Tesla Personal Delivery thoughts

Tesla Personal Delivery thoughts

This thread could be a place to share thoughts and ideas about what we hope Tesla Personal Delivery could be. How about:

(a) delivered with license plate(s) or temporary sticker? Will the front license plate be installed (or not, as "would make us smile") as part of the TPD?

(b) how large a fleet of delivery trailers they will need? Could be quite a few if most of the 2012 5k/ 2013 20k owners choose TPD. The logistics here seem significant.

(c) how long would you expect to spend on your TPD? Training for the owner and spouse, obviously. Who else?

(d) where would you have your TPD that would "make you smile"?

stevenmaifert | 18 juillet 2012

From the facts page: "Tesla recommends plugging your Model S in each night or when convenient to maintain optimum driving range and battery health." "The Tesla battery is optimized for nightly charging: such topping off enhances the longevity of your battery." Don't know what percentage of charge 'topped off' represents, but I would like my S delivered topped off. That would at least be consistent with what most ICE dealers do for their new car purchase customers.

MandL | 18 juillet 2012

+1 stevenmaifert
I didn't mean to start a pissing match about what "fully charged" actually means. I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to drive my Model S the day they deliver it, not park it and wait til the next day.

Teoatawki | 18 juillet 2012

In the Tesla article, I'm sure they were referring to "standard" charge, not "range" mode charge.

foto | 18 juillet 2012

Will your Model S be delivered with full charge? You must definitely need that if you're on vacation and plan to drive it back home.

Teoatawki | 19 juillet 2012

@foto: Will your Model S be delivered with full charge? You must definitely need that if you're on vacation and plan to drive it back home.

The same day as you get it? Wait till the next day. Even on 110V 24 hours will get you from 50% to a full standard charge. Roughly 12 hours on a level 2 charger will get you to full range.

foto | 19 juillet 2012

@Teotawki, different people have different plans. I might just plan on my delivery hours before I head home. On the other hand, even it was days before the end of my vacation, I might need to drive it around town and not have the 12 hours and supercharging might not be available.

BTW, I don't plan to have delivery during a vacation as I can never anticipate what could go wrong with a car that I'm not used to yet.

Teoatawki | 19 juillet 2012

Not trying to pick on you, foto! Just trying to point out the options, as it is unlikely cars will be delivered with a full charge. At most, a full standard charge.

Not to say it wouldn't be nice if when contacted by your delivery specialist, you could specify a desired level of charge..

Brian H | 19 juillet 2012

I think full standard charge, not full "range" charge, is what people are asking for.

dahtye | 19 juillet 2012

This is a great discussion regarding "full standard charge" versus "full range charge". Is there somewhere on the Tesla site that talks about this feature, how it works, and its benefits? I wasn't aware of this until this discussion...but it does make sense to have this available since most people really don't need the full range on a daily basis and it is clear from discussions that keeping the battery at full charge on a daily basis is not good for the life of the battery. Thanks!

jerry3 | 19 juillet 2012

There is but it's in the Roadster section--also in the Telsa Blogs from a couple of months ago. The title in the Tesla blogs is "Plug it in".

1. Basically you almost always want to do a standard charge every day.

2. If you will be needing the range that the range charge gives you, then you charge it so that it will finish charging close to the time you are going to start driving.

3. You never want to do a range charge and then let it sit.

toto_48313 | 19 juillet 2012

@ dahtye, have a close look at that picture, and you'll see where Tesla talk about the difference between "standard" and "max range"

William9 | 20 juillet 2012

I'm going to call TMC on this, but you think there's any chance I can take "official" delivery" at the factory, then have my "Personal" delivery to Arizona? Had always thought I'd take delivery before the end of October prior to my leaving for my Arizona home Nov 1. Would be nice if I could just fly up and go to Factory for "delivery" then fly back and wait at our place in AZ.

Also, any ideas on how much flexibility there'll be on choosing the exact delivery date? Could November delivery be made into Dec 1 delivery?

jerry3 | 20 juillet 2012

Well, there is the one time deferment, though a month isn't a very long time for that.

If you take delivery at the factory, there are some California sales tax implications.

William9 | 20 juillet 2012

I live in California and am not trying to avoid CA sales taxes. But because I file my tax returns in CA and CA has a credit of some sort, I want to make sure I qualify. But would like my $900 delivery charge to be used to get the "S" to our AZ address for use this winter.

brianman | 20 juillet 2012

@William9 - Contact your Tesla rep and inform him/her what "delight" means to you.

dahtye | 22 juillet 2012

Thanks Toto. This is very clear to me now.

Rod and Barbara | 8 août 2012

@ Liz G – Pictures of the front license plate, exterior and interior of our Model S are located here:

Brian H | 8 août 2012

You might need to go looking for the thread where Liz G. asked for those, because it wasn't this one.

