What Happened

What Happened

I emailed Jerome G. about the panoramic shade and lighted vanity mirrors. I was given an answer directly about the shade NO! OK what about the vanity mirrors? Answer was many projects, lighted mirrors not one of them. Well a promise was made by George B. we would get a retrofit. I believed Tesla. My thought is they just do not want to say they lied, and we will not get the visors. Just imagine the cost and time to retrofit all of our cars, they can't keep up with service as it is never mind a retrofit like this. No big deal to some, however, I would like mine Please. I would also like the hard disk storage, if the maps need to be stored that would be for the same reason the internet in this car is just about as slow as a snail 3G, most advanced vehicle has 3G. I took for granted the 3G was tested by Tesla and it worked well. Who tested it anyone? If I try to search for something it takes forever to load results horrible! I know soon we can connect to wifi through our phone but I would like for things to work without using my phone.
Jerome, if we are not going to get the promised visors how about substitute center console? Some credit is due or the visors should be provided.
I have the car almost a year and like it but the broken promises and substandard tech inside the car is very disappointing.
I am sure I will get blasted for this post but I am tired of being quiet qnd waiting for NOTHING to happen.

emoflash | 2 novembre 2013

What's your VIN? This should be a private thread if you are truly an owner.

shop | 2 novembre 2013

Do you like driving the car? Is it, overall, a good car?

emoflash | 2 novembre 2013

I picked mine up July 26th, this is hands down the best car I have ever driven.

mcogan | 2 novembre 2013

Picked up mine June 16th, I agree with emoflash, this is in every way a superior car. I've never driven anything like it.

Jamon | 2 novembre 2013

I too was anxiously awaiting my car when George made the announcement about the lighted visors being delayed due to priorities and will be offered as a retrofit. At the time I was very impressed with their communication, and I am now disappointed that they didn't deliver on that. HOWEVER, I cannot find an ounce of energy within me to be disappointed in the car because it doesn't have lighted visors. This is the greatest car I have ever known, and frankly the lack of lighted visors have never entered my mind as they are completely overshadowed by so much brilliant design and engineering work. But yes, I am disappointed that they have now gone more than a year without communicating any follow-up to this announcement.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2 novembre 2013

I feel the same way so I ordered another one just to show them. P85+, delivers in two weeks. You don't need a lighted mirror because the G Forces are like an instant facelift.

I would like 4G, WiFi and a much improved GPS but until it gets here not losing much sleep over it. I knew what I was getting when I ordered the first car from reading the forum and published articles on the car.

Low CG | 3 novembre 2013

No lighted visors???? Oh, the humanity!

Got my Model S Dec 2012. As an engineer and former Jag/BMW/Caddy owner, I'm stunned by the huge number of things Tesla got right. The screen. The power management. The handling. The fit/finish.

chrisdl | 3 novembre 2013

I agree that Tesla should communicate what they know, even if it is to say that they don't know. Some more upfront communication wouldn't harm.

cloroxbb | 3 novembre 2013

Did George B. actually give a timeline for the retrofit? Because it could a ways off if not. Im sure eventually you will get them, but until these new visors get ordered and put into general assembly, I wouldn't be demanding visors that don't exist for the Model S yet.

jinglehyme | 3 novembre 2013

I also have an early production number, never noticed that the vanity mirror was sub-par. But I'm really mad that the car dosen't wash itself. They should fix that too....

Mathew98 | 3 novembre 2013

Now I'm mad. I'm gonna demand retrofit for oil slick release for those tailgating drivers. While I'm at it, I'm gonna double demand those rocket launchers for the concrete walls and trees that happen to be in the way while I'm cruising at 120 mph.

Wait a minute, are we talking about a video game or the most awesome driving machine?

john | 3 novembre 2013

I have to agree with suprkar. He mentions the hard disc space for music also. My vin is 4597 feb 8 2013 delivery. I have had many problems and mostly resolved although i do wonder about the hard disc space, mirrors, etc.
So suprkar, just sell your car if you are unhappy, or take it and hope that we might get something else in exchange. I personally like the fact the prices keep going up meaning so i haven't lost as much money if i need or want to sell.

Sudre_ | 3 novembre 2013

I know everyone here loves the car but to talk down to someone over a request for what was promised is wrong.

Every single person that I have shown the car to mentions the small not lighted visor.... serious. Maybe in California people are only interested in how fast the car can go but in many other places in the world little details are important. Many of the people who I show the car to like the clean simple interior. I have heard "cheap little visor" almost every time. Not to be sexist but everyone woman has pointed out the small non lighted visor.

