that is a very sexy car

that is a very sexy car

Picked up my silver P85+ in Fremont on Saturday.

Sunday, we left the Gilroy charger and got stuck in traffic on 101 southbound approaching Salinas. Rolling at 5 MPH.

Female driver pulls alongside in the right lane and signals me to roll down the window. She says "that is a very sexy car.". Then a few more comments.

Was a great first drive down the highway. Supercharger bays were all open in Atascadero and in Buellton only one was occupied (of 8) -- and it was a Tesla employee charging a prototype vehicle.

tobi_ger | 29 juillet 2013


Btw, did you talk to the TM driver about the prototype, what they are testing? :)

erici | 29 juillet 2013

He walked off without talking to us. It wasn't until that point that I walked around his vehicle and noticed the prototype markings and MFG plates.

LMB | 30 juillet 2013

My first week - I'm at the convenience store getting milk - in my RED baby. There's a scruffy young man smoking outside the store, and when he sees the car, his eyes become saucers. "What IS that?'s a WHAT? Who makes it?"

Now, to look at me, I am just your average slightly more than middle-aged suburban lady. I was so happy with his final comment: "That's a badass ride!"

It's the first time in a long time anything about me has been badass...

GeekEV | 30 juillet 2013

I had a similarly funny story relayed by my wife where we pulled up to a local strawberry stand. Another car pulls up, the guy gets out and ogles the car, then looks around trying to figure out whose it is. He looks at me (I'm dressed casually), then back at the car, then back to me... I guess he was expecting a shirt-and-tie yuppie and I didn't look the part! LOL

jonesxander | 30 juillet 2013

LMB, you're a badass and a half! :) I'm not "young" but I'm 31, so take it for what it's worth!

San Diego Tesla | 30 juillet 2013

I parked mine in a mall parking lot near a gas station. The driver of a gas truck, who is filling the underground tanks at the gas station yells out, "great looking car." I say thanks and tell him that it's electric and doesn't use gas. The guy is speechless.

TommyBoy | 30 juillet 2013

Uh, I'll kind of not show this thread to my wife....I suppose it works both ways, though!

wolfpet | 30 juillet 2013

@TommyBoy haha yeah we gotta be careful out there ;-)

cybrown | 30 juillet 2013

Yeah, I'm completely worried that my car is both a "chick magnet" and a "guy magnet"!

david.cheney | 30 juillet 2013

Poor me..;) I live in the Bay Area and everybody has already seen MS lots and lots...

cwmenne | 30 juillet 2013

Every single day since I got my red MS, I have had people take pictures of it while at stop lights, pull up next to me with a "thumbs up", have people follow me into parking lots, just to ogle the car, hang out of windows while going down the road just to look at it and the best yet was when I ran into a home store to get something while my wife waited in the car (just an hour after we got the car) and when I came back out, she had a crowd of men surrounding her and the car, asking questions and saying how cool it was. I'll attest to the fact that does actually seem to be a "guy magnet" more than a "chick magnet". I've noticed a few ladies looking at the car, but FAR more men. Good for my wife, I guess.

2-Star | 31 juillet 2013

We went out to dinner last night at a Lobster Pound in Somesville, Maine, in our silver MS P85. On the way out, as I was showing the car to the owner of the restaurant, a small crowd, including men, women and children, gathered around the car. I think the MS is a magnet for all sexes and ages. They were blown away by the beauty of the car, both inside and out, its capacity for people and luggage and, of course, the huge touch-screen on the dash. The friends we drove to dinner were astounded at the acceleration and ride.

The beginning of an electric revolution, methinks.

skymaster | 31 juillet 2013

methinks, Time to buy much more stock!

With the cold weather package and sensors coming out well as a kick ass 2nd qtr...this stock is ready for another rocket blast!

Every day I see people do a double-take when they see my Model S. They are incredibly sexxxxy.

eddiemoy | 31 juillet 2013

i just got mine today, so many people looking at the car on my way home from picking it up at the service center. the funniest one was the look from a audi a8 owner, he literally did an exorcist move... head turned 180 degrees trying to get a good look!

lots of other drivers trying to get a good look.

cfOH | 31 juillet 2013

I had my first paparazzi moment today. I was stopped on a local street and this car rolls up next to me with the guy in the passenger seat motioning me to roll down my window. He says, "What IS that car?" I say, "It's a Tesla."

