Tesla Shorts

Tesla Shorts

How long do you think the Tesla shorts well wait be for covering?

vgrinshpun | 2 avril 2013

Hard to predict, as with any irrational human behavior...

fluxemag | 2 avril 2013

Name Tesla Motors Inc
Number of Lenders with Inventory 0
Symbol @ Exchange TSLA @ NASDAQ
Country United States
Available 0 shares
Rebate Rate* -84.5662%
Fee Rate** 84.7262%

From Interactive Brokers, looks like it's hard to borrow right now.

Calvin Klesmith | 2 avril 2013

Wow 84.7262%

riceuguy | 2 avril 2013

I think we will see fewer of them on here now...can't afford Internet anymore! :-)

Captain_Zap | 2 avril 2013

The tide has gone out.

TikiMan | 2 avril 2013

I just hope those Tesla shorts will cover my knees ;-)

Captain_Zap | 2 avril 2013

I know that their shirts run a bit small.

Brian H | 2 avril 2013

"It's going to sting. It's going to sting a lot." Elon last year, advising against shorting TM.

vgrinshpun | 2 avril 2013

Shorts will be back en-force tomorrow, complements of the leasing announcement. Wait, I get it now, is that was designed to lure more shorts and wound the spring tighter before releasing tsunami of hurt?

brijam | 2 avril 2013

I fail to see how the leasing announcement will do anything but drive the stock higher. Enlighten me.

mwojcie | 2 avril 2013

Some people here just don't understand the major impact todays announcement makes on the base of potential buyers for a Tesla - probably just doubled it or more. That can only mean good things for the stock price. Some are looking at it from the "what did it do for me being an owner already" standpoint - as in - no expanded supercharges, etc. what it did was solidify the company that built the car they drive and help insure it will be around for many many years - a very good thing indeed!!

bradslee | 3 avril 2013

Many people including most ones who short TSLA fail to see Elon's vision on TM and underestimates his ability to execute his vision. Therefore, these people will encounter one surprise after another until someday they finally realize it is a foolish thing to bet against TM.

Flaninacupboard | 3 avril 2013

WOW. I have seen "shorting" mentioned many times here, had no idea what the practice was. Just looked it up and WOW. Hah, if anybody is trying to do that with Tesla stock I a) hope they end up totally broke and b) suspect they will!!

vgrinshpun | 3 avril 2013

This announcement is unfortunately does not entail true leasing, it is a 66 month loan at 2.95% APR with the option to walk away after 36 month. The true leasing product, if offered, would have cut monthly payment by $200 - $300, and would have lowered the entry point, increasing rate of reservations very substantially (two fold in my estimation). This hybrid financial product has its merits for sure, but it misses the opportunity of lowering the entry point and vastly increasing rate of reservations.

The shorts would see this as an opportunity to get some money back. I predict the stock will roll back today and may be tomorrow. Although disappointing, this would be buying opportunity nevertheless. I am very bullish on TSLA medium and long term

Brian H | 3 avril 2013

The more the shorts recoup their deficits, the more the stock jumps back.

DonPedro | 3 avril 2013

I would like my vote to encourage the Tesla Shop to offer shorts. Maybe people would stop hurting themselves selling borrowed shares. :)

DonPedro | 3 avril 2013

...add my vote...