My wife would like her mirror with a light. I love the car how it is but in a few years my wife will be buying a new car. While she is pretty much a simple no frills car person a lighted mirror is one of the few things she does need. Maybe the guys here are married for too long and don't do anything with their wives. When I take my wife out on a nice date night she always does a quick check and maybe touch up in the car. It is usually dark out and the Tesla does not provide much help.

Cup holders not so much of a problem :-)

Captain_Zap | 3 novembre 2013

I was expecting the improved visors to eventually show up in my car during a service visit. Just like the parcel shelf eventually showed up... and the HPWC... and the HPWC hanger... and the rear floor mat...

I wasn't expecting something too fancy, just something that functioned better. I'd rather have that than electric side mirrors or a parking sensor.

Thomas N. | 3 novembre 2013

Yep, you're going to get blasted.

I've spent my whole life in high-tech. Do you know how many promises are made about equipment, and with very good intentions, that never happen? We call it vaporware, or slideware. Oh we'll support that in the next release - guaranteed.

What happens is that things get in the way of those good intentions. Should we put the time and effort in making sure that some customers get lighted vanity mirrors we told them about two years ago or should we make sure that new customers have working GPS? Should we retroactively add foglights to a few customers because we promised it three years ago or should we put all of our efforts into the SuperChargers in Norway?

You've got 30,000 people screaming about 1000 different subjects and you need to prioritize all of them. You're going to upset many people but hopefully not the majority of people.

If I had a dollar for every promise that the companies I worked for for the past 20 years broke I'd have two more Teslas in the garage.

It doesn't make it right, but it's how the world spins.

Dwdnjck@ca | 3 novembre 2013

Floxite fl-360-p led portable vanity mirror at $23.97. Problem solved? | 3 novembre 2013

So this level of whining is why companies stop talking to customers at all--seriously, if you were a Tesla exec and were trying to scale the Mod S globally and get the Mod X and Mod E out the door how many of these e-mails do you think you have time to deal with?

My only experience with retrofits is the fog lights and when new fog lights where re-introduced, I believe Tesla took care of the folks that where in the grey area about whether they get fog lights or not.

Since their are no lighted vanity mirrors an on Model S, I am not sure why you are demanding a retrofit--a retrofit of something that does not exist? Or are you asking that Tesla rework their R&D priorities to put lighted vanity mirrors ahead of their other projects because you really, really want them. If I really, really, really want better cup holders (that was 3 reallys, one more than you) can that go ahead of your lighted vanity mirrors?

I don't personally know the man, but based on prior behavior, I am pretty sure George B was sincere about providing a retrofit. If and when lighted mirrors actually exist, then you can hold him accountable for providing free retrofits. Until then, be careful about accusing people of lying unless you have evidence to back it up.

Finally, I assume you knew your Model S came with 3G connectivity and what that represents in terms of bandwidth when you purchased the car. Ignoring the fact that a car with an always on internet connection was cutting edge in 2012 and still fairly rare today, what do you expect George, Jerome (or Tinkerbell for that matter) to be doing--manufacturing bandwidth out of thin air? Did someone promise you a HSPA+ or LTE free retrofit somewhere along the way?

Perhaps you should check out the Chevy Volt. It has lighted vanity mirrors and the 2014 model should have LTE and if you have any problems you can shoot an email to


Captain_Zap | 3 novembre 2013

I see this is as a bit different though. This wasn't a "wish list" item. The sun visor issue was brought up by Elon himself before any of cars were delivered. He said that they were inadequate. (Although he used different terminology.) Elon seemed was so confident they would be replaced that he actually autographed one with a Sharpie. I doubt he would have done that if he, too, hadn't thought that they were getting replaced.

They had to get cars out the door and we were restless for our cars, so we took the cars knowing things like the the carbon fiber spoilers, child seats, back floor mats and improved sunvisors would be coming later. Some buyers had to re-configure their cars because of some last minute decisions to not carry some interior options that turned out to be not meeting Tesla's standards. Back then, purchasing the car on their word, a plan and a vision took a leap of faith and we had no doubts that they would deliver and make things right. I still believed that the visors were still coming just like everything else.

