When will the next Model S iteration be?

When will the next Model S iteration be?

I think the 70D/85D was announced last March? Can we expect a new iteration of the Model S by then? Maybe an announcement right after the Model 3?

dcpalmer | 14 juillet 2015

I'm hoping we get some sort of announcement when the first Model X cars start shipping - later this month or early next month?

Some of the Model X prototypes seemed to have an active rear spoiler which might find its way into Model S at some point. There are bound to be other improvements - bigger battery - so I'd have thought some kind of mild refresh of the Model S might be expected to try to keep "S" sales warm whilst attention is focused on the "X".

Red Sage ca us | 14 juillet 2015

Next... Trim level? Idunno.

I suspect there will be a new reshuffling of features first. That might be combined with an extended wheelbase Model S, perhaps. People seem to be very interested in paying a hefty fee for ~6" more overall length and ~4" more rear seat legroom within this class of cars.

I've said before that I despise 'luxury' cars. But there are those... Suckers who fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. They may love the idea behind the Tesla Motors drivetrain, but long for the accoutrements found in a Panamera Executive, 7-Series L, or AUDI A8L, among others.

They only need, or only want to see, four reclining bucket seats inside, with cushy armrests and deep upholstery abounding. They want burled walnut, precisely aligned stitching, hand crafted leather, thick draperies, convenient sunshades, deep pile carpet... They miss grab handles and vanity lights and console bins, and map pockets, and cup holders, and hidden umbrella storage, and chilled wine glasses, and temperature controlled wine storage, and, and... and coat hooks.

Why? There is no 'why'. Only tradition wrapped in rather unhealthy layers of expectation. A firm belief that these types of features should be offered -- 'just because... everyone else' does. Meh.

So, maybe the power liftgate will be made standard, as so many have all but demanded. And maybe a truly gaudy -- yet undoubtedly luxurious -- series of interior trim designs will be unveiled. Never mind that such a request would add a minimum of two months and twenty thousand dollars to each custom order... You would end up with a car filled with all those wonderful details that someone of your social status deserves, and demands to denote class and quality.

Geez. I hope not. That would really suck. I don't want any Tesla Motors product to become a bloated, rolling homage to horseless carriages.

But yeah, the power liftgate should come standard.

Anthony J. Parisio | 14 juillet 2015

The best guess is when the Model X comes out this fall. Because they are built on the same line and are basically the same car, the upgrades to MX should also work for MS. Because there are not even 100,000 MS sole I hope any changes are tech. and interior. I believe the outside needs to stay the same. This might help more people understand this is a revolution going on here.

J.T. | 14 juillet 2015


AmpedRealtor | 14 juillet 2015

I'm betting the Model S gets a refresh at the same time as Model X launch. I don't think Tesla can keep Model S sales at current levels if they don't update the car to keep pace with the Model X. If Tesla doesn't update Model S, many buyers may elect to sit on the fence knowing that an update is coming, given how dated the Model S will look beside the Model X.

Ankit Mishra | 14 juillet 2015

In my opinion Tesla should focus on Model X launch and bringing Autopilot to Model S. No need for any refresh now. Good execution of autopilot will serve well for Model S.

TwinMaTesla | 14 juillet 2015

As others have stated in similar threads, with the 70D improvement over the 60 announced in April, they might follow with a 95D/100D improvement over the 85D, possibly released at the same time as the X. If they want to keep the X's top model's range over 250, and the X is (just guessing here) 10% less efficient due to increased mass and wind resistance, they'd need to add additional battery to the X pack, and offering the same larger pack to the S would be efficient. | 14 juillet 2015

I'm betting no new battery tricks until after the Gigafactory gets going. But agree that Model X will have some new goodies that will spill over into the S.

Grinnin'.VA | 14 juillet 2015

@ ankitmishra | July 14, 2015

AM >>> ... No need for any refresh now. Good execution of autopilot will serve well for Model S.

Some of us think there is a fundamental flaw in the "autopilot" sensors on most of the current cars. We believe that passing a car when the driver taps on the turn signal could only be implemented safely with beefed up rear-facing camera(s) and a rear-facing radar.

Hence, I don't expect my 85D to ever implement the 'automated' car passing at the tap of the turn signal that Tesla has said will be part of autopilot. Unless Tesla retrofits the sensors on the current cars.

I'd say that my pessimistic understanding means that I think Tesla has already failed to execute autopilot in a safe manner. My main remaining question about that is: How will Tesla recover from this overpromise blunder?

Jacqueline.gerhart | 14 juillet 2015

I suspect a change to the model S platform won't be for a while. Why would Tesla change a platform that works for them, especially when they are focusing on model X, model 3, and autopilot. There will be the usual incremental changes, but I will be really surprised if the model S had a significant platform change for 2-3 years. I remember when the 85D came out, a lot of folks here (myself included) thought the next model S iteration would be a 95 or 100D, and then Tesla released the 70D... And most of thought that was a great move. Getting more batteries in the car is the issue, so until the gigafactory is up and running, I am not expecting anything significant for model S.