What happens now?

What happens now?

The majority seem to think the Model X reveal was a success, except for the delayed start. But the MX itself is remarkable. Elon is correct: They probably didn't need to engineer it as completely as they did, but as a result it is an incredibly impressive SUV. I hope the price of non-signature cars is much less than $132K so it becomes affordable to more people. Certainly the average soccer mom and family cannot afford a $132K SUV.

But what happens now? It's not time to relax, Tesla! When will the true production of MX begin? When can we see/touch/test drive the MX in Tesla stores? When can we play with configuring our dream SUVs on the Tesla website (seat configuration, center console(s), wheels, color, cost etc.)?

EVino | 1 octobre 2015

The Model 3 happens now. | 1 octobre 2015

@dlake - "When will the true production of MX begin?"

You should know the answer to this and your other questions.... Soon! :)

Joon @US-CA | 1 octobre 2015

Actually, it is not for average soccer mom and family.

socalsam | 1 octobre 2015

They gave all the details of what happens next at the reveal. oh wait......:)

NumberOne | 1 octobre 2015

Now I will find out how patient I really am...

Ankit Mishra | 1 octobre 2015

I don't think X are coming to the stores anytime soon. They will be opening studios in bunch asking the reservation holders to configure. Anyone wanting a test drive before doing so might be disappointed. Tesla has a huge backlog to fill and wont engage cars in stores. We might see X in stores after the backlog is dealt with but it may take a lot of time. So, the situation remains same. Tesla has given all the information it thinks is necessary for the reservation holders to make an informed decision. Disappointments due to expectations are going to continue. (My guess)

dlake | 1 octobre 2015


Probably priced higher than the avg soccer mom and family could afford. Maybe the equestrian camp or polo mom? We all wish the price could be lower.

If the MX comes to Tesla stores, it will probably just drive more orders which will add to the backlog.

johnse | 2 octobre 2015

I think they will get the demos units to the stores before they start asking non-sigs to configure. Yes, it will add to the backlog and that is a good thing. It will sell better because of the scarcity.

jacksiart | 2 octobre 2015

Did anyone else hear this? 8 to 12 Months???

Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed a prototype of the Model X in 2012, saying that manufacturing would commence in the next year. He later moved that to 2014, a year which came and went without the release of a Model X. The car was finally unveiled at a Tesla event earlier this week, but even at that event Musk said the cars wouldn’t begin shipping for at least eight to twelve months.


Ankit Mishra | 2 octobre 2015

A brilliant case of questionable reporting. Its has been said again and again that X will be delivered this year. The target was reduced because the production of X can hamper S production. No need to worry about this article.

timf2001 | 2 octobre 2015

Delivery is in 8-12 months for people placing NEW reservations. Those already in line will take delivery sooner.

carlk | 2 octobre 2015

Hopefull anyone with a reservation will get his/hers before 3Q next year.

dlake | 2 octobre 2015

I just can't bring myself to pre-order without seeing/sitting in/experiencing the car at a Tesla store. Kudos to all who pre-ordered the MS in 2011-12 and MX pre-orderers.

Ankit Mishra | 2 octobre 2015

You are right in having that expectation. I hope Tesla gets a breather from all these deadlines and doomsday predictors (market analysts) so that it drop its guard. Only then can Tesla without feeling any threat can concentrate on one of its core values- customer satisfaction.
I hope everyone wanting a test ride before buying gets one.

pvetesla | 2 octobre 2015

I test drove the S before buying it. Got mine early 2013.

They were in the same situation in late 2012 so I'm going to assume I can test drive the X. The wife will veto the purchase unless she can at least sit in the thing and play with the features.

elguapo | 2 octobre 2015

If you're a regular holder, I think you won't get to configure until December and delivery won't happen until end of Q1. It doesn't matter if they put them in stores first or not - there aren't THAT many stores.

Total guess, and as a regular holder in the 9,000s, I hope I am wrong. I would expect my X to be delivered in June of next year. Config in March hopefully.

MhoPower | 2 octobre 2015

I honestly can't imagine anyone other than a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates buying a first release of a $130k car without first touching, sitting in and driving it. Tesla can either refund my money or let me drive the car before I buy. I have been very unhappy with the lack of information for Sig reservation holders (or maybe I'm the exception here?). I even reached out to their Sales department to let them know I wasn't happy with the lack of communication. They ignored me after a weak first response saying "if" I have a reservation I would be hearing something soon.

elguapo | 2 octobre 2015

@dchody I don't want to get too off top, but ehile$130k is a lot for a car, Tesla will have plenty of demand and plenty of people buy cars in that price range who are not billionaires. If you want to wait to drive it, Tesla will be fine with that. You just have to wait longer to buy.

If you don't like their customer service, you don't have to buy it. There will be someone right behind you to take your place. I know it doesn't sound right, it's iust a fact. People had same issues with the S and it's sold quite well.

Mark Z | 2 octobre 2015

All my life I put up with gasoline cars. The drivers in the 1900's got to drive electrics, and that was taken away from the drivers for decades.

Even GM crushed their EV-1. Those drivers were so upset they made a movie out of the mess.

Then came Tesla, and the Roadster was difficult to get out of. But I was lucky to hear that a sedan version would be ready in 3 years, and I put my order in soon after Tesla was taking orders. That was back in April of 2009. 3.5 years later, I got my Signature Red Model S.

No changes this time. I ordered on February 9, 2012, and 3.5 years later, the Signature Red Model X should be manufactured and delivered soon. After years of waiting, what is another month?

madodel | 2 octobre 2015

I am neither Donald Turnip or Bill Gates and I just ordered my Model X. I think you are an exception. I have called the corporate sales office and the Tesla sales in Short Hills, NJ and they at least tried to answer my questions. In a couple cases they told me they honestly had no idea. Several questions they knew the answer and told me over the phone. I am still waiting for Peter at corporate sales to check on one question, but he called me yesterday to tell me he was still looking for an answer. But it was a minor thing so I ordered anyway. I want my Model X.

Model X Sig #1096

rossRallen | 3 octobre 2015

@Mark Z - you are far more patient than I, especially having gone through this twice!

After waiting only 28 months, I'm tired of living in hope for SigX delivery. In 6-8 weeks, I won't have anything left to obsess about. But, I'm sure I'll think of something.

Khagge1 | 4 octobre 2015

We all get a chance to be a part of history as the tipping point from ICE vehicles to amazing electric transport arrives.