TMS not only outsells all EVs but all luxury cars in its class!

TMS not only outsells all EVs but all luxury cars in its class!

See my compiled estimated shipments for 2013 at

Noah.S | 2 avril 2013

It's definitely exciting
However, if those are just shipments, not purchases then it's slightly misleading.

They're working to reduce the backlog, so deliveries are going to be much higher than purchases, and they said purchases have been consistent though slower than 4th quarter last year. (shareholder letter?)

If they're reporting these delivery rates next year, then it will be really impressive.

EVTripPlanner | 2 avril 2013

I site sources at the link - I saw same EV numbers on 2 sites, but did not see the ICE numbers on multiple sites. Why do you think they are wrong? seemed like a pretty reputable source.

That said, backlog comment is true - to be seen if it can be sustained.

GoTeslaChicago | 2 avril 2013

I would be curious to see those same sales figures from a year ago. I'm wondering if the Model S sales are taking a bite out of the other luxury car sales. Or are luxury car sales strong across the board?

Brian H | 2 avril 2013

noah, shipments = sales for tesla. Each sale is booked only on delivery. It's a very conservative accounting standard.