Tesla vs. North Carolina on Huffington Post

Tesla vs. North Carolina on Huffington Post

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I am a race car driver living in North Carolina and our state legislature is trying to pass a bill to stop Tesla from selling cars in our state. I have been meeting with lawmakers here since the bill passed the Senate and soon I will testify before the House Transportation Committee. I wrote this article about the fight for Huffington Post and wanted to share it with all the Tesla owners and enthusiasts here:

Huffington Post: Why We Need to Fight for Tesla

Hopefully we will win this fight, but the dealers are very powerful here.


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WormtownKris | 17 juin 2013

Big fan of what you are doing, Leilani. You've gotten a good amount of press for your efforts. Keep up the great work! NC is shaping up to be the big battle state. How the dealers fare in NC is going to have an impact on Tesla sales procedures in much of the country.

Brian H | 17 juin 2013

Outrageous that citizens not allowed to order a Tesla in NC. Bring on the outrage!

jamesd567 | 17 juin 2013

Thank you. A thought to consider and maybe pass on to your NC legislators:

The Tesla S model is practically maintenance free. I think you know why. So here in california
lots of people are buying them, and over the next year or two or three the basic word is going to get out that the S car is a pleasure to drive, practically maintenance free, and 300% or more efficient when it comes to fuel (95mpg EPA rating) vis a vis no need for dealers, repairmen or ostrich like legislators.

You may remind the NC legislators that when California and New York are buying the S model in droves and consumers are saving tons of money and have no problems they are going to look like sailors at the end of the plank to their consuming public. Just remind them what happens if the S model is as hot as we know it is. Do they want to hear "Go ahead punk, make my day" from their constituents. Cause believe me, we know how ticked off consumers in NC will be if the NC legislators want prohibition on electric cars.... :-)

I certainly think Elon would agree, that the sheer force of public opinion will lead to that well known phrase "bring down that wall Mr. Gorbachev" where Mr. Gorb is each and every one of the NC legislators.

jamesd567 | 17 juin 2013

I might add that Elon is probably happy to see NC and others contest the lack of dealerships. it forces a very loud and emotional public argument, which in the end, can only benefit Tesla, as the real driving results of real consumers across the country will put a lot of sunshine on the dirty business of ICE cars, their dealers and their repairmen.

negarholger | 17 juin 2013

Leilani, thanks.

Bubba2000 | 17 juin 2013

WSJ is saying: "Get that Tesla Model S, X before the states say no". It seems that NC has very restrictive legislation on the way. Tesla can not sell autos to NC residents locally. Tesla can not communicate electronically to any NC customer or prospective customer. Sounds like North Korea. Even in Russia they do not restrict commercial telecom. Wonder if other states will follow.

Many states now feel threatened by the trend towards hi gas milage autos, hybrid cars especially plug-ins and of course fully electric cars like Tesla. All because of their gasoline tax revenues are decreasing. May be they should increase the tax in gasoline. It is not only good for the environment, but decreases our reliable to oil from unstable regions, that even do not like us. Less money to spend on the military to defend corrupt oil regimes. Anyway, if oil falls to $30/B like it was at the bottom in 2008-9, many of the corrupt regimes like in Iran will collapse without the US firing a shot.

ian | 17 juin 2013

Great stuff Leilani!

I can't remember if it was here or over at but someone posted a link to your article already and many have read it and agree with your sentiments.

Thank you and keep up the fight!


SamO | 18 juin 2013

+1 Leilani. Thanks for being a fantastic advocate for Tesla and citizens of North Carolina.

Kimscar | 18 juin 2013

I wish Tesla would do some 30 second shorts on TV in NC. Don't know if would be cost prohibitive.

JZ13 | 18 juin 2013

+1 Leilani - Many of us read your article a few weeks ago when it came out. You have all of our admiration and support!!!!!!

Brian H | 18 juin 2013

If the legislation makes it through the NC House, which I doubt, it will be because dealer campaign contributions are showing their clout.

leilanimunter | 18 juin 2013

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I am happy to be here and I hope we will win this battle in North Carolina. I think we have a good shot from the feedback I have been given by lawmakers so far.

