Is there seriously no internal temperature display?

Is there seriously no internal temperature display?

Is there no other way to see what the temperature is inside the car without pulling up your climate control on your app? Am I missing something? And if there isn't one, why doesn't anyone care? How does the Tesla community have so many people who don't like cupholders and don't care what the temperature is inside the car?

redders | 2 juillet 2013

Chalk me down as an "I don't care". I have an A/C system that changes the temperature (whatever it was) to whatever I want.

8508BlueS | 2 juillet 2013

I have a BMW 530I and it doesn't tell me the temp inside the car either. If you had a model s you wouldn't care about the cub holders either because you are having just too much driving it.

WSE51 | 2 juillet 2013

If the iPhone app shows the temperature, that means it should be relatively easy for Tesla to add this information somewhere on the actual car display through a future firmware update. Personally it doesn't matter to me. If I feel too hot, I just adjust the temperature on the A/C system. I don't know what additional benefit there would be to knowing the current internal temp.

negarholger | 2 juillet 2013

Just another meaningless clutter number. If it too warm for you adjust the A/C. What I like about the MS is that the car doesn't overload you with clutter numbers and useless displays.

HenryT2 | 2 juillet 2013


I thought only owners could post private? Because I do have one. And I do love my car, but unlike you guys who are so into the driving that you couldn't possible drink while you are driving, I actually like to have a drink. And so do my passengers. But I guess I'm weird that way. Luckily, all the car manufacturers seem to have odd ducks like me in their design departments because they all seem to have this weird desire to have liquid beverages in their cars too.

As to the temp inside the car, I suppose I don't NEED that information. Just like I don't NEED to know what time it is. Yet there is a clock in there that duplicates the information on my watch and my cellphone. I don't usually carry a thermometer with me. But you're probably too busy enjoying the ride to care about the temperature or drinking or eating. Tell me, do you just drive around in circles enjoying the ride until you pass out from thirst and hunger?

HenryT2 | 2 juillet 2013

Then why would you need to see the temperature outside? Isn't that information equally useful/useless? I agree that I wouldn't want a bunch of extra numbers all over the place, but there is a HUGE display that could easily squeeze in this information somewhere. But it'd be even easier to have the inside and outside temps displayed next to one another. And yes, you can just set the temp, but I kind of like knowing how long the temperature is taking to get to where I want it to be. I guess I haven't gotten past my "are we there yet?" phase.

TeslaLandShark | 2 juillet 2013

I was also surprised that the temp inside the car is not displayed anywhere, especially since its displayed in the smart phone app. I'd like to see it displayed next to the external temp. It might not be at the top of my list, but I would consider it useful.

HenryT2 | 2 juillet 2013

Tell me you'd also like to see another few cupholders and I'll be your BFF!

negarholger | 2 juillet 2013

HenryT2 - outside temperature I can not feel inside the car. Do I really need to know ? You are right it doesn't make a difference... It is what it is.
For example in an ICE I need to know the engine temperature, because it is important for the operation of the vehicle.

TeslaLandShark | 2 juillet 2013

Can't help you on the cup holders, I discourage everyone from drinking anything but water in my beautiful MS!

AmpedRealtor | 2 juillet 2013

People please be sensible! The reason Tesla does not provide an internal temperature display is because then everyone would complain about why the internal temperature does not exactly match what they set on the climate control. Duh people! LOL…

But in all seriousness… perhaps that would be a nice feature to have for some, but personally I've never been concerned with the interior temperature. All I want to know is if the air coming out of the vents is cold or warm. But that's me.

ORWA | 2 juillet 2013

I would want to know the outside temperature during the winter to determine when it's getting close to freezing. | 2 juillet 2013

A second problem to inside temperature is where do you take it? I expect there can easily be a 10 degree difference in different parts of the car. On top of that, when the heater or A/C is going the currents within the car can mix this up further. I suspect it's the same reason no other car company shows an inside temp, even though they do have a temp sensor to regulate the HVAC.

