I'm new to this forum and not sure that this topic has been discussed before. Apologies, if it has.

I really do like the 21 inch "turbine" wheels that are on the Model S show car. It's a relative small design element, but they absolutely make the exterior design.

A Tesla rep told me a few days ago (at the Miami tour stop) that the 21" turbines will likely be standard on the S Signature and options on other versions.

Does anyone have any info on this? Has anyone seen or heard about any other wheel designs or sizes?


Tom A | 16 août 2011

The only other wheel designs I'm aware of are those that can be seen in pictures and videos of the Alpha models.

qwk | 17 août 2011

I'm sure they are going to be an upgrade option, just like the roadster. The price will probably be between $2.5-5k(just a guess).

I'm definately upgrading. The 19" wheels are very ugly.