Time to order your Model S

Time to order your Model S

FYI - on the Tesla Motors Club forum, Model S Signature #32 just posted this note on Tuesday, March 22nd:

'We just got the email from TM: It's time to build your model S. (We're Sig #32.) It has a link taking us to the design studio, but it's the same one that's been there for a few weeks, with interior trim missing and stuff like that. But it asks us to set a time to talk to them to configure it. "We would like to set aside a time that is convenient for you to configure your Model S. In the next few days we will call you to schedule an appointment. If you have a time that works best for you, just let us know via email and we'll contact you accordingly." Of course this happens when I'm about to fly to Australia...'

prash.saka | 22 mars 2012

Goody goody goody. Things are definitely moving.

~ Prash.

adurstewitz | 22 mars 2012

Fantastic, it is great to see things starting g to move!

discoducky | 22 mars 2012

This could mean they are ahead of schedule and deliver in June. Making 6000 this year is still possible!

blurry_eyed | 22 mars 2012

Also an additional point of clarification, the person who was contacted was on the Special Signature list of Roadster owners which has about 200 cars on that list. Then comes the regular Signature queue.

Designtime | 22 mars 2012

I have to say it would be quite the accomoplishment to be shipping cars in June. Not many of the analysts expected that.

DarrellH | 22 mars 2012

We're heading down to Santana Row tonight to configure #30. This is getting VERY exciting!

petero | 22 mars 2012


Lucky, lucky you. We are all green with envy.

DarrellH | 22 mars 2012

Petero, we'll all have one of these beautiful cars in our garage soon.

stephen.kamichik | 22 mars 2012

DarrellH......Could you please take photos and/or videos (of interior/exterior views of model S on the design studio) and post them on YOUTUBE for the rest of us. Thank you.

stephen.kamichik | 22 mars 2012

I found the pictures on another thread. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

stevenmaifert | 22 mars 2012

This is exciting! Does anyone know if configuration is the point of purchase commitment? I want to see, touch and test drive a production Model S before I sign on the dotted line.

Volker.Berlin | 22 mars 2012

This could mean they are ahead of schedule and deliver in June. (Discoducky)

I have to say it would be quite the accomoplishment to be shipping cars in June. (Designtime)

Of course, I don't know any more than anybody around here, but I still don't expect cars before July, and I'll be quite impressed when they make that self imposed deadline. They could still make a statement by delivering the first car on July 1st. The fact that they start collecting configurations now just means that they are well on track and that they try to stay ahead of the game. It only makes sense to plan for a little slack time with the very first orders, more than will be required later on.

Just browse a few recent threads: Quite a few people had doubt that Tesla could make it at all in July (suggesting July 32nd or similar). Now from one second to another, there's excitement that it may be June instead of August. Maybe, but don't get used to that thought too quickly, you may be disappointed (and by your own fault).

Jason S | 22 mars 2012

Selection at 3 months before delivery = late June delivery.

I'm still thinking mid-July for delivery starts but hopeful for quick ramp-up. There are roughly 800 cars ahead of me in the queue and I'll be happy if I get the car before my birthday in late August.

blurry_eyed | 22 mars 2012

Steven, I believe what will happen is that when you lock in your configuration, your deposit converts to a non-refundable order payment.

Then when your car is delivered, payment in full is due at that time. If you choose to walk away at that point, I think you would lose your order payment ($5k for production cars and $40k for Signature models) and that would be it. But I'm not 100% sure on that.

discoducky | 22 mars 2012

As far as the 1st delivery date in June: Don't forget that founders have already gone through this process and I expect that the first orders for raw materials of options have been placed (aka the clock started ticking, most likely, a few weeks ago).

So from raw materials order placement date to when the keys are handed over is exactly/less than 3 months then June is still in play. And yes, I have managed supply chain, process management, manufacturing time tables and realize that this is very risky but doesn't mean that it cannot be done.

Also, I'm so excited about this that I'm most likely going to go to the Bellevue store tomorrow and drool somemore ;)

flar | 22 mars 2012

"Reservation Holders will be invited to configure their Model S about three months before its production date."

"about 3 months" could just as easily be a July "production date" which may or may not be the "delivery" date, especially with the first few cars through the production line where delays may occur while they make sure it is all working correctly.

flar | 22 mars 2012

To find out about the binding nature of the order process, go to the web page to reserve a Model S, click on the Reserve button and on the first page they have the entire agreement. Read section 4 "Order Process".