I never expected a phone app, but I did expect better visors. I didn't even expect free Supercharging or 3G. The visors don't work for me. I may have to buy a Tesla baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes next summer. I can't raise my seat any higher. Many times I flipped down the passenger side sunvisor to use the mirror and flipped it back up again because it wasn't useful. Every I did it I thought to myself that Tesla had best get on the ball about the sunvisors or they are going fall way behind. | 3 novembre 2013

Moving from visors to disk storage. There is no "hard disk" in our cars. There is flash memory. Undocumented, but I believe it is 16 GB for standard audio and 32 GB for Premium audio (at least through Spring 2013). The memory size based on sound system is really not important anymore, so I'm not sure what current production cars use.

A portion of this flash memory was going to be for internal music storage - likely less than 16 GB. Currently 16 GB USB flash drives can be had for $10, so the loss of this feature is rather trivial. In fact, I'd much prefer this limited internal memory be used for map caching and other new features being added.

By using your own USB stick, it is far easier to add and remove music than some complex multi-step process where it gets transferred to internal memory. With your own flash drive, you also retain control the compression level (if any) for your own music.

Brit.l.T | 3 novembre 2013

Lighted mirrors? Please I'm as girly as it comes and that is so ridiculous. I didn't even notice that there wasn't there. Finally... hard disks??

eAdopter | 3 novembre 2013

I think the point of this thread is how TM promised things, but now doesn't plan to honor their commitments. Secondly, it's about receiving reasonable compensation for TM commitments that are not honored.

Sure, the car is great, etc., etc.

What amazes me is the number of people (relatively wealthy enough to purchase a Model S, and smart/educated enough to become relatively wealthy) who slam the OP instead of thinking about how to leverage a solution with TM.

Most TM documentation is written so they have the final word. TM can, at any time and at their discretion, change the terms of most agreements.

I also understand that we agreed to these terms, but I didn't expect TM to renege on well documented commitments. Did you?

Because of this, I think owners should support each other to find solutions. Someday, TM may not honor a commitment to YOU and nothing is in place to resolve such issues. You'll reap what you sow. Why would you want THIS?

(sorry about the caps, not yelling, just adding emphasis)

Captain_Zap | 3 novembre 2013

Hard disks were in the original spec for the car. By the time the car came out they were virtually obsolete for their original purpose so they were re-purposed. It turns out that the USB travel drives are more convenient anyway.

Apparently the pano roof shade turned out to be a technical problem and they were not very attractive. (At least the one I saw wasn't.) The pano roof itself was improved greatly before most first deliveries but it took lots of reassurance for some to take the pano option at that point. A big part of the improvement to the pano appears to be from eliminating the plan for a shade. It seemed to eliminate the big wide ugly bar that went across the roof. One of the reasons I didn't get the pano was my exposure to only the the pre-production cars.

Trim was changed from the first test drives too due to issues with it holding up throughout those test drive events and vendor issues, but we were notified of that and we knew it was a part of what delayed the delivery of our cars. The visors were another issue that was to be addressed. Maybe others already have new improved sun visors. They already have more rigid frunk hoods, better footwell covers and other refinements from feedback and experiences that we passed along.

Captain_Zap | 3 novembre 2013

Here is a message and reply from George B about a few of the items that we were discussing. Note that this was sent out as the very first cars were starting to roll out.

jat | 3 novembre 2013

So here is how I view it -- if up front they had told you the visors wouldn't be changed and there would be no internal storage for music, would it have changed your purchase decision? If not, don't whine about it.

I didn't get driver profiles and lost reverse-tilt side mirrors because I have the early 8-way textile seats. It seems odd that those things are tied together and I complained about it once, but it doesn't bother me much -- it certainly wouldn't have changed my purchase decision (I still wouldn't have taken leather if they gave it to me free to get these features).

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 novembre 2013

The people attacking the OP are disgusting. Seriously. The original specs on early cars said lighter mirrors. George B and Elon have both promised them, George in writing. It is now a year later and the hole they are in is getting bigger as TM continues to deliver cars without items they promised.

TM has updated and upgraded many things on my low-vin car and I don't particularly have an issue with the visors, but it matters for some people. Honda Civics have freaking lighted mirrors. The wiring is there and it is just a matter of execution at TM. Saying they have bigger priorities is just stupid - there is no more important priority than keeping your word to an early adopter existing customer, even if it means slipping on the next model. They aren't doing it so far on this issue.

eAdopter | 3 novembre 2013

What feature IS important to you, and how would you feel if it was promised (at time of purchase) but not delivered?

I think the point is TM didn't follow through on their commitments, not what feature is important to whom.
(or is it "who", where's Brian H?)
For example, maybe you would accept delivery of a car with the back seat missing because you don't need it. Can we assume you'd still want the seat, or compensation if TM decided not to deliver it?

