When will the Gigafactory announcement be?

When will the Gigafactory announcement be?

Has there been a date/time announced yet?

Brian H | 25 février 2014

I would predict it will follow the usual pattern: 2:30 pm PST Friday Feb 28.

jordanrichard | 25 février 2014

Brian +1.

daoops | 25 février 2014

I have my mind set for next week, gut feeling.

But so looking forward to it, I know they try to keep expectations down and Elon mentioned a couple of times that this was only to satisfy the need for EVs and perhaps solar panels. But imagine boats, buses, trucks where Gigafactory produces battery and maybe drive-train to existing can be really really big!

While I am fantasizing, my bet is also that Google will have a part of this. Any counter bets?

dborn | 25 février 2014

No counter bet, but Apple also being involved?

dborn | 25 février 2014

and Panasonic.

Brian H | 26 février 2014

What Elon was implying was that more gigabattfacs will be needed for those other markets. This one is just the start.

hillcountryfun | 26 février 2014

Agree with Ggogle...

hillcountryfun | 26 février 2014


bradslee | 26 février 2014

It has been speculated and reported that TM may choose Reno area as the site for TM's gigafactory to make lithium-ion batteries. TM will partner with Panasonic, Western Lithium USA, and of course SolarCity, among others to become the world largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer. TM will finance this gigafactory with a secondary stock offering.

By producing Model S, X and E, installing SuperChargers globally, and building the gigafactory manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, TM will become a new leader not only in revolutionizing auto industry but also in revolutionizing energy distribution ( through TM's global SuperChargers) as well as energy storage ( through TM's own manufactured batteries) industry.

No doubt TM will be one of the greatest companies in the world in the 21st century and beyond.