upside down

upside down

I am a model S and model X reservation holder.
I was wondering, what will happen when you get into an accident and the car get's upside down. The falcon-wing doors will obviously not open. Will they pop-out/shoot out like the merc SLS?

Sorry if this question is already asked in another forum.

Vawlkus | 20 avril 2012

The roof hinge wiil be blocked, but the door hinge won't be, so my bet is the door will just open straight out the side without going up. That's a guess on my part, but I'd be very surprised if that wasn't the case.

steven.maes | 20 avril 2012

Vawlkus, I didn't look at it that way. You might be right.

jerry3 | 20 avril 2012

Doesn't the door hinge go to the inside? Not that it couldn't also go outwards, but the pictures show it as folding in.

rd2 | 20 avril 2012

This has been addressed by Tesla already. They've stated (can't remember which interview) that if overturned, the middle door hinge will release and allow the door to be pushed open - although they've not demonstrated this feature online anywhere. Would be interesting to see what they mean.

MikAo | 21 avril 2012

On these webpages is easy to see why other OEM's inform about new model when they are ready. It has been "nice" to see discussions where amount of cupholdels is a "deal-breaker" etc. ie, people seem to have ridiculous requests about forthcoming S-model. There are dozens of similar ideas flying around from windmills to trailers with generator to produce electrity and so on. Hello?

Well, if you drive any car into the bottom of ditch upside down you will have problems opening the doors. When will somebody ask does trunk door have handle inside to open it when car is in the bottom of the ditch? There should be one ;-) Or if not, it's a deal-breaker to me.

jerry3 | 21 avril 2012

- When will somebody ask does trunk door have handle inside to open it when car is in the bottom of the ditch

Those are required by law, so there should be no need to ask :-)

Timo | 23 avril 2012

Really? We don't have such law. Why do you have one?

jerry3 | 23 avril 2012

To keep children (and kidnapped victims) from being trapped in the trunk. (Nanny society and all.)

Ben S. | 25 avril 2012

Is that just for sedans, or for all cars? I know my parents RDX doesn't have it.

Brian H | 26 avril 2012

Since the RDX is a crossover SUV without a closed trunk, it wouldn't be relevant.

flar | 27 avril 2012

The RDX does have a small trim panel on the inside of the hatch with a manual release behind it. It isn't well marked, probably for the reasons that Brian H already gave, but the owner's manual indicates that it is to open the hatch when the power mechanisms fail (the external open switch is electrical, not mechanical).

Sudre_ | 9 mai 2012

Last time I rolled a car we just crawled out all the busted out windows. That was when I was 22 so maybe windows don't break in rollover accidents anymore. :-)

vperl | 25 avril 2016