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 novembre 2013

For those of you who did not check the link above, here is what George Blankenship, Vice President, Sales & Ownership Experience at TM wrote in response to a customer question 0n September 6, 2012, now 14 months ago. I bought my car based on this assertion and many other promises, most of which have been kept. My car (#4061) has been nearly rebuilt from the ground up under warranty at this point, and I am a happy customer. I don't care about the lighted visors. But based on the following, TM has a credibility problem.

Lighted Sun Visors: What is the expected date to be finalized?

Work has progressed well. We are working now with suppliers to finalize timing. It is still several months away from being delivered with the car, but is an item that all cars currently being delivered will have easily retrofit. We are keeping track of all cars without them and will install them as soon as received.

eAdopter | 3 novembre 2013

Have you noticed how logic and facts almost always seem to kill a thread?
(oh, wait, here comes Brian H ;) | 3 novembre 2013

Well @PD, if we are going to talk about disgusting behavior, then accusing TM execs of lying without any evidence otherwise falls into that category. As you have said, TM has eventually come through on most things--they are an imperfect company and many things (the center console leaps to mind) seem to take longer than they should--but hey, I am not running a startup car company, so I am actually not sure what is a reasonable timeframe or what is actually entailed in making changed to the interior.

If TM starts shipping lighted visors and refuses to retrofit them fine, have the hissy fit, but I don't see the sense in demanding a retrofit for something that does not exist. Nor do I think it makes a whole of sense to ask for one nonexistent item (center console) in compensation for not getting another nonexistent time (lighted visors).


Brian H | 3 novembre 2013

"said lighter mirrors" Why would you want lighters in your mirrors? ;p

"whom" is correct. Object of the preposition "to". Would you say, "to I"? Sounds like Miss Piggy. ;)

cloroxbb | 3 novembre 2013

Im sorry, I forgot the part where someone from Tesla said that lighted mirrors are not coming? If no one said that they aren't coming then that means that a retrofit is still an option... I would wait to say that Tesla are "digging themselves into a hole" until they finally say that they are not going to fulfill their "promise" of lighted mirrors.

I understand that you were promised something, and is has not come yet, but nobody has said that its NOT coming. No one gave anyone a definite timeline yet of when that item would be available.

NO Model S has them yet, so obviously they haven't struck a deal with any manufacturer of lighted mirrors yet.

Steinwand | 3 novembre 2013

Buy any other car and there is no such thing as retro fit. If you want new options wait for next years model. I think Tesla has gone above an beyond with the retro fits they have already supplied.

Brian H | 3 novembre 2013

Deal breaker. Return the car.

Suprkar | 3 novembre 2013

I never said I did not like the car. I don't like the out of alignment body panels. I took it in for service they did what they could but told me the stamped panels flexed slightly after stamping and caused alignment issues. I was told they were working on correcting this. I asked if possibly Tesla would replace the hood which is the worst panel for me and was told not likely. I accepted that direct answer and appreciated the honesty of the SC and for the record the rear deck lid is misaligned also, can't be corrected. This is disturbing but I have learned to live with it, new company and all, growing pains whatever its called.
I have asked about the visors because it was a promised item, just not ready at time of delivery. The responses I have received are the equivalent of asking what time is it and the reply is Tuesday. What makes me think no visors are coming. Estimate 20K vehicles with non lighted visors which cost money to produce and install times two for each car, lets throw them away and supply 40K lighted visors and pay SC to install them. What sense does that make? If Tesla sees the benefit of that great. I am asking for a strait answer. I think over a year waiting for something is reasonable.
Order a meal with soup don't get the soup cause they are busy with other things, no credit given on your bill.
How is that right?
Fog lights disappear, someone notices, Elon says they are useless as designed, well thanks for charging me for useless fog lights, who tested those, same guy who tested the browser speed using 3G?