And he follows with the inevitable, "But who makes it?"


He nods and says to his wife, "Must be from Europe."

"Nope," I say, "it's a California car company. Made here in the US."

"Well, that's a beautiful car, man," he says. His wife then chimes in, "Yes, gorgeous!"

I thank them as they drive off.

I don't experience sincere admiration by complete strangers very often...ok,'s an interesting phenomenon.

GeekEV | 31 juillet 2013

@cfOH - LOL. I used to get the Tesla/Tesla thing all the time, so now I've started answering "it's from an independent Silicon Valley startup called Tesla Motors." Or, if you're outside of California, substitute California for Silicon Valley (as people may not know what that is). That seems to answer all the questions at once...

Brian H | 31 juillet 2013

TM is a 10-yr old startup. Try "new maker" or the like.

Colasec | 31 juillet 2013

@cfOH Nice :)

I haven't gotten any of these moments yet. I'm too late for the first wave of awe here in coastal SoCal. (but that's what first hooked me!)

mdemetri | 31 juillet 2013


Tell us more about the prototype you saw. Was it a Model S, Model X or something else? Details on shape, color etc would be greatly appreciated.

Shesmyne2 | 31 juillet 2013

Model SP $100,000
Emissions $0
"What IS that?!" Priceless

Still Grinning ;-)

ppape | 31 juillet 2013


Don't miss out on the opportunity to add. 'It's 100% electric and faster than a -------! (add car of your choice) That is usually the fun kicker after the "American Made" part. Ohio does not have that many Model S, so I suspect you'll have rock star status for a while. I believe San Diego is approaching 700 deliveries.

Don't forget to add 'Tesla Time' when planning your trips/errands/appts. That's the 15-20 extra minutes you'll spend chatting with people who approach you as you're coming and going from parking lots.

It's all a blast! Enjoy and Congrats!

J. :-)

pebell | 1 août 2013


I daydreamed about how your encounter would have gone here in the Netherlands (will go, in a few months, hopefully):

He says, "What IS that car?" I say, "It's a Tesla."

And he follows with the inevitable, "But who makes it?"


He nods and says to his wife, "Must be from Italy."

"Nope," I say, "it's a California car company. Made in the US."

<<< GASP >>>

rch1708 | 1 août 2013

Is there a tint that you can apply that makes the driver look equally sexy?

I'd pay through the nose for that...

tobi_ger | 1 août 2013

You want to tint the driver? :)

rch1708 | 1 août 2013

If that would help, yeah. But now you're talking about wrapping, not tinting.

tobi_ger | 1 août 2013
stsanford | 1 août 2013

Awesome thread... I'll add one experience, ok, maybe two...

THe first week I had my Grey S 60, I was at the post office. Guy in a Jeep with a lift kit on it... Kinda a hooligan-type look to him says, " Hey, is that a Tesla?" I answer yes, and he follows up with: "Awesome car!"

Yesterday I was dropping off my son and got a "Nice Spaceship" from a walker...

Mathew98 | 1 août 2013

@cfOH - I have a variation of the same encounter.

A van pulls up along side my red MS and signed to roll down the window. The passenger asked, "Who makes this car?"

Answer: "Tesla".

Question: "A Chrysler?"

Answer: "No, a Tesla. It's a Cali company and this runs on pure electric power."

Follow up comment from passenger: "Your car rocks!"

Interestingly enough, I had the same conversation TWICE!!! It's time to print out brochures to educate the rest of the folks.

Brian H | 1 août 2013

What? And deprive you and other owners of those fun encounters?

hammy16 | 2 août 2013

Yesterday/Thursday I was driving on a surface road in Los Altos, CA behind a little Mitsubishi Miev (slightly larger than a Smart Car). It had professional lettering on the side that I couldn't read because I was behind it. The professional lettering on the back said:


NKYTA | 2 août 2013

Oh, that is awesome! :-)