Volt app displays realtime charge cost

Volt app displays realtime charge cost

Will that be cash or charge or both?

I wonder if TM has a similar update in the works ...

Teslation | 21 octobre 2012

I think Tesla should put an app into the iPhone and Android app stores. Some features to include video of complete car assembly, video of a store, locations of all stores and possible charging stations, how to order features, etc it's almost free advertising.

Brian H | 21 octobre 2012

Good ideer!

Teslation | 23 octobre 2012

I see Elon has an app in the works that checks car charge rate. Another app, or part of an app i'd like to see available to the public and those with Tesla car orders is an app where you can watch your car being manufactured and even converse with the assembly line workers. How cool is that?

The app starts out with a diagram of the factory and a red dot to show where you are in line.An RFID tag is put on your Tesla for tracking along with your name or ID name. As your car moves through the factory, you can watch it on your smartphone app. Inside the factory would be 20 or so live video stations with comunication computer screens and microphones for the assembly workers to use dragon speech to talk to text with you hands free when they have time. You could even text them back on your phone and the assembly workers would see your text on a screen and reply by microphones. If no video station, then general videos describe where your at whats happening in the manufacturing process. Think of it as social manufacturing.

Car clients could have the option of making their car manufacturing viewing public, or just to a selected group of choice. It would be great publicity, have examples on Facebook etc. the owners would know exactly what's going on with their car orders. Assembly workers might like it and get a moral boost as well as help in recruiting assembly workers and everyone would love watching the cars be manufactured.

Kariwood | 23 octobre 2012

I like it!

Vawlkus | 24 octobre 2012

While its a cool idea, I think it's a little impractical. I mean, it would only be able pickup your specific car when it came time to add the options you've selected. On top of that, it would drive people demented if they saw "their" car have to go back in the line for rework/fixes. As for talking to the workers working on your car, I don't think those multi-function robots have conversation modules. Design oversight I'm sure :D

Brian H | 24 octobre 2012

"Assembly workers might like it and get a moral boost" I doubt they will become better and more ethical, though it's possible. They might be happier (boosted morale) though.

RNB | 26 octobre 2012

No talking to workers! Interupts workflow, slows production, increases errors.