This topic might interest the ladies, (Teslarias ?), out there. Guess what happened to Elon over the weekend ?

This topic might interest the ladies, (Teslarias ?), out there. Guess what happened to Elon over the weekend ?

Brian H | 17 décembre 2012

An un-divorce? {self-snip}

FLsportscarenth... | 17 décembre 2012

I would hate all that prying into my personal life. I judge a person by their achievements not by who they are with.

Tiger Woods is a great golfer... Anderson Cooper is a great journalist... Honestly I do not think their personal life should impact their career one way or another.

Hopefully Elon will laugh off the gossip mongers and keep chasing his passion - changing the world for the better though innovation and vision whilst maintaining sound business judgment.

Brian H | 18 décembre 2012

Classic Elon quote: "How much time does a woman want per week? 10 hours?"

Jolinar | 18 décembre 2012

Brian H, yea, Elon has sometimes great quotes, but personally I like most this one: "I would like to die on Mars; just not on impact."

Teslation | 18 décembre 2012

Personally I think if you are a public personality, you can expect a little bit of your private life to be discussed. I think the emphasis needs to be on a little bit, and with some ground rules like nothing too personal and keep it respectful and no trash talk, wild rumors or rude conjecture. I would agree Elon has already had enough of that.

That said, I thought the article was a nice possible positive happy ending and I think it would add to Elon's positive role model image, potentially having the family all together again & raising future scions of industry. Marriage for Bill Gates or Steve Jobs didn't slow down their creative contributions to society and they seemed happier. I like my CEO's happy.

And Brian H as for the 10 hrs of time, that's probably just their one on one time, I bet he could easily bump that up to 20 hrs if he included ceremonies, business dinners & biz trips together as well as family functions with his possible ex-exwife. I just want to see if in 25 years she leaves the mansion in Cali to live on a desolated red desert millions of miles away for her retirement years. If yes, no doubt it would be the experience of a lifetime. I suppose it all depends on who's with you and you see the thrill and adventure of it all, Elon is good at that.