Tesla vendra a Puerto Rico?

Tesla vendra a Puerto Rico?

Tienen ustedes pensado vender tesla en Puerto Rico?

nickjhowe | 27 novembre 2012

If you go to the Tesla Bulletin Board and click on any of the topics (such as this one you will see a place where you can ask questions directly to Tesla.

You might get an answer there; I doubt anyone on the general forum knows the answer to your question.

Alvin | 29 novembre 2012

My answer is Yes, they will. I am a reservation holder for model S already designing my car BUT there seems to be an issue with warranty coverage in PR. I am gathering a group of interested reservation holders to ask for inclusion of PR into the Warranty North American Region once Tesla understands that in PR there is an amazing business opportunity for them. If you or anybody you know from PR is interested in joining our request as reservation holder I will setup a facebook page at Good luck!

ramonacosta | 30 novembre 2012

No veo el porque el modelo S y otros modelos en el futuro no sean vendidos en el caribe incluyendo la Republica Dominicana y Puerto Rico. La compania esta promoncionando en Europa y Asia.

jackhub | 2 décembre 2012

Tesla is offered in Hawaii. There are at least 12 reservations for the Model S, but no gallery is there and no service center is listed. I would anticipate that PR would also be included, but the earlier suggestion to go to the bulletin board thread is probably the best bet.

djp | 3 décembre 2012

Hawaii is scheduled for a service center in 2013

FLsportscarenth... | 3 décembre 2012

Hawaii and PR makes a lot of sense, with high costs of fuel and compact geography so no range anxiety, Solar City would likely do very well in Hawaii with such high costs per kwh....

Dominican Rep. does not make sense as a location as not enough affluent customers but DR and the Caribbean can be served out of a San Juan location...

Honolulu can likewise serve the smaller pacific islands, some with super high fuel costs.

Interestingly on an ecological standpoint those most affected by rising sea levels like low lying pacific island nations could with most easily change out all their petrol cars with electric cars (because of small fleet numbers) and have the first carbon neutral auto fleet...

Brian H | 3 décembre 2012

That's better than having to wait for amphibious 'variants'.

Vawlkus | 4 décembre 2012

There's Elons next project: make the Model S skateboard amphibious. Bet it won't be hard :P

Timo | 4 décembre 2012

Considering that his other "hobby" is SpaceX amphibious skateboard should be piece of cake. Just waterproof everything in it for shallow depths like 10 meter or so :-)

Add ballast, scuba gear, couple of water jets for steering and you have what Rinspeed did for Lotus Elise.

I wonder when they add popup scuba gear in the crash tests (quite a few people drown in their cars every year). Seven star safety rating: safe even under water.

Vawlkus | 4 décembre 2012

I've actually started thinking about how to do it myself, and that scares me -.-

The hardest part would be making the cabin watertight. As for jets, just adapt the air intake in the front of the car and add outlets in the rear (extendable from the underside or bumper mounted with in channel directional control). Does dual duty of cooling the battery & electronics as well as propelling the car.

Must stop designing this stuff -.-

Brian H | 4 décembre 2012

MHD, anyone?

jorgerosaly1 | 19 août 2013

my name jorge rosaly ive already own tesla s in puerto rico but i have to service it in the states

PorfirioR | 19 août 2013

Estoy de acuerdo de que el Modelo S deberia estar disponible en PR, pero va a ser muy dificil en la Republica Dominicana mientras tengan el casi 100% tax para importes de vehiculos de los Estados Unidos. No creo que el acuerdo CAFTA-DR cambio eso, asi que todavia tenemos este problema. Aunque el CAFTA-DR bajo el impuesto de importe hasta el 4% (era 100% a un tiempo), el gobierno impone otros impuestos para seguir cobrando casi lo mismo. Es complicado, pero este articulo lo explica mejor que yo:

No digo que seria imposible, pero no cuento de que veamos muchos vehiculos y eso seran individuos comprandolo fuera y importandolo ellos mismo. Asi, que tal vez esos vehiculos se venderian en PR para llevar a RD, Haiti, St. Thomas, etc. Lo que seria bueno para PR, porque entonces el servicio de Tesla justificaria mas presencia alla.

Actually, the DR may have a lower per-capita average income than PR, but there are far many more rich people in the DR. Although PR's GDP is higher than that of DR, that figure is misleading due to the unfortunate income distribution in the DR (34% poverty rate) typical of may latin democracies where the rich is very rich and there is no real middle-class. The richest 10% of Dominicans account for more than 40% of the national income ( Compare that to the US where the top 10% earn 30% of the income. The DR has nearly 3 times more people than PR.

Many of the Domicans, and many other inmigrants for that matter, that people see in the US and that define what Americans know about their countries of origin, are here answering the call of Emma Lazarus' famous words in "The New Colossus".

Loatc | 9 janvier 2015

Service for the TESLA: What dealership services TESLA in Puerto Rico?

Installations: Are there any charging stations in Puerto Rico for TESLA vehicles?

Warranty: What is the warranty on a TESLA in Puerto Rico?

rafael.illan | 11 mars 2015

hi Loatc

at the time of me writing this. there is no TESLA dealership in Puerto Rico, that could change in the future.

A TESLA in PR would have the same warranty as in the mainland USA, but you would need to ship it back to the mainland for servicing(again no dealershipshere).

Currently there are no public charging stations insfratrucure, so you would have to charge it at your home or (if possible) at work.


Brian H | 12 mars 2015

There are no Tesla dealerships anywhere on Earth. Stores only.