Trouble Activating Sirius/XM Account

Trouble Activating Sirius/XM Account

This is for those of you looking to activate your Sirius/XM subscription after the free trial ends. I had some UI related difficulty activating my XM subscription for my MS. Perhaps it was operator error, but I doubt I will be the only one experiencing this issue.

Once the free trial is over, only channel 0 and channel 1 are presented on the UI. The toll-free number shows on Channel 1 and the Radio ID (specific to your car and needed for activation) is displayed only on Channel 0. They should rethink grouping the two together, and Tesla should provide some documentation with the Sirius/XM radio ID for each car. My problem was with the app UI because it would not let me go to Channel 0 (grayed out), so I could not tell Sirius/XM my radio ID. Additionally, they had no record of my VIN from Tesla so could not find it for me. I was at a loss. Later I figured out I could navigate to Channel 0 through the steering wheel controls. That way I got the ID and was able to activate. The quality seems fine, although I encounter a lot of dead spots, and like mentioned above, there is no cover art.

John | 23 décembre 2012

I'm having exactly the same problem, but the steering wheel strategy didn't work. All the more frustrating because I can't find the manual online. Anyone have a thought as to how to find the radio ID?

DouglasR | 23 décembre 2012

I assume the free trial was just for the sigs?

one2mark | 25 décembre 2012

I haven't tried to activate the subscription yet but I doubt the trial is Sigs only. XM wants everyone's business.

R3dStang66 | 26 décembre 2012

I just activated my XM yesterday. I didnt have sig so i wasnt entitled to any free trial. =/
I transfered my Sirus from my ford fusion to my XM. Basically they cancelled my Sirus and created a new account XM. Make sure if your calling do not call connecting to the vehicle via bluetooth. You cant change the channel to XM channel 1.

stevenmaifert | 26 décembre 2012

Called Tesla Ownership Experience line today and was told there was a free trial for the Slacker Radio, but not for the XM/Sirius. Called XM/Sirius customer service at 800 643-2112 to see if they were showing any free trial in their system. Neither the VIN nor the ESN (radio ID) was showing in their system which confirmed no free trial. The gal said even though my radio wasn't showing in their system, she could still activate it. They are running a promo right now for 1 year of their XM Select package for $104.31 complete, which amounts to about 5 months free. I went ahead and signed up for that, she sent the activation signal and the radio activated right away. I'm good to go for a year.

DouglasR | 26 décembre 2012

What is the advantage of XM over internet radio, FM, or FM-HD? Is it higher audio quality/resolution?

stevenmaifert | 26 décembre 2012

@DouglasR - The audio quality (fidelity) is a function of the bandwidth allocated to each service. A narrow bandwidth service, like Internet radio, won't sound as good as FM or FM-HD. In ascending order it looks like this:

1) Internet Radio (eg. Slacker) - Good
2) Satellite Radio (eg. XM/Sirius) - Better
3) FM, FM-HD (eg. Over the air radio) - Best

Unless you are a true audiophile, you might not be able to hear the difference. My impression after a few days with my S is the Sound Studio Package makes all three sound pretty good.

drp | 31 décembre 2012

Have had Sirius for years and paid about $500 for a lifetime subscription FYI. Anytime I had a new radio receiver or problems, I called Sirius and they always had the answer

olanmills | 31 décembre 2012

I am definitely able to navigate to XM 0 on the screen, so maybe it was an issue that has since been fixed with an update.

The displaying the radio ID on channel 0 and the phone number on channel 1 is XM's protocol for how it works, Tesla probably just had to adhere to it.

eelton | 1 janvier 2013


My experience with audio quality has been (from better to worse):

HD radio
Internet (Spotify, Pandora, Slacker) set to a high bitrate
cassette tape

I don't plan to active XM on my Tesla, as I find Sirius on my current car unlistenable for music. From the sound, I'd say the bitrate is maybe 30 kbps. Just too many channels jammed into too little bandwidth.

penny6 | 18 février 2013

We took delivery of our Model S two days ago. I knew when I configured my Model S that I did not want the upgrade to the Sound Studio Package. Therefore I did not read the details of this package. I simply assumed that any recently manufactured luxury automobile would come enabled for satellite radio. I was quite disappointed when I tried to enable Sirius XM.

