Translogic on SPEED last night: Tesla Model S & Roadster, Fisker Karma, Lightning GT

Translogic on SPEED last night: Tesla Model S & Roadster, Fisker Karma, Lightning GT

Did anyone catch the show Translogic (from AOL) on the SPEED channel last night? The episode featured EV Supercars, and gave pretty positive, enthusiastic reviews of all the cars featured (The enthusiasm was by design...They gushed over every car and didn't really talk about any negative aspects in detail).

They started with the Fisker Karma, and ended up with the Tesla Roadster and Model S...But in between, they talked about the Lightning GT. Gulp.

Maybe some of you have heard about the car/seen the video (apparently it was on AOL a year ago). But this was the first time I've seen it. And...HOTDAMN! It's a gorgeous car. Now that I have my dream car (Model S), I just found my next dream car!

Anyone else catch the episode? Thoughts? One thing I noticed was that it was clear they shot the segments over a large time span...The Roadster segment featured shots of a very early Model S, but the Model S segment shows the current version.

Benz | 6 février 2013

Wow, I liked it, beauty and performance EV. Fantastic, well done Lightning Car Company Ltd. And it's technically good as well. In this video they said that after 10 minutes of charging you could go as far as 150 miles. But in another video they said even 300 km (Maybe they have more battery sizes). And I heard them say that the battery's were inside the chassis, not on top of it, so that's differnt also. First you need to put down a deposit of 15,000 Pounds, and the total price is between 120,000 Pounds and 150,000 Pounds. They try to sell this car to the high end of the market.

Have a look at the video via the link in the top post of this thread. It's very good to see that more car companies are going for EV instead of ICE. Elon Musk will also be happy to see this.

PaceyWhitter | 6 février 2013

Haven't watched the speed channel show but saw things on the Lightning GT and wasn't super impressed. It is a beautiful car, but that is about all it has going for it. It is going to cost 250,000, have a shorter range than the 40kwh Model S, performance almost as good as a Model S Performance and it only seats two.

If this was 2008 and it cost half as much it would be good competition for the roadster.

Benz | 6 février 2013

It's not as good as the Tesla EV's, but Lightning Car Company Ltd. will bring closer the EV world. It's good that this company is manufaturing EV's on a very low production scale for a high-end niche market. A few people will buy these EV's, instead of an ICE vehicle. And that's progress as well, I think.

eltonf | 6 février 2013

I agree with PaceyWhitter, the car is not very impressive outside of its looks. I also think they are embellishing te recharging abilities by only stating the supercharger times.

How is it a 'super car' if it takes 4.5 seconds to go from 0 - 60? Does that make my Model S P85 a supercar as well since it does 0 - 60 in 4.0 seconds? Sounds like to me the only reason it's called a super car is the because of the ridiculous price.

Benz | 6 février 2013

You and I do not have to buy it, but somebody else will buy it, and that is good, as long as it is an EV. That's the point.

TheAustin | 6 février 2013

I agree with many of the points, my Model S has better performance for sure, for a lot less dosh*...And the recharge times are highly suspect...I'm sure they have some fast recharging scheme going on, but the numbers were a bit all over the place.

I also don't see the Lightning GT as a straight competitor to the Model S, not in price OR functionality...As PaceyWhitter said, it's closer to being a competitor to the Roadster, or even the Fisker Karma. Personally, I wouldn't get it instead of my Model S...But id money were no object, I would certainly have one in addition :) The Model S is clearly more suited to a daily driver (with kick-ass, Supercar-like performance specs), and the Lightning GT is more of a flash showpiece kind of car. But is sure is beautiful, I'll give it that.

And, it's great to see other EV manufacturers out there, not just making EV's for compliance, but really making an effort to design something beautiful and innovative...The more companies there are building EV's the more innovation you're going to see, both in design AND technology, and that can only lead to better EV cars.

(*British slang, for money ;)

nickjhowe | 6 février 2013

I don't get it. MUCH more expensive than a P85, less safe, less room, less performance, 2 seater, no service network,...looks like something from the 70's. Great that its electric, but don't know why anyone would buy one.

Benz | 6 février 2013

Some Britisch people will buy only Britsch cars. They don't like foreign stuff. I can guarantee it that e few wealthy Britisch people (who have many cars already) will buy this EV. It will be their choise. Just let it be, and be glad that it's an EV.

Brian H | 6 février 2013

200 total production run? Not competition for anything. "inside the chassis" = the car is full of batteries, with not much room for anything else.

Benz | 6 février 2013

It shall not have any influence on the sales volumes of the Tesla Motors EV's.

TheAustin | 6 février 2013

Why would anyone buy a Fisker Karma over a Tesla Model S? Of all the people that would (or did), I'm sure most would say "It looks cool(er)." Yes, there are people that will pay more to get less performance simply because it's for something looks cool/cooler. I wouldn't take a Lightning GT over a Tesla Model S, even if they were the same price. However, if money was no object, I'd take a Lightning over a Fisker in a British minute! Which brings me to my next point...The market for the Lightning is almost certainly comprised of blokes for whom money IS no object. And, it will no doubt be one of many vehicles in their stable. But on the small scale of production, no, I wouldn't think it will have any effect on the Tesla sales. It's battery composition might though...Lithium titanate could be worth keeping an eye on.

"nickjhowe | FEBRUARY 6, 2013
I don't get it. MUCH more expensive than a P85, less safe, less room, less performance, 2 seater, no service network,...looks like something from the 70's. Great that its electric, but don't know why anyone would buy one."

dstiavnicky | 7 février 2013

Can't wait for Tesla to make a two seater, sports supercar. I'll put my money down right now.

Must have...
- great looks
- convertible option
- 600+ hp
- ever electronic gizmo and gadget ever invented for cars
- under $200k US