In other threads, people have reported the inside temp from the app is not all that accurate (and sometimes really off).

So the debate may be have an wildly inaccurate inside temperature display that everyone will jump all over Tesla, or just not show it like every other car manufacturer. I suspect Tesla concluded the flack is not worth it.

mcx-sea | 2 juillet 2013

I recall some vehicles had an "Ice Alert." A small blue indicator in the dash showed whenever the outside air temperature dropped to a few degrees of freezing. Always got my attention.

garcilamd | 2 juillet 2013

I'm of the "what does it matter" camp? I've never had the internal temperature in any previous cars that I've leased or owned. I can see why it is useful when accessing remotely from the app in order to tell if you need to heat or cool but when actually in the vehicle, not really sure what I would do with the information.

AmpedRealtor | 2 juillet 2013

Many consumer product companies do an internal cost analysis on how much the company will have to spend on support calls when a certain new feature is introduced. The results of that are evaluated by the product manager to assist with determining what features make it in and which ones don't make the cut. I imagine Tesla must employ a similar methodology.

I can't see any good coming from displaying an internal temperature.

ThomasK | 2 juillet 2013

The iphone app has an indicator of the cabin temperature (in case you want to remotely vent the car, and whatnot) so clearly there's a sensor inside the cabin... but I have to side with the other posters here - what would I do with that information? Further, I've always assumed that when I set the temperature in the car's A/C, the temperature's somewhere close to the temperature I set, so isn't that as good of an indicator as any? If I feel hot, I turn the dial down, if I feel cold, I turn it up... I don't see that this calls for three question marks at the end of the sentence...

djp | 2 juillet 2013

Don't think I have ever had a car with an internal temp readout. Not sure what I would do with it

danej | 2 juillet 2013

I also have never owned a car which displayed internal temperature. I simply set the AC to what I want, and assume the internal temp is close to that (or will be in a few minutes.)


OHJimIO | 2 juillet 2013

Agree with the last two folks -- my wife's Lexus doesn't show the internal temperature, nor do I remember any car displaying that. I do find it useful from the Tesla app -- we left the AC on in the car with two cats onboard while we stopped at a fast food restaurant and could monitor the temperature from afar, but otherwise, IMO its not necessary to be displayed on the dash.

hsadler | 2 juillet 2013

There is a temp display. It's right beside the light on the sun visor.

Kidding aside. I can see calls to service... "My temp reading says 72 degrees, but I have had the A/C set for 71 degrees, what is the problem? "

Lush1 | 2 juillet 2013

+1 to the chorus of "I've never had a car with an internal thermometer, nor do I need it." If the HVAC is good, and I think Model S system is, then the temp you set is pretty much what you get, making an additional number redundant and possibly confusing because it would differ slightly throughout the cabin and vary as the thermostat periodically adjusts the discharge to keep the temp within a few degrees of the target.
Modern systems sure beat the heck out of those old fashioned levers that had a line that was blue at one end and red at the other and no digital indication of the desired cabin temperature and no thermostat. You maintained your comfort by feeling the air on your skin and constantly tweaking the sliding levers and fan speed. Remember those? Do they still make any cars like that?

HenryT2 | 2 juillet 2013

I had internal temperature on my LS460 in Dubai. I liked having it then. It's INTERESTING to come out to the car and see that it's 120 degrees inside the car. That way, you can sort of watch the numbers go down and hope they get to a reasonable number before you pass out. Was it NECESSARY? No, I suppose I could have just passed out without knowing the actual temperature, but it was nice to know.

Then I moved to Seattle. I don't have much cause to wonder about the internal temp of the car because it's never very hot or cold. I don't know why, I just assumed my car here (a Toyota Highlander) had internal temperature. For the most part, I don't need it here. Just this recent heat wave got me to wondering. Then, combined with the fact that the app has that information available made me wonder why that information wouldn't be available in the car itself. It's cool to be able to turn on your A/C in advance, but having to pull out the app to see how effective it was seems silly.

