What is the best way to send an address to Tesla MS?

What is the best way to send an address to Tesla MS?

What is the best way to send an address to Tesla MS?
I have the iPhone app, Remote S app on my watch, & ConnecTT app on my iPhone & Watch. Still there is no simpler method to send the address to my TMS.

Does anyone have any idea? I can think of 2 ways:
1) Logon to gmail on the TMS web browser. Is that the only way?
2) The new calendar sync function will pull up addresses associated with calendar events.
3) Though it is not hard to speak the address into the voice system, I have to lookup the address again which is what I want to avoid.

Is it just the mater of forgetting about the old comfort and look for the new (TESLA) ways of doing things !!

1BadNerd | 17 juin 2015

I usually put the address in my calendar appointments. That way I can just select from the calendar app in the Tesla. (As a result I'm more thorough these days in putting addresses in for events.)

Make sure you connect to your car via the app if you want the calendar to stay in sync.

SUSTEKI.TOKYO.JP | 17 juin 2015


shs | 17 juin 2015

If you have an event with an address in your Calendar and that calendar is synced to your iPhone, and the iPhone is synced to the car, then when the Calendar is displayed in the Tesla Calendar app you can just touch that event and it will use that address for navigation.

ashokrs | 17 juin 2015

I hear that calendar event is the way to go. ok

ashokrs | 17 juin 2015

1) Create a car account. Tesla name doesn't show up.

2) I chose some other car and created the car profile. Then the following message is displayed:

How to send addresses to your car

When using Google Maps, first look up the address or business you want to send to your car or device. Click “Send to car” next to the address. You can add a custom name for the place (your device may require custom names to be unique). Then click “Send”.

This still requires me to use the web browser. hmm!

KL | 17 juin 2015

I either speak into the voice command or use the calendar. Typing is too slow.

- K

proven | 17 juin 2015

The calendar is my favorite way. I already use Google Calendar so getting into the habit of putting the addresses into calendar events wasn't hard.

Galve2000 | 18 juin 2015

No car yet here -- pardon the noob question.

does it have to be google calendar or can I use my outlook/Exchange account that I like better? | 18 juin 2015

I also use Outlook. Outlook does not communicate to Google's calendar (Microsoft is not going to ever do this).

I got an add-in gSyncit (I think it was $20), but it works well. Now my Android phone and Outlook have automatically synced calendars and contacts.

Captain_Zap | 18 juin 2015

I have a generic non-Google calendar on my phone and it syncs up with the car just fine, addresses and all.

Roamer@AZ USA | 18 juin 2015

I use calendar and voice. Both are pretty simple.

Like others I have become more disciplined when adding items to my calendar and now add the address also.

proven | 18 juin 2015

@Galve2000 - Any calendar you sync with your phone's calendar (or just the phone calendar) will sync with the car.