Training Videos

Training Videos

I live in a state that will not allow Tesla personnel to train me to use my car.
Somebody please tell me
1)Are the training videos comprehensive and idiot proof?
2) Do I need to be an engineer to understand them?
3) How do you watch them and practice at the same time, on an ipad?
4) How, when do I get mine? When the car is delivered?
5) When will Tesla finally be able to participate with instruction?

markapeterman | 7 janvier 2013

I just got my car yesterday in Dallas - no Tesla personnel. I have not found any training videos, so I can't tell you how they work. I think you can read the owners guide (provided in print with the care) and figure almost weverything out - it's pretty intuitive.
If I hear about more about a training video I'll repost.

TimJ | 7 janvier 2013

This video is a pretty good walk-through of the major featues.

mkh1437 | 7 janvier 2013

I took delivery in November, but I still learned a few things from watching that video!

Brian H | 7 janvier 2013

That's some of cinergi's stuff. Well thought out and presented, but he has NO clue about how to mic himself and keep an audible voice level!! Speaking quietly at high speed is a LOUSY way of doing (parentheses). Lip reading is not a supplementary option.

ronalddhing | 7 janvier 2013

Here's the link my Delivery Specialist emailed me.
Password: t35la4ALL

Brian H | 8 janvier 2013


Jgdixon | 8 janvier 2013

Worked for me

Liz G | 8 janvier 2013

Should work for evetyone since it looks like the have a single password they are giving out.

Geoff2013 | 9 janvier 2013

Thanks everyone! You made my night getting to watch the videos!