What type of paint to choose?

What type of paint to choose?

The S comes with black and white included, and I can pay extra to get metallic or even more for some multi paint. I don't know anything about car paint or the difference between these options, are there any quality differences, benefits or downsides with any of them?

I'm currently leaning towards black on a P85.

Donato | 24 juillet 2013

Go for the color you like; come Jan 14 I'm going to order a Black 85. (Wish it was Dec 31!)

You could consider dark colors result in warmer interiors in hot climates. Learn from the Arabs who wear white in the desert.


unleashthesun | 24 juillet 2013

there's already a thread about it. check it out

David70 | 24 juillet 2013

The only downside of multi-coat paints (other than cost) is the difficulty of duplicating the color if there's an accident. That may also be true even for the regular metallics. Other than that go for what you like. I doubt there's any really bad choice.

J.T. | 24 juillet 2013

If you're in the Northeast USA I caution you to stay away fro white. White looks bad, white looks dirty, white looks cheap. The only way a white Tesla looks good is if it's the only one around. I have a white one so don't get white.

pebell | 24 juillet 2013

@jtodtman: LOL

@Spirious: And don't get brown either! Hardly anyone picks that color! Who likes brown cars anyway? Only people who think it's luscious, chique, and unique. So don't get that color either. Black is good. Do black! Really!

Mathew98 | 24 juillet 2013

There's another white MS in my neighborhood and it gets blended in with the other vehicles and not very noticeable.

My MC red gets lots of second looks and kudos and still look striking even after the rain. Oh yeah, the MC red reflects a different shade of red depending on how much sunlight is shining on it.

It really depends on how much you want your car to stand out in the crowd.

J.T. | 24 juillet 2013

@Mathew98 There's another white MS in my neighborhood and it gets blended in with the other vehicles and not very noticeable.

Exactly what I'm talking about. They all look like crap, right?

Mathew98 | 24 juillet 2013

@jtodtman - That's not it. The white MS blended into other Lexus and Infinity models in the neighbor and didn't really stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The gorgeous curvatures of the MS are not as obvious in the white one as the bright red color.

You will have to wash/wax/detail the lighter color MS every week to keep its showroom shine and distinguish it over the other upscale cars in the neighborhood.

tobi_ger | 24 juillet 2013

@Mathew98: he was joking ;)

Brian H | 24 juillet 2013

Buy any color, then get it wrapped in a new one every couple of years. Everyone will think you've got a new car.

Sailor | 24 juillet 2013

@todtman has it right.
Brown is a terrible color (that my wife likes) so stay away from it

kawaiia | 24 juillet 2013

You're going to get lots of personal options on this forum. Go to a Tesla Gallery if you have one near by and select the color the best fit you.

terrencebilodeau | 24 juillet 2013

i chose multicoat white. the one i test drove was blue and that looked pretty nice, but it also looked like something an older person would drive. red is too "look at me" and the model s by itself already has enough of that going on without the red. the other colors aren't worthy of being addressed.

Bubba2000 | 24 juillet 2013

I live in the South, and it is sunny and hot. A dark color like black is not practical, plus it will load the air conditioning. I already got a red sports convertible, so the choice for me was between multicoat white and silver. I like the bright red color, but in sports car like a Porsche, Ferrari, etc.

I got a Model X reserved. I am leaning towards a metallic color