What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

What is the guy in the "Tesla Service" picture banner for "Service Plans" doing under the front hood of a Model S?

As a Model S owner this looks like odd behavior to me.

jat | 24 février 2013

There are electronics under there.

bsimoes | 24 février 2013

Camera shy? Maybe he is popping a fuse or filling windshield wiper fluid, or for that matter, adjusting the fluid stream? | 24 février 2013

Still looks odd to me :o) A friend of mine got an S about 10 days ago and I saw some warning tags in the Frunk that were not on my 2012.

bradslee | 24 février 2013

Maybe he is trying catching a mouse that has found a comfortable and cozy home moving from an old and noise ICE home. :-)

AnnK | 24 février 2013

Is that a red car?

JoeBadge | 24 février 2013

How do u purchase the 4 yr plan? It says must be done 30 days prior to delivery and my Tesla will be here in about 4 wks. Any insights, please advise. | 24 février 2013

@ Joe Badge Not available yet-- purchase 30 days "after" delivery (or after notification of availability)

Pungoteague_Dave | 24 février 2013

The plan isn't yet available. They are shooting for end of March for all the programs.

JoeBadge | 24 février 2013

Thx. Web site is ahead of itself. Pricing is there @$2,400 for 4 yr unlimited.

nickjhowe | 24 février 2013

He's making sure the hamster is installed properly and the wheel runs freely. They supply it a year's worth of food - that's what the Ranger service plan is for - annual food top ups.

drp | 24 février 2013

He's removed a manbag lodged in the cargo net! Happens all the time in these things. The other issue could b a child that just won't come out?

It is something that will make me buy the unlimited ranger service since it happens all the time!

jk2014 | 24 février 2013

Even with a black shirt over it, crack kills!

shs | 24 février 2013

I thought it was his first day on the job and his supervisor told him to find the engine. He may not have passed the test.

Amped | 24 février 2013

Installing the kegerator glovebox tap
It's the new party in my frunk option.

Brian H | 24 février 2013

Installing the cargo net, obviously. Only qualified personnel, please!