PorfirioR | 18 juin 2013

Mahalo nui loa Leilani

RanjitC | 18 juin 2013

+1 Leilani

MBCMDR | 18 juin 2013

+1 Leiani

Tigerxml | 20 juin 2013

Universal solution to win is to prosper

On every attack Elon have to double effort to sale more and open more.
On every attack each Tesla's fan or owner have to sale one car to somebody
That's only way to win in each battle.

So let's promote Tesla to each car owner on this Country/Region/Planet and to make them buy Tesla

Rocky_H | 1 avril 2015

Flagged the solar panel spammer.

Red Sage ca us | 12 octobre 2016

Though North Carolina had to move back from their original position three years ago, it seems that NADA and its members have directed the State to ban Tesla again, rescinding the allowances that were previously made in compromise...

electrek DOT co/2016/05/25/tesla-north-carolina-direct-sales-dealership-license/

www.autonews DOT com/article/20160523/OEM05/160529963/north-carolina-denies-tesla-a-dealership-license

dsvick | 12 octobre 2016

The results of the Michigan suite should shake settle things in a lot of other states. Although I don't think it will be quick since, assuming Tesla wins, the state won't just quit, I'm sure there will be appeals then any other obstructionist thing they can do to make it difficult for Tesla.

Remnant | 12 octobre 2016

@dsvick (October 12, 2016)

<< [Assuming] Tesla wins, the state won't just quit, I'm sure there will be appeals then any other obstructionist thing they can do to make it difficult for Tesla. >>

Yet, the NC legislation preventing Tesla from freely/directly selling cars in the State, aside from the anti-competitive aspects of the dealership restriction (banned by the Art 3.14.23 of the Constitution of the State of North Carolina, "That perpetuities and monopolies are contrary to the genius of a free State, and ought not to be allowed.") also appears to violate the commerce clause of the US Constitution.

In the following elegant discussion of this matter, Paul Ballonoff suggests that the Federal Government has the authority to strike the State legislation on this ground.

Here is the introductory paragraph of the article, LIMITS TO REGULATION DUE TO INTERACTION OF THE PATENT AND COMMERCE CLAUSES by Paul A. Ballonoff:

"The U.S. Constitution was written with the market revolution in England in mind, in which the power of the Crown to establish economic monopolies, then known generally as patents, was severely restricted by the 1624 Statute of Monopolies. The patent power then was a very general power to intervene in commerce and allocate markets. Thus, the commerce clause, the patent clause, and the welfare language have a common origin. Following the 1624 parliament’s precedent, the Constitution gives the federal government only the highly restricted patent power that we know today by that name. This result implies that much of the commerce power as currently understood was specifically proscribed. These arguments suggest that much current federal economic regulation requires exercise of a general patent power that the federal government does not possess, and may thus be unconstitutional."

Like the Crown of 1624, the State of NC has legislated against the free trade between States, that the commerce clause requires the Federal Government to protect.

Red Sage ca us | 12 octobre 2016

This is largely why I was angered by the compromises that so many States made to allow Tesla, and only Tesla, to sell direct. It gave the impression that Elon Musk was asking for, and getting, 'special treatment' for Tesla alone. As I understand it, Tesla's lawyers were simply asking States to recognize that their franchise laws should not be applied to firms that have no franchises -- at all. Almost none of them did. Instead, they caved to pressure from dealership organizations to alter their laws to remove what they perceived as 'loopholes', then declared that Elon didn't want to 'play by the rules ... like everyone else does'.

Mike83 | 12 octobre 2016

Why should fossil fuel interest continue to get enormous tax benefits as they spew excessive CO2 that is causing Climate Disruption.
Of course the States that profit off the fossil fuel welfare don't want Tesla to have a fair competition.
They even deny science and would damage America for their own pocketbook.

KP in NPT | 12 octobre 2016

Happy to see you here Leilani! And thank you for fighting for tesla - the good guys will win in the end.

KP in NPT | 12 octobre 2016

Welp, just saw this is from several years ago. Lmao

gregcropper | 12 octobre 2016

Tesla continues to expand their sales lead over european luxury cars, and they're doing it without a single dealership. Also, with no advertising.

kevin | 12 octobre 2016

Pitty those poor folks in SOUTH Carolina who had to go to North Carolina to test drive a Tesla, and to pick up their cars and have them serviced.