Trading my "baby" for a baby!

Trading my "baby" for a baby!

Two years and nine days after reserving my Model S she finally arrived to my home in Charlotte, NC on February 3rd. She's a beautiful car; VIN# 3744, 60kWh, white, tan leather, lacewood, pano, tech package, studio sound and supercharger. I've not had a singe issue with her since the day she rolled off the truck and she only has about 300 miles on her. Truly the best car I've ever owned; and there have been a lot... too many probably.

In twelve days my wife is due with our third child... Although tons of room in the Model S and I know I could upgrade to the rear facing seats I've decided to begin the process to part with my "baby" and downgrade to a SUV. (A hedge until the Model X is available of course!) Before going to the extent of listed her shamelessly on Autotrader I thought I'd reach out to the Tesla family to see if anyone would be interested in adopting her; for a fair price.

If anyone is interested or knows someone that might be interested I'd be glad to speak with them. My e-mail address is


Jewsh | 14 février 2013

Babies are not compatible with the Model S? Oh crap...

muller | 14 février 2013

I actually used our number three, whom arrived last December, as an excuse to upgrade the RS6 to the P85 :)

Brian H | 14 février 2013

Fold down the rear seat, or half of it, and you can rig up any baby-accommodation you could fit in an SUV. What's the benefit of an SUV? I dung git it.