received my email on October 7th....I am #959

vandacca | 9 octobre 2015

@Pungoteague_Dave wrote:
Tesla heard the initial feedback and is simply trying to gauge just how big of a debacle they've created with this joke of a minivan. When the pre-order list goes poof, they will have to go back to the drawing board and design something people will actually want.

I agree with you Dave! However, I would have worded it differently. I would have said that once the initial demand has been satisfied, they will add additional options to make the Model-X appeal to a greater audience.

I don't think they had enough time to come out with folding seats (the vehicle is 2+ years delayed) and it makes financial sense to first sell 90kWh packs before selling lower capacity packs with a lower margin. They did exactly that with the Model-S - the only difference is that they announced all battery packs from the start, which may have been a mistake because people wanting the lower battery pack were left waiting for a long time.

To some extent, the seats could be thought of in the same way. I do agree that Tesla really under-estimated the value of folding seats.

Tâm | 9 octobre 2015


I would like to comment on the decision of whether to keep consumers in the dark is a good thing or not.

Consumers have different desires and being open for them so they could make an informed choice should be the practice.

For example, it is true that people could wait to pay for a cheaper 40 kWh Model S rather than a more expensive 85 kWh one.

However, when Tesla showed them the choices very early well in advance, they chose the more expensive ones and it helped Tesla to respond to demands rather than creating artificial demands.

This case showed that transparency and kept consumers well informed did not hurt sales.

vandacca | 9 octobre 2015

@Tâm, I do agree with you. With regards to battery capacity, I think it's sufficient to say that cheaper versions are coming in 12 months (it would be nice if there was an official statement on the Model-X website). With everything else, I think Tesla should be as transparent as possible, and they are not getting good grades in that area right now.

Part of the reason is probably because they don't legitimately yet know what they're going to offer. The other part of the reason is may be they don't want to affect current sales, which is a mistake in my opinion. This is all speculation of course.

Red Sage ca us | 10 octobre 2015

I don't drink, don't smoke. It must be something inside.