Type your problems/issues with your Model S here.

Type your problems/issues with your Model S here.

Im nearing my pick up date for mine. What could I be in store for when it comes to the issues of the car.
1. Have you had any problems
2. What problem exactly

Ive been hearing inaccurate gps, battery drainage, dead 12volt battery, creaking panoramic roof sound, whistling of accerleration ( near 65mpg).

SCCRENDO | 2 octobre 2013

There is a duplicate thread. Use volkerize to search. Most of us have had real minor stuff. The bigger issues are not common. Just completed my 12000 mile service. Clean bill of health.

Minor issues.

TPMS sensor Sensor replaced. Was an issue with cars of my vintage
Faulty charger cord - replaced
pano creek and melting glue. Known minor issue. Replaced at service.
L rear window motor failure last week. Service bulletin. Replaced the motor and applied clips to both rear windows. All done at my service this weekend.
New issues come up. The latest vehicles may have navigation issues but they are on top of that.
I believe 12 V battery issue was an earlier vintage.

romainiacWV | 2 octobre 2013

Very minor issues, use the @nickjhowe checklist and you will catch them at delivery.

-I had condensation in back taillight applicator (its actually just a false compartment from a chrome trim piece. Fixed at service.

-Small gap (i mean like 1-2mm) in welding over a 1/2 inch section in rear trunk. Pointed it out at service just to make sure that it wasn't a sign of larger issue. They literally insisted on picking the car up for me again and fixing it, even though I was not unhappy with it in the least. Amazing service.

I really don't consider these significant issue issues and generally feel there was no issues with the car.

Eletrek | 3 octobre 2013

This is a waste of your time. Take delivery, enjoy the car and rest assured Tesla will be proactive about fixing any historic issues that are not already incorporated into your new car.

NomoDinos | 3 octobre 2013

If you email and get private thread access, I have a recent thread with a lot of responses on this same topic, I think the title was "POLL: Problems or no problems?". Long story short, earlier production models had numerous small problems which they seem to have fixed well. "Dire" issues are exceedingly rare and dealt with very well by Tesla.

ermargules | 22 octobre 2013

My glove compartment will not latch and stay in the closed position. It just falls open. The release seems to work but intermittently does not function (no response at all). It was working fine until today. Anyone else having problems?

JC2 | 22 octobre 2013

received my P85 from the factory a little less than 2 weeks ago.

car received dirty from the factory - cleaned by service center about a week later

body panel alignment issues - partially fixed. Bringing it back to the service center this week to have them fix/re-fix the rest of it.

Not sure if it's an issue, but I have the ultra hi fidelity sound upgrade and the bass seems it bit too powerful even when the
equalizer is flat. Easy fix is to drop the bass down, but still will have them take a look at it.

A minor problem is the passenger floor mat does flop back when accelerating to the point of dizziness. I might try one of the fixes listed in the forums.

So far, I'm not disappointed. The car drives quietly, smoothly and has some seriously disturbing acceleration without the noise and jerkiness of gear switching. The service center has been friendly and accommodating.