Vawlkus | 9 août 2012

While its not an issue for me, I gotta say I don't like the way that front plate is attached. Looks too much like an afterthought tack on piece to me.
R&B: what do you guys think? Does it look better in person?

JohnQ | 9 août 2012

The front plate is about as simple and unobtrusive as you can get. A solid back that that the plate screws onto. Like most things it's a matter of taste whether the simplicity is a positive or a negative. Personally, I think it's the best option. Others can buy a frame that goes around it if that's their preference.

Rod and Barbara | 9 août 2012

@ Brian H - Liz G posted her request for pictures of the front license plate on this thread on July 14 (page 1 of thread).

Theresa | 9 août 2012

Oh my gosh!!! Brian H goofs up? It can't be. The world must be coming to an end. ;)

Rod and Barbara | 9 août 2012

@ Vawlkus – I would say the pictures are a pretty accurate representation of the license plate holder. It does look integrated into the design as the holder is shaped to fit flush to the complex curve of the black plastic front piece of the car and the plate seems to mounted at a natural height for the shape of the black oval front piece. Would the front of the car look better without the license plate and holder – yes. Could the license plate be mounted in a more pleasing fashion given the front design of the car – probably not.

ddruz | 9 août 2012

IMHO the front license plate holder on Rod and Barbara's car looks well integrated and very nice, better than I expected. Their car is super sharp looking all around. Though I wish my state did not require it, I personally will be very happy with such a front plate holder.

Brian H | 10 août 2012

Rod and Barbara | August 9, 2012
@ Brian H - Liz G posted her request for pictures of the front license plate on this thread on July 14 (page 1 of thread).

Right you are! Such a short post I scanned right by it.

I wonder if anyone will go with e.g. one of the aftermarket "fold-away" options. Might have some nasty Cd consequences for that nice smooth under-body airflow, though. Speaking of which, I wonder how much Cd effect the standard plate-holder has ...

jerry3 | 10 août 2012

Based on Rod and Barbara's picture, I don't see the airflow being changed all that much. However, if the mounting was curved so that you could form the plate around it that would help. (Vertically curved that is so that it matched the nose cone profile.)

Beaker | 10 août 2012

Jerry, like the curve idea. To take it further it would be really nice if Tesla injection molded a nose cone that allowed the plate to fit flush. Or better reset it a bit and include a clear cover that restores the rounded shape with the plate behind it. | 10 août 2012

It is my understanding that the final delivery vehicle will be a pickup with a fifth wheel (gooseneck) open trailer that can transport two cars. Cars will be covered depending on distance. This 'rumor' is from the Denver store.

Teoatawki | 10 août 2012

I wonder if the open trailer is because the model S is so freakin' wiiiiide?

Vawlkus | 10 août 2012

Are you implying the Model S is fat? :P

Peak Oil bruin | 10 août 2012

aesthetically dead center is uber-mundane-bleh.
aftermarket design companies unite!

pilotSteve | 10 août 2012

@R and B - you wrote some great posts on your delivery (thank you again!) but, looking back, are there any thoughts you have specifically about the Personal Delivery that you think could be improved? To help the rest of us, do you have any suggestions about how get the most from the delivery? | 10 août 2012

I think it is length, not width. the trailer is a ramp, if two cars are transported the forward wheels of the first car are over the back of the pickup. sample pic

Amped OC | 10 août 2012

Does anyone know the delivery cost? I live in southern CA and may fly up to Fremont so I can drive my Model S home.

Amped OC | 10 août 2012

"If you take delivery at the factory, there are some California sales tax implications."

@jerry3: Do you happen to know what those sales tax implications are?

pilotSteve | 10 août 2012

@swmedland - all cars are charged a (currently) $750 "delivery charge". Tesla says if you choose to accept delivery at the factory instead of your location-of-choice you get a factory tour as a substitute.

BYT | 10 août 2012

@pilotSteve, that is cool and I would take advantage of that!

@swmedland, you like me, in California so the implications for us tax wise are the same. If you lived in Oregon or Nevada and came here to pick the car up for example, you would have to pay the tax for both states is how I understood it.

Liz G | 10 août 2012

@Rod and Barbara
Thank you for posting the front license plate pictures.

Beautiful car. Can't wait for mine.

stevenmaifert | 10 août 2012

The Tesla Personal Delivery charge is $990. It doesn't matter if you take delivery at the factory or in Miami: There is an additional $180 tacked on for the services as described on the sticker.