Anyway, I bow to the will of the masses that the internal temperature is not necessary. Fair warning, though, it will affect sales of the car in Dubai. ;-)

But I refuse to accept that two cupholders are enough!

hfcolvin | 2 juillet 2013

If I feel warm I dial down the temp on the climate control. If I feel cold I dial it up.

negarholger | 2 juillet 2013

@ORWA - perfect reason to display the external temperature to safely operate the vehicle.

Brian H | 3 juillet 2013

"liquid beverages" -- is there another kind?

cloroxbb | 3 juillet 2013

I like having the Temp outside displayed, and the direction of travel as well, but I don't remember seeing a temp gauge that tells me the temp inside the car. Of course, I can feel when it is too warm inside the car, so I know if I need to open the windows or turn the AC on.

I think its just another incredibly nitpicky thing to criticize the Model S for.

Oh and when they finally finish the "Drop in console" you will have the potential for more cupholders, or you can already buy the CCI or the console made by Boris T...

kback | 3 juillet 2013

I have owned Audis, Infinitis, Acuras, BMWs, and others, and have never had a car that displayed interior temperature. You set the climate control and then adjust it to your comfort.
Is this really a big issue?
Regarding cup holders, my Model S has 2. Are they perfect? No, but they work and I think it's disingenuous to claim that Tesla doesn't care about people wanting to have a drink while they drive.

mlnewman1 | 3 juillet 2013

I don't know that I understand this thread. There IS an internal temperature display. It's call the thermostat for the A/C. I set it to 75 and *POOF* like magic, the car's internal temperature is 75 degrees.... :-D

AmpedRealtor | 3 juillet 2013

Someone recently baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of their car here in Phoenix a few days ago when it was 120ºF outside. For dashboard chefs, knowing the internal car temperature could be of incredible value… :P

Mathew98 | 3 juillet 2013

It's a matter of preference. If it can be set up as an optional metric on the screen, it shouldn't be a big development change. However, out of the outstanding list of enhancements and wish items, this may be way down on the list.

I vote for no cup holders. Everything starts flying when I'm flooring the accelerator anyway...

Chuck Lusin | 3 juillet 2013

The drop in center console will add additional front drink storage. | 3 juillet 2013



DJung | 3 juillet 2013

It's the same with all cars that I have come across. Mercedes, Porsche, and Lexus only display the outdoor temperature. Indoor temperature would be pretty useless if you were inside the car.

flamey | 3 juillet 2013

If those chefs were busy on the hood of the frunk, they wouldn't be able to see the internal temperature on the dash. Fortunately, they can monitor it remotely with the smartphone app.

flamey | 3 juillet 2013

Re-read that, you said dashboard chefs... Ignore my previous comment. Wish I could delete that.

Xerogas | 4 juillet 2013

I don't need an internal temperature gauge, but this thread got me thinking, so just for fun I built a web page that uses the unpublished Tesla API to query my car's internal temperature and display it on a graphical gauge. Use the car's web browser to visit my site, and voila!

Gotta love the fact that this is the first all-digital, software-upgradable car!

HenryT2 | 4 juillet 2013

Is your site accessible to the public? What's the url?

Xerogas | 4 juillet 2013

I could show it to a few people, but it's just a proof-of-concept. I don't plan to post the URL here on a non-private thread, though.

I'm happy to provide the source code to anyone who wants to host it on their own website. There are lots of security issues to be worked out, because this code is logging in to your car with your private Tesla password.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 4 juillet 2013

In 60+ years of driving I cannot recall ever seeing a thermometer in any car I've owned. The last two have a thermometer in the outside mirror, with a flashing 32 degree alarm for iceing, and to tell when they are heating. Guess I don't know the reason for needing to know the inside temp---perhaps it's just to tell if it's hot-flashes or chills. The Tesla AC and heating, including seat heat are more than adequate, keeps the inside temp right where I set it--including when parked.

lloyds | 4 juillet 2013

Not really necessary I would think.