Suprkar | 3 novembre 2013

I never said I did not like the car. I don't like the out of alignment body panels. I took it in for service they did what they could but told me the stamped panels flexed slightly after stamping and caused alignment issues. I was told they were working on correcting this. I asked if possibly Tesla would replace the hood which is the worst panel for me and was told not likely. I accepted that direct answer and appreciated the honesty of the SC and for the record the rear deck lid is misaligned also, can't be corrected. This is disturbing but I have learned to live with it, new company and all, growing pains whatever its called.
I have asked about the visors because it was a promised item, just not ready at time of delivery. The responses I have received are the equivalent of asking what time is it and the reply is Tuesday. What makes me think no visors are coming. Estimate 20K vehicles with non lighted visors which cost money to produce and install times two for each car, lets throw them away and supply 40K lighted visors and pay SC to install them. What sense does that make? If Tesla sees the benefit of that great. I am asking for a strait answer. I think over a year waiting for something is reasonable.
Order a meal with soup don't get the soup cause they are busy with other things, no credit given on your bill.
How is that right?
Fog lights disappear, someone notices, Elon says they are useless as designed, well thanks for charging me for useless fog lights, who tested those, same guy who tested the browser speed using 3G?

jat | 3 novembre 2013

Tesla has made many statements, and many of those were made at times when they really didn't know. Were you accusing them of lying when the Model S didn't ship when it was first scheduled to? Were they lying when they said they would make a 40kWh version? Or did you cut them slack because they didn't know and were making their best guess.

I recall a later statement (can't find it now), that there were issues that came up in making lighted mirrors. Should they make a version that doesn't meet their standards?

@eAdopter - if you think not having a lighted mirror is equivalent to not having a back seat, you definitely should sell it now while you can get most of your money back - I sure wouldn't want to drive a car I felt was so crippled.

dtesla | 3 novembre 2013

When my MS was delivered (Jan 2013) it was missing several parts and software features that were promised. Tesla has decided to deliver cars with the best they can at the time and make it right as soon as they can. Would you like the 20K+ current owners to still be waiting because our lighted mirrors are not ready. I agree that I would much rather get a car whole when I take delivery. But in some ways it has been fun to see what improvements my car received with each SW update.

On the plus side I was promised only 3 months of free 3G. But I'm going on 10 months of free 3G. This is one issue I hope Tesla never figures out.

mcx-sea | 4 novembre 2013


There is a very simple solution to your endless complaint about lighted visor mirrors. For less than five dollars, including shipping, you can find on eBay a great variety of "stick on" LED lights, in different styles and colors. These may have as many as four or five LED bulbs, and include built in batteries. Simply stick one on the visor at the end of the mirror and you and your passengers will have ample lighting to tweak makeup, etc.

Yes, Tesla promised mirror lights. But they ran into problems with their supplier and have very wisely concentrated on developing, fixing and refining far more important features. I have yet to have a passenger even notice the lack of lighted mirrors, as have many others commenting on this thread.

BTW, Tesla could easily resolve this matter by importing a pallet or two of these lights, then have Service Centers offer to install them gratis (in just a few seconds)for any customers who feel their Model S is somehow defective without lighted vanity mirrors!

Captain_Zap | 4 novembre 2013

The mirror being specified as lighted was not the only issue. I'd go so far as to say that it was the lowest item on the sun visor concern list. The size of the sun visor itself and its utility was an issue. There are more threads on that topic.

I looked at a newer car this weekend and they do have better mirrors. They are not distorted like the older ones are. Mine reminds me of a sideshow mirror. That doesn't address the issue about the sun visors being so small though.

Most importantly, Tesla has made things right and delivered everything they said they would in the past. Maybe the originally specified mirrors and improved visors are still on the way. Maybe we were too patient while waiting politely. We didn't want to bother them and slow down their progress. Maybe we should have been more vocal so that the issue stayed higher on the list. I just assumed it was being taken care of due to all the attention it had in the past. There was no reason to assume the replacement visors were not still on their way and they wouldn't be delivered just like everything else that arrived late.

I have never had any doubt that Tesla would come through with any standing issues since they had a perfect record so far. Every time they dropped the ball on something they did pick it back up. I'd hate to start questioning things now. That wouldn't feel very good. Especially after telling so many people on the forums that the latest news from Tesla was that better sun visors were on their way.

Dwdnjck@ca | 4 novembre 2013

Didn't I solve this problem already?

Epley | 4 novembre 2013

Is it really worth it to be that upset over a few minor details? I get the concept of not telling the truth. Perhaps they fully intended to follow through, but something got in the way? Life is too short to worry about these little details when you have an all-around amazing car otherwise.

Suprkar | 4 novembre 2013

@omarsultan. I sent an email asking a question not sure how that is whining, and if I were a Tesla exec I would be concerned how many vehicles we would be shipping which would need to be retrofit as promised by our V.P. and at what cost. It does not seem logical this will happen so my point is just say so directly.

When Tesla agreed to give you your fog lights they put a limit on the number of vehicles to which this would happen, if you finalized between this date and this date you are entitled to get them.