Sudre_ | 22 mars 2012

"4. Order Process
When the start of production of your Model S nears, we will ask you to confirm your option selections and to provide full details of the legal purchaser of the Model S. Tesla will create an order for your Model S containing the information provided by you, and a Purchase Agreement indicating the estimated purchase price of your Model S, taking into account the base price of the model and any options included or that you select, plus any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges, and any other applicable fees. Tesla then will submit to you the order and the Purchase Agreement. If you wish to proceed and purchase the Model S, you must sign and return the Purchase Agreement together with any amounts that are then required to be paid. Production of your Model S will then be commenced and your deposit payable under the Purchase Agreement will be held by Tesla as a non-refundable deposit (to the extent permitted by applicable law). At the time you enter into the Purchase Agreement, you may, at your sole option, notify us that you would like to take your Reservation Payment and apply it to your deposit. These procedures may be subject to change."

stevenmaifert | 22 mars 2012

Thanks guys! Do you think the Sig holders and maybe some of the low number P holders will go through #4 before the production Model S is available for test drives?

William13 | 22 mars 2012

Steven, I and many sig reservations will buy without driving.

jbherman | 22 mars 2012

DarrellH--Can you please get info regarding what is unique to the Signature series when compared to the general production model?

Thanks and enjoy!

jbherman | 22 mars 2012

In other words, what are the Signature "surprises" they've been promising?

Soflauthor | 22 mars 2012

Based on @michiganmodels collected data, we have:

S 1,024 (January 6, 2012)
SSL 221 (December 7, 2011)
R 273 (January 5, 2012)

IIRC, someone on TMC wrote that R reservations were part of S reservations. Does anyone know if that, in fact, is true, or was the writer just guessing.

If it's true (and discounting drop-outs and deferrals), am I correct in saying that in my case (Sig # 422), there are about:

221 + 273 + (422-273) = 643 - 1 = 642 cars to be delivered before mine?

If not, then there are about 916 -1 cars ahead of me. If TM is on schedule, possibly late August or September for delivery, I hope.

Ron5 | 22 mars 2012

No, the R reservations come after the SSL and S. I wish you were right, though...I am R140.

adstein | 23 mars 2012

Does that mean that there are actually 1221 Signature vehicles, 1,000S + 221SSL?

one2mark | 23 mars 2012

I thought I read somewhere that there were 1250 Signature Editions Models S cars to be built. 1000 for the U.S. and 250 for Canada. I recall talking to a software engineer at the event on 01 OCT 2011 who said he was getting a Signature Edition. I am P696 and intend on getting the Performance model, which I understand to be the next run after the Signature Edition cars. Do anyone have different information on that?


one2mark | 23 mars 2012

The software engineer was from Canada....sorry forgot to mention that in the first post.

Ron5 | 23 mars 2012

I've never heard that the regular production Performance models would be before the "R" models, and I don't see how they could possibly do that, since they don't know who wants Performance. They would have to be calling the whole list before they start the "R" models.

KevinJ | 23 mars 2012

Contact your local Store, or reply to the eMail -- either way, a human will promptly contact you apologize about the on-line Design Studio and take your option preferences on good old paper. I am finalizing my choices this afternoon.....

DarrellH | 23 mars 2012

We completed the configuration last night. I didn't see the messages directed my way until today. Sorry.

As for the Signature surprises, I even think to ask. We were having too much fun playing with the Design Studio and drooling over the Signature red beta car! Besides, if they tell us now, they won't be surprises.

rdgreene | 23 mars 2012

That's pretty exciting news... I think I still have a little wait though so maybe I'll see the design studio online, and (hopefully) have test rides and/or drives before they get to me!

Sig #580

mustangez | 23 mars 2012

I'm curious since they've stated that the 85kWh batteries will be produced first, how will they know who wants one vs a lower kWh battery? I'm going for the 85kWh, but have a 3245 reservation number, and still hoping to get mine before winter. Thoughts?

Sudre_ | 23 mars 2012

All Sigs are 85kWh batteries so they have to get thru quite a few cars before they start worrying about that.

I am guessing but I would think that if they expect to make a total of 5000 cars this year they will call the 1250 Sigs first and then the 3750 others next. They will probably group the builds starting with the Performance, then 85kWh P, then 60kWh P and lastly the 40kWh P..... or something like that.
After that they will call the next batch.