Where is my carbon fiber spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is my carbon fiber spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 months after delivery and I am still waiting. I am a patient man but this is beyond ridiculous.

Am I alone or others waiting just as long?

shop | 4 novembre 2013

Nope, I'm waiting too. vin #5884 for me.

shop | 4 novembre 2013

And yes, it is ridiculous - we should just get a refund and get the order cancelled at this point...

Thomas N. | 4 novembre 2013

Refund? The spoiler was free 8 months ago. Just forget about it. It completely ruins the lines of the car in my opinion. It has zero functional value and looks like a tacky piece of plastic glued on to a $100K vehicle.

Obviously only my opinion.

Bighorn | 4 novembre 2013

It makes my $114k car look like a $115.5k car. They've been delivering cars for months with the spoiler--hard to believe the supplier can't deal with the backlog.

AmpedRealtor | 4 novembre 2013

I've read where others have called their local service center who then had it installed within a few days. I suspect not everyone has been notified.

mdemetri | 4 novembre 2013

AR - I wish. I have had my car into service twice in the last 8-10 weeks and no offer of a spoiler, despite my request.

I really think Tesla needs to fix this pronto. Give the new owners a due bill for the spoiler and get the back log taken care of for the earlier adopters. I don't think it is right that people who get their cars 8 months after mine get the spoiler while I wait.

Alex K | 4 novembre 2013

mdemetri | NOVEMBER 4, 2013: I have had my car into service twice in the last 8-10 weeks and no offer of a spoiler, despite my request.

I had my car delivered on 5-Jan-2013 with no spoiler. The service center order one and about 2 months later they got it in and installed it. At the time, few cars were being delivered with spoilers, so everyone was waiting. I would recommend that you have your service center make sure they have ordered it for you.

shop | 4 novembre 2013

@Alex - sometime during the year, Tesla's policy changed and new cars get the spoiler, old cars wait. I would be willing to wait for a couple of months, but for me its been 8 months...

eddiemoy | 5 novembre 2013

I got mine shortly after car was delivered. They don't make enough of them and first dibs go to production line. If you want yours call ownership or your service center.

I originally though it would look bad on my white car, but I like it now!! Doesn't make the car look rice or cheap at all. It takes them 5 minutes to install. It is a peel and stick.

I also am one of the rare people that felt the difference at high speeds.

Good luck!

RZippel | 5 novembre 2013

Put 3 kg into the trunk to compensate for the lift reduction missing ;-)

Sorry, the truth is I understand and agree. This is no way to treat a customer. I had to wait for a control unit for the rear cam for 6 months with Audi, also unacceptable.

carlk | 5 novembre 2013

@eddiemoy I saw a few white cars with spoiler and I too think it looks good. It looks very nice on red cars too. You have to have the pano roof and possibly the grey rim to complete the look though.

eddiemoy | 5 novembre 2013


Have both. :)

AmpedRealtor | 5 novembre 2013

I think everyone who has waited months for their spoiler has been very patient and understanding. When my car was being delivered, I was told by my DS that it would not arrive with a spoiler and that would come as a due bill item. A few days later the local SC contacted me and said never mind, the car actually arrived with the spoiler attached from the factory.

Perhaps I should count myself as one of the lucky ones, but I think Tesla should offer a $1,500 credit to those who have not yet received their spoiler and who have been patiently waiting for months on end. First priority should go to those who already gave Tesla their money. By the way, I didn't think the spoiler would look good and originally left if off my build order, but then added it back at the last minute. It looks fantastic on my MC Red P85. Now any Model S without the spoiler looks incomplete to me.

You know, maybe someone should send a tweet to Elon asking why it takes 8 months to get a spoiler? How much do you want to bet that shortly thereafter, everyone will get their spoilers? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! :)

DonS | 5 novembre 2013

Some want a $1500 credit, but I think that price is an artificially high number to help the manufacturer catch up. Besides, the high margin on spoilers ordered recently helps the value of my stock.

Gizmotoy | 5 novembre 2013

If I paid $1500 for something (indirectly in this case, I suppose, since it was included in a package) to be included in my car, and 8 months later it still hadn't arrived, I think I'd be right to be upset about it.

rsampsonjr | 5 novembre 2013

I was one of the lucky ones, car delivered Feb 15th with spoiler. That was the original manufacturer, they have now switched the spoiler to a matte finish (mine is glossy). I thought once they switched they were able to catch up, guess I was wrong. Good luck.

portia | 5 novembre 2013

hmm, mine was delivered with spoiler in Oct 2012! Count myself lucky, I suppose.

Brian H | 5 novembre 2013


mdemetri | 26 janvier 2014

Was called by Tesla today, my spoiler is finalllllllly ready to be put on. Only ~11 months after getting the car.

I was told that they are no longer on back order, so anyone still waiting should contact there service center to get it. | 26 janvier 2014

Maybe you'll get the very spoiler that would have gone on my P85 if I hadn't told TM to leave it off. Each to his own.