What is the best 30 mile average Wh/mile you've ever gotten?

What is the best 30 mile average Wh/mile you've ever gotten?

I got 160 Wh/mile going down Route 8 in Virginia. My energy usage went off the scale on the orange side for about 5 miles on the way up, and off the scale on green side for the same amount of time on the way down. I imagine there must be someone out there who has actually seen a negative average on a really long downhill run.

trixiew | 26 mars 2015

Wow. Thats hard to imagine.

242 is my best. I have unavoidable hills.

JAD | 26 mars 2015

I drove home from Big Bear lake and the first 60 miles used exactly 0 energy. It was cool to hit the bottom at zero, almost better than being positive, and that was a 30F degree day driving normally. Normal avg is running just below 300 with San Diego freeway speeds and lots of hills.

tmaz | 26 mars 2015

My average is 350. This weather in New England sucks!!!!!!

Mike83 | 26 mars 2015

Driving slight downhill into Oregon I got about 130 kWh/mile or around that for maybe 25 miles which would give a range of over 600 miles. Of course it went back to 269 when speeding up past 55 mph.
Speed makes a huge difference also low profile setting.

Chunky Jr. | 26 mars 2015

Coming down the Grapevine in LA, I have been under 100 Wh/mi over a 30 mile stretch. There was a couple 5 mile stretches where it was negative.

tmaz | 26 mars 2015

That's unbelievable, even if for only a short distance. These low temps kill my range. I've been as high as 500 watts early in the am.

shadowfax | 26 mars 2015

@tmaz The cold weather will end someday, unless this is a year without summer ;-)

There have been some warmer days recently where I live, and I have consistently gotten better than rated Wh/mi on my commute to work on those days.

CincyDriver | 26 mars 2015

255 Wh/m over 238 miles, averaging 65 mph, somewhat hilly but only about 600 ft elevation loss over trip. This was an epic run (with lots of drafting) from Triadelphia, WV to Cincinnati last August.

Grove City, OH supercharger has obsoleted the need for this sort of hypermiling -- but cool that it is possible.

Neko | 26 mars 2015

Drafting trucks? Now that we've seen the video of roll-under accidents with trucks, I would get nervous doing that?

logicalthinker | 26 mars 2015

^agreed. Not recommended. It may cut your energy usage in half, but it's even more impressive what it can do to your lifespan.

Could also easily get you a ticket. That would be a relatively desirable outcome.

kwen197 | 26 mars 2015

June 2014, S85, in the Cascades OR. From the Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge, at the end of the road, to Sandy, OR, about 30 miles I gained 45 miles of range.

SamO | 26 mars 2015

I think @Tam still has the best lifetime average. 242 Wh/m lifetime.

I had a 140 mile trip from Los Angeles to San Diego that I got a 224 Wh/m average

Chunky Jr. | 26 mars 2015

On the flip side, I had a 5 mile stretch averaging over 700 Wh/mi going up the Grapevine. Well over 500 for 15 miles.

shadowfax | 27 mars 2015

@Chunky Jr. I had a 5 mile stretch going up Route 8 in Virginia where I went off the scale at the top (which is 900 Wh/mile). I can't tell you what it actually peaked at, but it was nearly vertical went it went off the scale. This is going anywhere from 45 mi/hr to 15 mi/hr depending on the radius of the curves :-)

George with SacEV | 27 mars 2015

On my 5 drag strip runs went off the chart on the max side, on the economy side about 265 watts per mile for 30+ miles in a


11.72 sec in the 1/4 mile @ 113.5 mph

Chunky Jr. | 27 mars 2015

@ gchiaram : I bet it was pegged on the green side on the way down!

It's pretty amazing that you can travel a fairly large distance downhill and end up with more range at bottom than when you were at the top. Let's see an ICE car do that!

Now that I think about it, one time I hit the top of the Grapevine (about 4400 feet) with 25 rated miles left, and ended up at Tejon charger about 25-30 miles away with 27 rated miles left. So I picked up 2 rated miles over a 25-30 mile stretch.

PhillyGal | 27 mars 2015

Interesting topic.
Like tmaz, we've only had our car in cold weather so far.

I was excited last week one day getting a 30 mile average to be in the mid/high 200s.

It's pretty routinely 350 so far.

shadowfax | 28 mars 2015

I have been occasionally visiting the Burlington, NC supercharger since I got my S85 and tracking the amount of time it takes to charge from various starting points at various temperatures; in preparation for convincing my severely range anxious husband that we can take it on a trip to Florida (he is convinced that the charging wait times will be horrible) :-)

Interestingly, I started one on a 40° day, and the whole drive home afterward (highway and back road) I averaged in the 280 range, when I would normally be in the 330's at that temperature. I guess that supercharging really heats up the battery nicely :-)

savnro2 | 28 mars 2015

S85 coming down from Cayuse Pass on Mt Rainier was under 40Wh/mi when reached 30mi limit just outside of Enumclaw.
Going up the pass was off the scale (900 Wh/mi)!and a little never racking, That trip alone validated my 85 selection over the 60.
Complete trip involved over 8000' total vertical gain and 180mi . Started with full range charge, returned with 65mi.

shaneosullivan1 | 28 mars 2015

I got 39 on the way down from Tahoe

proven | 28 mars 2015

I find 60-70 degree weather is the best for range. We haven't gone on any trips with huge elevation changes, so our best was I think 264. Our lifetime average after 9k miles is 316. When we got it last summer we were averaging 325 (air conditioning), then it dropped to about 314 during the fall mild temps. We managed to do well during winter and it only went up to 317. Of course it wasn't quite as cold in NC as it was up north.

Tâm | 13 avril 2015

@SamO remembers me well: Yes, indeed, as @gchiaram asked for 30 miles, here it is my current update for my standard 85kWh, 19" tire, air suspension, Model S driving:

Short term energy consumption for the past 30 miles is 209 Wh/mi.

My long term energy consumption for the past 31,751 miles is 240 Wh/mi.

As you can see from the Energy Consumption graph, it's pretty flat in California State Route 99.

Tâm | 19 avril 2015

Well, 209 Wh/mile for a 30 mile stretch is too high. You notice the picture above with a declining energy consumption graph.

Let's try another 30 mile run and this time with escalating graph!!!

How about 158 Wh/mile?

Brian H | 19 avril 2015

Show off!

sorka95032 | 20 avril 2015

Geez. And I thought my 282 wh / mile in my PD coming home the other night with no wind and driving between 65 and 70 was good. Last 5 miles was off the free way and included 5 or so insane launches.

A lot of that was on 99 as well. What was your average speed to get such low numbers?

jordanrichard | 20 avril 2015

Like Tmaz, we can never see an average below 300, over the course of 30 miles. Here in New England, there are just too many hills. Just driving around town, with mild acceleration, never going faster than 45 mph, my avg is at least 300. From my house to my office, I have seen 160, but it is all down hill. By the time I get back home, I am at 305-310.

jordanrichard | 20 avril 2015

One more thing. My avg after 24,500 miles of East Coast driving is 336. Typically I cruise at 72-75 mph.