California sales tax implications. The rules are set by the California Board of Equalization. Here is a link to the applicable publication if you want to wade through it:

1). If you live in California. You will pay sales tax based on where the car is garaged and used. For most of us, it will be based on our residence address. The current rate as of June 2012 is 7.25 percent plus any additional district sales/use taxes imposed by the taxing authorities where the car is registered as explained on page 28. The way I read one of the examples, if you take delivery at the factory, you still pay the rate in effect at the CA location where the car will be registered.
2) If you live outside California. There is a short paragraph on page 3 that doesn't get into specifics, but leaves me with the impression that you will pay CA taxes if you take delivery at the factory.
3) Trade-ins. From page 12: "the allowance for the trade-in cannot be excluded from the amount on which tax is based. For example, if you sell a car for $20,000 and accept a trade-in valued at $4,000 as partial payment, tax is based on the $20,000 selling price."

Robert22 | 10 août 2012

Rod and Barbara,

It appears you chose the Obeche interior trim. I could be wrong. If so, is that the gloss or matte finish? Are you experiencing any dashboard or interior reflection/ glare issues in the high noon sun? I'm still curious about interior surface flash with the Pano roof and my blue eyes. Thanks in advance.

nickjhowe | 10 août 2012

@Robert22 - R&B posted elsewhere that it is gloss.

Brian H | 11 août 2012

"Does this trailer make me look fat?"

When the cabriolet version comes out, we'll also be concerned about hair-flow, with potentially serious implications for Cd (comb drag).


Rod and Barbara | 11 août 2012

@ pilotSteve – We can only think of two suggestions about how to get the most out of your personal delivery experience. First, use the discussion forum to help develop a list of questions you want to ask during the Personal Delivery session. We did this and it helped us stay on track, focused and ensured we covered areas we considered important. Second, be sure to set aside a large enough block of time without any interruptions in your personal schedule so that your aren’t rushed or distracted. We suggest setting aside three hours.

@ Robert22 – Our interior accent is the Obeche wood gloss. The wood accent is very high gloss but we haven’t noticed any reflection/glare issues with it. We have not noticed any reflection/glare issues with the touch screen and pano roof when the pano roof is closed. When the pano roof is open with the sun directly overhead the driver can see a minor mirror reflection of the front seat passenger on the touch screen. We have not experienced any reflection/glare issues of important displays on the touch screen due to the front windshield and side windows. However, some displays, such as the tick marks on the battery SOC bar, and the interior car picture on the audio balance/fade screen are occasionally obscured by glare from the windshield on the touch screen. We have not noticed any reflection/glare issues with the instrument screen from the windows or pano roof.

jerry3 | 12 août 2012


There is a whole thread on this issue [California tax] here:

Robert22 | 12 août 2012

R and B-

Thank you. Despite the presence of a sunshade, it's reassuring to know I won't need to wear sunglasses all of the time.

Amped OC | 13 août 2012

@jerry3 - Thanks for the link. There's good information in that thread.

@pilotSteve and @BYT - I think there's a factory tour in my future :)

BYT | 13 août 2012

@swmedland, Cheers! Hope to see ya there! :)

DarrellH | 17 août 2012

Rod and Barbara, you mention we should develop a list of questions you want to ask during the Personal Delivery session. Can you share your list for us to start ours? It would be very helpful. Especially since we take delivery on the 27th, so we don't have much time left!

Rod and Barbara | 19 août 2012

@ DarrellH - Here is our list with a few adjustments:
• Is the front license plate design different from the June 22 deliveries?
• When will “due bill” items arrive?
• Can you read the individual tire pressures on a screen?
• Is the cubby under touch screen installed in my car?
• When will software updates be released that include:
o Creep mode and hill
o Automatic keyless entry system
o Digital owners manual
o Voice controls
o WiFi
o Homelink
o Key fob memory adjust
o Audio system USB connection capability
o XM radio
• What items in the car are adjusted by the key fob memory system and how do you set and make changes to the system?
• When two fobs are in the car how does it decide which is driving?
• Does the wood accent finish on the dashboard and the cup holders match?
• When will optional front and rear consoles be available for purchase?
• Are there any planned improvements to the pano roof interior roll bar appearance?
• Is there a pano roof sunshade?
• When will the remote smart phone app be available? Will it be available for iPod Touch and/or iPad?
• Will the electronic owner’s manual have more in depth information than the hard copy owner’s manual provided with car?
• Show me how to use the turn-by-turn navigation system.
• Show me how to connect and use my phone via Bluetooth.
• When will the NHTSA official crash test ratings be available?
• Have any improvements been made to the fit and finish of the upholstery over the Release Candidates cars?
• Are electronic folding mirrors being worked on as a future option?
• Is there a charge history screen?
• Is time of charge recorded?
• Is kWh drawn from grid for charge recorded?
• When will vanity mirrors and lights be available?
• When will rear seat reading lights be available?

ddruz | 20 août 2012

@Rod and Barbara, Spectacular list! Thank you sincerely for taking the time to put it together for everyone. It thoroughly expands the sub-points on the punch list that need checking off on your car and all others. Here's hoping they get yours finished up ASAP.