My post does not state I really really want anything. I ask for what was promised and say Please politely. I am also not demanding anything, part of my question was when can we expect this to happen. From the vague and indirect answer I felt Jerome was side stepping the question. George B did not say if he said lighted vanity mirrors would be retrofit, I am suggesting more than a year has passed since that statement and not a mention of intention. Be logical omar do you honestly think Tesla is going to spend the kind of money it is going to take to supply and install all those lighted mirrors, not to mention the chaos for the service centers.

Finally I did know the car came with 3G but only after I finalized, there was talk of 4G but that did not happen as we all know. I am not asking or demanding 4G or LTE or anything however I did expect the 3G was tested and functioned well and as we all know that did not happen.

I doubt George or Jerome have time but perhaps Tinkerbell can help with your reading comprehension as you have misquoted me on all points.

I have checked out the Volt and the Cadillac ELR as a possible next vehicle for my wife just haven't decided which one yet, but thanks for the suggestion. Please let me know if you think of any others.

portia | 4 novembre 2013

I have no problem with the size of the visor, pretty sure not alone on that issue.
don't miss or need lighted mirror either.

@Suprkar, are you sure your wife does not prefer a Model S even with the faults you mentioned? unless vanity mirror was something she insisted on.

DallasTXModelS | 4 novembre 2013


You've got a wife?

portia | 4 novembre 2013

I am speaking as one, (you do realize Portia is a woman's name?) but the Tesla is mine, so maybe other wives would prefer it over a Volt or a Cadillac too. | 4 novembre 2013

Hey, its a fair question, Portia di Rossi has a wife :)


Pungoteague_Dave | 4 novembre 2013

MY reference to TM digging a hole is not about their veracity. It is the fact that every additional delivery without the promised mirrors is one more car that they will need to retrofit if it ever does happen. They are now in a 27,000-car "hole". I personally think it would be better for them to bite the bullet and say "ain't happening" and move on, just as they did much earlier about the pano roof screen.

My car was delivered on Feb 3 with a written due bill - a list of items that TM said they owed me. Every new owner in the early phase received one of these. It included big things like the missing HPWC's that were delivered months later, and smaller things like package shelf, mats, and some versions of charging adapters. Number 4 on my due bill list was the replacement visors. I did not create the list - the DS did.

Again, I don't care, but it is a legitimate loose end, and to some people, worth asking about. It does not make the OP a whiner, although asking for something else for free is probably bad form.

Car t man | 5 novembre 2013

While the OP's first post might have been a bit strangely worded with demand for at least compensation, behavior of some is becoming off putting with
attacks on posters expecting what was promised to them.

Especially as the list of non delivered items grows a bit. He is correct in the part that that is not good for credibility and companies which began
forgetting customers, once outside the door (except warranty issues),
all took a dive in customer satisfaction quickly. It simply is a bad
sign and just like forgetting roadster users at supercharger locations
is a disappointment. Yes, they might get a positive surprise in 2014
according to Elon but it seems that the company needs to improve
communications also. Even on the forum perhaps.

Many consumers expect what is promised or compensation. The OP isn't a
whiner simply because he is a member of this species and with that,
subject to human nature. To myself, this lack of understanding for
it by Tesla is a hole in their overall strategy. They need to fix
this part. The very fact that such a user is attacked in "own"
circle is bad enough. It degrades the user experience for many
and with attacks, you are not helping but making it worse.

Yes, some of us wouldn't care if half the car was missing at delivery
but that is some of us. Great that some are more touchy since the
cars probably would be delivered with half of them missing if
everyone was like myself. Just let people like OP do your
representation with the company because it needs to be
kept grounded and credible, or it will degrade quickly.

Brian H | 5 novembre 2013

If suprkar isn't a troll, he's the best imitation I've seen to date, with the possible exception of NNT. Reading between the lines is really distasteful.

Car t man | 5 novembre 2013

It boils down to parts of the community being hostile towards anyone with an issue, not related to car being undrivable. To outside observers, that will be as or more extreme than possible over sensitivity. I think it is important to
prevent splitting the owner group in two. To those who expect even small
fixes and promised upgrades, to those who will protect anything Tesla does, or does not do, no questions asked (at least initially).

Tesla will begin losing potential buyers from either potential group if there is a split and any potential buyers seeing themselves more in the minority group, will be put off enough to pass on the purchase. Neither of the extremes is helpful. Even if someone was a troll, stay factual, calm and simply provide
grounded, constructive and factual responses, not emotional reflexes or attacks.