Tire Questions

Tire Questions

I'm not currently an owner of a MS, but have been seriously considering it & hope to join you in the not-to-distant future.

I have a tire-related question that maybe some of you owners can help me out with. I've been driving a Porsche 911 for about 12 years & as one might expect from a 80K+ car it's been quite a ride. Extremely reliable & generally a pleasure to live with - EXCEPT for the $@%$&ing tires! I've got both summer and winter tires & while I can't complain about their performance I've got to say they are most fragile shoes any moving vehicle can be saddled with. I've had more flats in the past 12 years than all of the cars I've driven, combined during the previous 40 years.

My concern is that the MS doesn't even come with a small spare tire. I realize that most of you have probably owned the car less that a year, but I'm wondering how you've been doing with tires so far. I also realize that considering the weight & performance of the MS, tires will probably not last too long before having to be replaced, but I'm already used to that with the Porsche. My question is more related to simple road hazards, the kind most Hondas, Toyotas, Fords & the like take in stride - tin cans, small nails, rough curb sides, etc. - but seem to search out vehicles with high performance tires with a vengeance. I'm sure that those of you who've graduated from other performance-type tires know full well what I'm referring to. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



cb9 | 13 mai 2013

Try to search the forums to see a fair amount of discussion on this issue. Short answer: many folks are getting the tire patch kit from Tesla, online retailer or local store, and many people (including myself) have ordered run-flats.

Kleist | 13 mai 2013

In 43+ years of driving I had one flat tire. I got the 19 inch for reliability, have the tire kit, but also have a spare in the garage just in case of a trip into more remote areas.

CarlE_P439 | 14 mai 2013

This car looks hot enough that I would recommend 19" tires as well. You do NOT need the 21" tires just for looks (or performance IMHO).

lvaneveld | 14 mai 2013

Last week on a freeway onramp, having too much fun, and too far to the right, I hit a big bump at 50 or 60 mph. At first I thought for sure I had flatted so I stopped on the side of the freeway.

Turns out the big bang I heard was the wheel hitting the inside bottom of the wheel well or fender. The tire tore the fender liner out and now I have to get that replaced. Service checked it out and said no other damage.

I have the 19" wheels.