Tesla software Version 7 to be released. One less roadblock to Model X shipping.

Tesla software Version 7 to be released. One less roadblock to Model X shipping.

I had understood that Model X would NOT be shipped without Version 7. According to a post on the Model S forum, it will be released Thursday. (Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk 23h23 hours ago. Some exciting news this week: Tesla Version 7 software with Autopilot goes to wide release on Thursday!)
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carlk | 11 octobre 2015

It is entirely possible that Tesla will ship the fist sig X that day.

AlMc | 11 octobre 2015

FYI. Bonnie, Sig #2 just got a VIN in the last couple days. It is always possible she will get her X in 4-5 days, but highly unlikely.

Bonnie herself has indicated she expects to see her X in November.
I hope for her sake that she sees it this week.

Red Sage ca us | 11 octobre 2015

Some will swear that it hasn't happened, even when it's done.

Mark Z | 11 octobre 2015

I would think that Tesla Motors would spread the news out for maximum media coverage.

Having the version 7 Autopilot release before any Model X Signature vehicles are shipped would allow for more Model S news. This will also help those who are in the running for the referral contest. Get all the orders in for Model S now to optimize the production run for Model S.

It would also allow for more driver data and real time experiences by the Model S drivers to be collected and analyzed before Model X is in full production. Why should a limited number of Model X drivers test the software? The larger the user base, the better the feedback. I'd like to read your opinions and user experiences on the forums before taking the new Model X on the road.

IMHO, Wouldn't it be better for Model X to ship right after the October 31st contest?

Ankit Mishra | 11 octobre 2015

One more defeat for the naysayers camp. But I am sure they will find something to hang on to in the software release.

johnse | 12 octobre 2015

I think Elon's tweet announcing V7.0 delivery and Bonnie receiving her VIN (and it think I saw Mark Z say he'd gotten a VIN too) are very much linked.

Model X was never going to run on V6.x software. There was too much that needed to be updated. So while the Model S fleet could continue to run on V6.x while the autopilot and V7.0 in general was being finalized, They couldn't ship the X to anyone who would not be a beta tester.

I don't know if any Sigs will get there X delivered on Thursday...but I don't think it will be long after.

And to answer the comment preemptively: The reason Tesla hasn't said, "We're waiting to finish up V7.0 before shipping any more Xs," is that people would have taken that as a "It will never ship", and until Tesla knew for sure when they were going to be able to ship it, they haven't given any dates.

aljjr2 | 12 octobre 2015

Model X's at the reveal in September were running 7.0.

Both the views showing Model X and Elon announces 7.0 this coming Thursday. Now there may be some "autopilot" features may not be enabled.

johnse | 13 octobre 2015

@aljjr2 I would think that any Founder receiving their car then would be happy to be beta-testing the software. They can't ship to normal customers cars with beta software controlling all the car's many functions.