Any suggestions?

drp | 18 février 2013

I didn't read it either. Don't know if there's an aux plug for my Sirius. Get the car in a weekish. If there is you can add it

Brian H | 18 février 2013

AFAIK, no aux plugs. WiFi? Bluetooth? I don't think you can get the car to log on for you!

up north | 18 février 2013

my sirius xm on my camry works great all over the country. one click of a button for any kind of music or talk show. no need for all my cd,s. 60,s push 6 70,s push 7 and so on.

celtrog | 18 février 2013

BTW Sirius and XM are totally different even though they are one company,
The S comes with XM which is inferior to Sirius (one satellite vs two).....
Suggest Elon drops the XM and moves to Sirius

You can go to an automotive audio store (a GOOD one) and switch out for a Sirius. .

A lifetime Sirius subscription will NOT be honored by XM (even though its one company now)

Alex K | 19 février 2013

@ celtrog | FEBRUARY 18, 2013: The S comes with XM which is inferior to Sirius (one satellite vs two).....

I count 4 Sirius satellites and 5 XM satellites:

When did SiriusXM launch its satellites?
"SIRIUS-1 was launched on June 30, 2000. SIRIUS-2 was launched on September 5, 2000. SIRIUS-3 was launched on November 30, 2000. SIRIUS-5 was launched on June 30, 2009.

"XM-1 was launched on May 8, 2001. XM-2 was launched on March 18, 2001. XM-3 was launched on February 28, 2005. XM-4 was launched on October 30, 2006. XM-5 was launched on October 14, 2010."

docdac | 19 février 2013

With XM, the programming is what makes it a premium service. IMO it is far better than what I have seen on Slacker, Pandora, or Sonic Tap (on DirecTV). Excellent DJs on the Rock channels. I listen to Deep Tracks, Classic Vinyl (from R & R Hall of Fame), 60's on 6, spectrum, and Lithium. Always good reception except on north side of tall buildings. And doesn't require Internet service, which is spotty where I live.

Mel. | 19 février 2013

DouglasR, there was no free xm/sirus radio for sig's. I like satellite radio for the business channel .. But I have not signed up because I am having too much fun with Slacker and Tunein..

trevorsvader | 27 août 2013

Just got delivery today, and I cannot get to channel 0 via touchscreen or streering wheel.

Not going to have much luck activating my sub without giving them my radio ID.

They don't have my VIN, so how can I get to channel 0?

ELECTRICFAN | 27 août 2013
I read another post on the forum and somebody said they had your problem - it was caused by the lack of the XM module. Once they got the module installed, they were ok. Might take it to service to have them check it.

trevorsvader | 27 août 2013

I can hear the guy talking on Channel 1, XM's preview channel, so I know I am receiving signal from SiriusXM.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll keep trying....

Rheumboy | 27 août 2013

Turn off the blue tooth on your I phone. Somehow it interferes with channel 0.

trevorsvader | 27 août 2013

I turned off the bluetooth, turned off my phone, unpaired my phone, etc. odd

trevorsvader | 28 août 2013

I did the "reboot" of the touchscreen, but still no channel 0. Guess I should take it into a service center

michaelm | 4 décembre 2013

When I display either channel, 0 or 1 only the XM phone number appears - no radio ID. XM is unable to find my radio ID using my VIN.

Is there another way to display the radio ID?

Alex K | 4 décembre 2013

@michaelm@rate-h... | DECEMBER 4, 2013: When I display either channel, 0 or 1 only the XM phone number appears - no radio ID. XM is unable to find my radio ID using my VIN. Is there another way to display the radio ID?

Other people who have had this problem were able to contract Tesla and Tesla provided an over the air update to their car to correct this. Also, the later software updates were supposed to address this issue.

jefflieb | 6 décembre 2013

I had this problem too, did a reboot of the screens and later it appeared but not right away

joenyc19 | 28 mars 2019

I just activated it. I selected the the Sirius / XM radio and it was playing channel 1 - Preview. I then touched the button to select the previous song / channel on the touch screen and it switched to channel 0 and showed me the radio ID.

These are the skip forward/backward buttons that have a triangle with a vertical line next to them. Use them to get to channel 0 to get the radio ID.